today i found out that the entirety of drake & josh was animated by hand and?????? im so amazed holy shit, computers will never be able to top what can be achieved through traditional human artistry

I would just like to point some shippers to this:

Have you ever heard of Stitchers? It has an openly bisexual character who is getting a girlfriend in season 3. If you recognize the actress, she was Mindy on Drake & Josh, Claudia on Warehouse 13, and Georgie on The Vampire Diaries. Her character on Stitchers, Camille, has dated a guy in the first two seasons of the show, but hasn’t hidden the fact that she has also dated women. This will be her first girlfriend on the show, but definitely not her first girlfriend ever.

Her love interested is played by Anna Akana. She has a popular youtube channel located HERE. She’s been in a number of television shows and movies, including Ant-Man. I know how people feel about bisexual representation on television, and being a part of all of these fandoms I know how often people are looking for a new ship.

If you’re interested in checking the show out, I would recommend starting at season 1. If you start at season 3 you’re going to be very confused. Stitchers has a slow start but give it a little time to hook you.

I’ve tagged all of the ships where at least one character is bisexual. But only in the first five tags because that’s the maximum number tumblr will post them in. ;)