I can tell that you been practicing…

Practice (NSFW/ANGST)

We’ve been talking for so long. Now, we’re finally here in person. I taste pain and regret in your sweat. You’ve been waiting for me. …I can tell that you’ve been practicing…

Fem!Reader x Gladiolus Amicitia
Inspiration: Practice by Drake
Part 1 of 2
Word Count: 2170
Disclaimer: +18 MA/ Explicit Sexual Content/ Mild Angst/ Language/Mentions of abuse/Proceed at your own discretion

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The Drake brothers  Ah, If only these guys weren’t mass-murderers… 

Been drawing a LOT of Uncharted-stuff lately (I’m a bit crazy about these games) so had to upload something on this half-dead wall of mine. 

I’ve experimenting different designs on the whole cast, figuring out how much dot-eyes can express stuff etc., (especially eye directions are funny/weirdly challenging to do). I Like drawing out small scenes in my head (though I have NO idea what’s going on) but it’s so fun! Almost feel like animating again :)