Damian mourns Tim

[Nightwing (2016) #10]

Damian not only attended Tim’s funeral and is showing him respect but he’s holding a bo staff.  Damian hardly ever uses a bo staff but it’s Tim’s signature weapon

tøp trivia
  • Tyler programmed the drums for “Doubt” and “Message Man” (not played/written by Josh)
  • “Stressed Out” is the only song on Blurryface that features an upright bass
  • “We Don’t Believe What’s On TV” is the only twenty one pilots song that doesn’t include piano
  • Tyler didn’t play the bass for “Ride.” Ricky Reed, their main producer, did. He also provided additional vocals for Heavydirtysoul
  • Tyler actually played zero bass guitar for Blurryface
  • For live performances of songs like “Migraine” or “Car Radio,” bass guitar tracks were added in to various parts of the songs
  • The Run and Go is the only song from Vessel and Blurryface to feature a key signature change
  • The Run and Go is also the only Twenty One Pilots song to feature whistling
  • The drums on self titled are entirely programmed. You can actually find a lot of the drum sounds they use on "Logic Pro X”