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Of Roses and Cigarettes - Sam x Reader

(You guys have sent in some asks about Sam which put him back in my mind. I got this idea this morning and when I couldn’t shake it, I knew it was worth writing. Funny how things work out like that lmao.)

Description: A chance encounter allows you one final meeting with your ex-lover.

Warnings: Angst.

Word count: 1,611 total - one shot.

Read at AO3 here or below:

               He is here, slinking around like a cat; thinking that no one has noticed him.

               But you have.

               How could you not?

               After everything that you have gone through with him, you still know his scent: cigarette smoke clinging to his clothes and his cheap aftershave. At one point, you had found it endearing. Now, it brings back a swirl of memories.

               Do you seek him out? To what end? The two of you have disintegrated – there is nothing left to be collected. You find yourself scanning the room for the confirmation of what you already know: your ex, Sam Drake, is here.

               In hindsight, you shouldn’t be surprised. This is an auction, after all, and there is probably an item to lift or some sort of information to recover. That has always been the problem with Sam…and one of the things that had made you fall in love with him. You hover by the balcony. He is probably out here, smoking. Waiting for whatever it is that he has come to collect.

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Major’s gone from bracing himself for Liv dating again to setting her up and through it all still has those freaking precious heart eyes, he breaks my heart. All the other boyfriends are decent but it was Rob Buckley’s eyes that got me into this undead feels trip.


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indeed I did, I finally got the courage to make a Rose&Benny video! (which of course, gets depressing very very early, but it has a happy ending!)
As the sole remaining hard shipper of this beautiful babies, I had to

So... tonight's episode of Ripper Street tore out my heart and destroyed my soul...

Poor Drake! I mean, his face when Rose rejected him! :(

And you wanna know the worst part?? I can’t even hate Rose, because she’s such a likeable, adorable character, AND it’s not her fault she doesn’t love him.

Although, she could have said something nicer than, “I don’t wanna be a bobby’s housewife.”


For so long, I’ve always wondered why the people of tumblr talked about how the BBC will kill you.

Now I know.

#ChoicesCreates Round 20 Masterlist!

Can you guys believe that there’s already been 20 rounds of #ChoicesCreates?!  I am beyond honoured to be the host for this round! Lets give a round of applause to the fabulous @hollyashton for starting off the entire thing! And lets have another round of applause for this awesome, talented fandom for submitting so many amazing entries!

This week’s prompt was the song ‘Holland’ by Novo Amor! It’s a favourite of mine and @hollyashton so I’m really glad that so many of you guys have enjoyed it!

So without further ado, here’s the masterlist!

P.s. if I’ve accidentally left out your work please message me and I’ll add it to the masterlist straight away!

The Freshman/ The Sophomore:

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1. Not good enough- James x MC @hhiggs

2. My Man- James x MC @hhiggs

3. Too Much- James x MC @keltic-moon

Endless Summer:

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4. What He Should Have Said- Jake x MC @princessmckenzie

5. When Winter Reaches Vaanu- Varyyn x Diego @alwaysanotheroc

6. The winter brings a new- Jake x MC @endless-vall

7. Way Over There- Jake x MC @diamondlessoption

8. Jake x MC fanart @jessicamckenzie

The Crown and the Flame:

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9. I’d Follow (playlist mix) - Raydan x Kenna @lucetteriellabritton

The Royal Romance:

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10. Saving myself- Drake x MC @andromeda117

11. Winter’s Roses- King Constantine x his first wife @hollyashton

12. Winter Brings a New- Drake x MC @lolablackwrites

13. Poudrerie- Hana x MC @peace-coast-island​

14. Happy Together- Prince Liam x MC @thatocladyplayschoices

15.Winter’s Lament- Drake x MC, Prince Liam x MC, Maxwell x MC, Hana x MC @punexpectedly

16. Battered, Not Broken- Prince Liam x Olivia, Prince Liam x MC @misha726author

Rules of Engagement/ Hero

17. A Man of Your Talents- Dean the bartender @ladyashtonofcordonia