Lore tidbits:

  1. Wrathion may have overlooked the Black Drake mount
  2. Maloriak saw a lot of potential in Onyxia’s daughter
  3. Experiment 12-B may have been the result of an SI-7 cover up or the result of goblins trying their hand at DNA tinkering.  The flavor text cuts off abruptly either as a reference to something or it’s just plain unfinished. 
  4. Twilight Drakes are mogwai?
  5. Mottled Drake was so ugly and sickly-looking Alexstrasza thought there was something wrong with it
  6. Aeonaxx is a rebel and Stonemother don’t give a hoot
  7. Twilight Harbingers may be evil
  8. imagine if there was a Violet Flight