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The Biggest Twist of All

As we all know, 6x10 is coming up, and PLL has been throwing us curve ball after curve ball and they’ve been throwing us the “Is Charles dead/alive?” question at us since 6x01 began, and now I can finally tell you with absolute certainty. Charles DiLaurentis is dead. Cece Drake is Red Coat. Cece is endgame. I’m going to explain some things to you right now that is going to make the twist in 6x10 100% worth it.

Mona flipped. Mona is winning the game. She’s playing both sides and she’s the other black hoodie that was sitting with Red Coat. Mona is going to expose Cece to us all and she’s going to do it for the liars and for Alison. The ultimate character redemption.

Here’s the proof:

In 6x05 Spencer comes home with Dean, she sees Mona walking towards the DiLaurentis mailbox with a card in hand, when Spencer asks what the card was for, Mona said it’s for Alison. When Spencer starts talking Mona comes back and looks uncomfortable

Later in the episode, Spencer and Hanna are digging around Radley trying to find proof that Charles is dead- they suddenly hear a loud noise and go to investigate… It was Mona, she was trying to sneak Lesli Stone’s file out, but they catch her, they read Lesli’s file and say that Lesli was in Radley long enough to not only know Mona, but she would’ve been in there long enough to know Charles as well. Mona, whom went undetected as A for two seasons, gets caught red handed with a document in hand and just hands it over like a kid caught sneaking candy. She WANTED to get caught with Lesli Stone’s file, she WANTED the liars to know that Lesli was in there long enough to know Charles. And this, my friends is where the brilliance of the biggest plot twist in television history begins.

Now, in 6x06 it opens with Mr. DiLaurentis finding a card on the dash of his car- an invitation to Charles DiLaurentis’ birthday party. Obviously, Kenneth freaks out and thinks his dead son is coming back and is out to get him. But no, it was Mona.

Earlier in the episode, the girls become immediately suspicious of Lesli, just as Mona had intended. The girls go after Lesli and track down her car; inside of it, they find fake glasses and cases full of mouse traps- that then lead them to a test facility… Where, you guessed it, Miss Vanderwaal is waiting and ready for the liars to barge in and start asking questions, questions that Mona is oh so eager to answer. She says that Lesli told her that Charles escaped Radley Labor Day, the night Alison went missing and the night Bethany was murdered.

Mona cooked up this entire plan for the girls to catch her with Lesli’s file so they could see that Lesli was in Radley so long that she could have known Charles, which is EXACTLY what she wanted. She tells them that Lesli told her that Charles escaped Radley, and that the medical files could’ve easily been faked- ergo, they believe Charles is IN FACT ALIVE.

6x06 ends with Kenneth DiLaurentis frantically digging up what he thinks to be his sons grave (although we know Charles was cremated from his files) and EVERYONE thinks Charles is alive and he is A.

Now, 6x07 I thought 6x07 totally got me and I thought Charles was in fact alive… Then I thought about it, this person acquired every piece of Charles that they could; I thought back to the soul room, about how everything in it revolved around what seemed like someone they lost. Looking at how they introduced the scene of the movie with Charles, Jason, and Alison, the camera begins with the point of view through a DOLLHOUSE. They were referring back to the dollhouse and the soul room, and then I realized… Mona figured it out. She knows Cece loves Charles more than life itself, she doesn’t care why she loved him, but she knows that’s where she’s going to hit her where it hurts. THAT is Cece’s weakness, and THAT is how she’s going to bring her down. I noticed also that the present didn’t have a “To Charles” on it, that present isn’t to Charles at all, it’s to someone who loved and wants to remember him. It’s also worth mentioning that “Charles” aka Mona, didn’t hurt anyone when she met them at the arcade, she just wants the right moment to expose everything…

Now, finally we get to 6x08 and 6x09… It’s finally revealed that red coat and someone else is working for her on the A team, everyone thinks this is Charles but really, it’s Mona. And here’s where I’m going to start to blend 6x08 and 6x09 together because now that we got some of the photos from Prom for the next episode, I think we may have figured EXACTLY how this is going to go down and who is doing what. So, lately everyone has been freaking out about this Justin Fix guy, and this is where the tuxedo from the ending of 6x08 comes into play… Justin (and whoever his name may be in the episode) is going to be a total and complete decoy for Alison and the liars, they hired this guy to make Alison think he’s Charles but really it’s a trap. 

Meanwhile there are TWO RED COATS at the dance, one is real and the other is Mona, just like the Halloween train where Mona was one of the Phantoms and Caleb was the other, Mona is the decoy A and Cece is the REAL A.

This one below is Mona, you can tell from the height difference and the hands… 

This is where everything is going to happen. Alison is going to think Justin Fix is Charles and then Mona is going to kidnap Ali, she’s then going to tell Ali about Cece and she’s going to chase red coat to Radley… There she will learn that Cece is in fact the endgame, that she is A, that Charles is dead. Mona is going to then round up the liars and go to the Carissimi group (the corporation Cece built to basically spy on the liars) and there she will show the liars the cameras Cece has places and show the liars the moment Alison unmasks Cece as A. The cops will then surround Cece after her reveal, the liars and Mona will probably race to Radley as everything starts to crumble and Cece will then run to the roof and jump.

The A game is over.

I have to thank my brother in arms and in theories, Nick for helping with this beautiful brain-child, after this is over I have no idea what we’re gonna do with our time. It’s been a pleasure theorizing with you. <3

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And of course, if you want to freshen up on my Cece is A theory, here it is:


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We all can get very wrapped up in the off-stage dramas, but really, without the music, there would be no 1D. So let’s please recognize the musicians, even if the band does not.