The corporate city states of the Free Trade Nations are held aloft by huge storm turbines that feed power into anti-gravitic engines. This arcology platform, CLOUD NINE, is one of the first to throw off their corporate shackles and is home to refugees, criminals, and adventurers. They have many sponsors from other political entities hoping to break the Free Trade Nations stranglehold on commerce. The character shown, however, has little to do with that; she tries to perfect her Charging ability, fine-tune her SpriteAI channeling rod, and make a few Notes on the side streaming on the Index with her pair of occulating spheres. Drakeling chow is expensive, after all! 

Round 1 of boss negatives.

-Lokel: Sea monster-type creature. Upon being tamed, it becomes a little too interested in Frederick.
-Jestrem: Those little balls at the end of its appendages 8)c are actually eyes. It’s very hard to tame, requiring 22 consecutive showings of Paul Blart: Mall Cop to be sedated.
-Drakel: A dragon-based enemy that I accidentally made resemble Trogdor a bit too much. By far the largest of the three. Upon being tamed, it becomes a loyal ally to Frederick. I might redraw this one to have several fewer eraser marks.