my heart is a steel cage
               and i’ve hidden my childish dream inside

a mix for finding a pretty boy with an attitude problem in your basement

          the drakonfire blog is officially two years old in a few days! so here’s a little mix i put together about the woman warrior and her dragon man to celebrate my favourite story written by my favourite person

i boom / anjulie
| i’m getting myself in something i don’t wanna |
ii communication / the cardigans
| i didn’t really know what to call you, you didn’t know me at all |
iii bedroom wall / banks
| see these feelings are outta control |
iv bloodstream / stateless
| i can feel you flowing in me |
v heart lines / florence + the machine
| your heart is the only place that i call home |
vi this love (will be your downfall) / ellie goulding
| who are we to play with hearts and throw away it all? |
vii sort of delilah / anna nalick
| and i became the bad guy when i broke your heart |
vii white blank page / mumford & sons
| but tell me now where was my fault in loving you with my whole heart? |
ix just give me a reason (cover) / daniela andrade & new heights
| you’re still written in the scars on my heart |
x scarborough fair (instrumental) / khuong chau
| i open my mouth to retort but something stops me,
a distant memory i never quite forgot …

anonymous asked:

What is the meaning behind your url?

omg nonny i’m laughing i fucking love it when i get this question

ever see me use this tag? that there is my goddamn otp in the truest sense of the word like there is seriously no pairing more important in the whole universe

they’re made by my favourite person ever and this here is the blog just for them go take a look just go

so this url makes me ~*the very first drakonfire fandom blog*~ i guess though admittedly not an active one but that’s because the story hasn’t been very active

(i have a bunch of other hoarded ones too lmao but gina’s the worst she’s actually hoarded most of the canon ones)

and levi’s actually a big dumb dragon, not a magpie, but the fucking hooligan keeps picking up shiny objects and hoarding them under his bed so yeah

i changed it like a year and a half ago as like a joke and it wasn’t supposed to stick around and i would go back to anthasnoquarrelwithaboot after a few days but i got really attached lmao


AU: In Another Time

“I suppose it’s hardly worth asking if you will let me go.”
“And allow a dangerous freedom fighter like yourself to run around on the lose, stirring up trouble? No, no. Better to keep you close, I think.”
“You had better pray I never get out of these chains, dragon, because when I do I am coming for your head first.”