• what she says:I'm fine
  • what she means:How old was Shego really in Kim Possible? It was confirmed that she was in her mid twenties and a college graduate with a degree in child development, which she used to be Kim's substitute teacher in the episode Stop Team Go where she turns good again temporarily. That means she would have had to have been a good guy still to have chosen that field to graduate in, since a career of evil would not have really needed one. Speaking of which, why would Shego have even chosen to have a degree to teach when her brothers already confirmed that Shego has always hated people and been grouchy? That seems like a strange choice for her. And after that, how long would it have been before she started being evil? Did she finish school and just decide to immediately go work for Dr. Drakken? Was she only starting to work for him at the very beginning of the show, where their dynamic was more professional rather than being weird friends? However, would that make sense if Drakken claimed that Shego never fails after losing to Kim the first time, suggesting she had been doing work for him before? How long was Team Go a thing? Did Shego and Drakken stay evil after the finale? Why did Kim Possible even end honestly I just want more god damn episodes about everyone for fuck's sake

I like to have things running for background noise when I work, and for the past week it’s been Kim Possible! Gotta be like the fifth time I’ve listened/watched the whole series, which is a bit embarrassing, but DANG it is a good cartoon. It did a lot of things right (including ending the show properly) and I have a serious fondness for the villain designs. Monkey Fist is awesome and, as you can see, Shego and Drakken are also way up on the list. They’re so dorky and evil and have such great facial expressions! 

I should probably do some proper fan art of them sometime, because this is really just a binary tool experiment.