I think that looking back on Kim Possible as an adult makes me realize even more why I support Drakken and Shego as much as I do, especially looking at it from Shego’s perspective.

At several points in the series, it’s pretty much proven that Shego can do a lot better than working for Drakken. She could decide to be a solo villain and would likely be a lot more successful than she is working for him. Or, she could decide to work for a lot of other villains and at least get better pay, if not more success in regards to plots. 

Despite this, she pretty much always stays with him, and on the rare occasions she has left (for reasons outside of vacation time), she always ends up coming back. As much as she likes to deny it, she does care for him.


One of my favorite things about Kim Possible were the Villians. Especially these two. This sequence in particular is one of my favorites, because their nonverbal communication was on point XD. They knew each other so well it was sorta ridiculous.

I’ve seen a few people make jokes about Drakken and Shego being secretly married (with one tag specifically saying they eloped in Vegas at some point), but I have to ask: has anyone actually written an AU that included that idea? 

Like, everything else about the series is the same, but the difference is that Drakken and Shego are actually married - though probably no one outside of the two of them and maybe the henchmen know about it, at least until some later point in the series.