drake where were you

i fucked someone else last night.
i don’t know, i thought it’d be good for me.

i thought i liked him,
or maybe i just made myself like him.

i’d hope that you’d text,
and i was disappointed when you didn’t,
but it didn’t hurt the way it used to.

so i didn’t like him.
i didn’t realize until after i had fucked him.
but i didn’t cry over you afterwards either.

but i remember.

i remember your hands - you’ve got nice hands.
your hips - the way you move.
your laugh and your voice when you say - oh god, baby.

it’s valentine’s day.

you told me you’d be alone.
you know you don’t have to be.
oh god, baby, you never have to be.

—  letters from drake’s ex; i thought you would’ve called by now, by now, you could’ve had my all by now, by now

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So, currently it's super early in the morning and I can't sleep, so I tried to count sheep. Then I thought how cute a Sam Drake X Reader where they were both sleeping and he hears you counting sheep in your sleep, sometimes skipping/missing numbers lol just picturing him listening to your groggy sleepy voice counting 23 24 30 31... And just smiling to himself just aSHKL

AN: I feel you, hon! It’s currently super early in the morning and I cannot sleep. Three cheers for Insomnia…. :(

Sam knew that you had trouble falling asleep sometimes but usually he had his own ways of helping you tire out and fall right to sleep. However, last night the two of you had just returned home from your latest adventure and he had been so exhausted that he only had time to strip down and hop into bed before passing out.

Sam vaguely remembered you saying that you were going to take a shower before bed but Sam was out cold by the time you even turned the water on. A couple hours later Sam woke up briefly noticing that it was four in the morning but what caught his attention was your own sleepy voice counting something.

Sam groggily rolled over on his side and took in your sleeping form and the peaceful look on your face made him fall even more in love with you. 

Suddenly your sweet voice softly crooned, “23 sheep…24 sheep…30 sheep…32 sheep…”

Sam had to stifle his laughter as he listened to you incorrectly count sheep while you were actually asleep. He gently pulled you closer to him, careful not to disturb your slumber, letting you snuggle closer into his chest as you continued to count. 

Soon enough, Sam was falling asleep to the sound of your angelic voice and occasional adorable snores.

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Music you're loving this month?

mainly the same as the last playlist but there’s a few new additions, enjoy :)

airling - stallin
florence and the machine - queen of peace
tame impala  - eventually
rudimental - rumour mill
django django - reflections
tori kelly - california lovers
duke dumont - the giver (reprise)
robert delong - dont wait up
basenji - petals (feat. scenic)
the creases - point
chvrches - leave a trace
lakyn - hold on, were going home (drake cover)
miami horror - love like mine (feat. cleopold)
art vs science - in this together
future - where ya at (feat. drake)
darwin deez - kill your attitude
rufus - you were right
leo kalyan - fingertips
sam bruno - search party
gallant - weight in gold
cazzette - together
tkay maidza - m.o.b
the chemical brothers - sometimes i do feel so deserted
disclosure - holding on (feat. gregory porter)
beck - dreams
alison wonderland - take it to reality
the weeknd - the hills
chet faker - bend
the rubens - hallelujah
the jungle giants - kooky eyes
little boots - get things done
tori kelly - expensive (feat. daye jack)
flume - some minds
east india youth - turn away
george maple - talk talk (11 lit3s remix)
data - dont sing
hermitude - the buzz
jamie xx - i know theres gonna be (good times)
jarryd james - give me something
safia - counting sheep
what so not - gemini (feat. george maple)
san cisco - magic
japanese wallpaper - forces (feat. airling)
halsey - ghost
zedd - papercut (feat. troye sivan)
disclosure - bang that
buoy - dont want to see you
tinie tempah - not letting go (feat. jess glynne)
tinashe - days in the west (drake cover)
demi lovato - cool for the summer
rufus - tonight

Dricki One Shot: "Jealous"

External image

I’m in my penthouse half naked

I cooked this meal for you naked
So where the hell you at?
Just one shot left of this drink, in this glass
Don’t make me break it

Nicki stared at the wine glass and set it down. As much as she wanted to break it into pieces, she refrained from doing it. Nicki glanced at her phones.

No fucking messages. She thought bitterly as she downed the last bit of wine.

It wasn’t the first time her boyfriend, Aubrey, better known as Drake, did this to her. It was a never ending cycle. She begged him to spend some time with her but it was always working on His album. She had no problem with it, but she barely sees him anymore. Nicki never complained until this morning. Seeing his girlfriend fed up, Drake promised:

“I’ll be home at 9 to spend time with my baby.”

Nicki glared at her phone as if it was Drake himself. 11:30. Nicki rubbed her temple.

“Maybe I should be used to this. He wants to do the best for his fans and I respect that.” She thought.

Her pink iPhone 5c vibrated making Nicki look upon her illuminating phone. On Instagram, a lot of people @’d her in a picture. She clicked the notification which brought her to a picture of the beautiful model Jasmine Sanders kissing Drake’s cheek.

@Golden_Barbie: kisses for @champagnepapi

Nicki felt her flesh get hot as she grabbed the glass, and without second thought, threw it at the wall.

“Ahh!” She screamed as the glass shattered.

“I thought he was working.” Nicki thought. “I never went to see him but all this time he’s in there with some model leaving me at home”

I wish that you were me
So you could feel this feeling
I never broke one promise,
And I know when you’re not honest
Now you got me yelling.
That’s because I’m jealous

As she picked up the phone to cuss him out, she stopped and smirked. Instead of getting mad, she was going to get even. Nicki kept her phone in her hand ascending the stairs with a wicked smile.
She entered the walk-in closet and picked out an outfit.

Take it one step further
Freakum dress out my closet
I look damn good I ain’t lost it
And I ain’t missed a beat
Boy you been hanging out the night tonight
I’m staying out ‘til tomorrow
Dancing on them tables ain’t got no cares, no sorrow

After dressing up and doing her hair, she posted a picture on Instagram.

@Nicki Minaj: If you keeping your promise, I’m keeping mine

External image

Satisfied with herself, she grabbed her jacket and left. She saw a text notification from Drake but ignored it. She hit the club with her friends Cassie and Amber Rose. The club was live with handsome men and people dancing. The music was loud and there were flashing lights. She was going to give Aubrey as a taste of his own medicine. She found herself grinding on a couple guys. One man was feeling up her curves. Her eyes widened and she backed away.

“I can’t do this.” Nicki said to herself.

Leaving the club, she headed back home. Nicki felt ashamed of herself. The only person who should be touching her like that was Drake. Even though she was outraged at him.

And I hate you for your lies and your covers
And I hate us for making good love to each other

Nicki reached home throwing off her pumps and proceeding to the bedroom. When she opened the door, there was Drake. There was an awkward silence as they looked in each other’s eyes.

“I’m sorry I forgot.” He apologized with compassion in his voice and guilt in his eyes. “Where were you? I was worried.”

Drake said that with so much sincerity and concern in his voice, as much as Nicki wanted to be angry, she wasn’t. Instead of cursing him out, She wrapped her arms around and hugged him tight.

He kissed the top of her head and held er tight. “I thought you left…”

Nicki sighed deeply. “I didn’t. I was mad at you for forgetting and I saw that picture of you and Jasmine and….”

Drake looked at her. “And what?

And I know that I’m being hateful but that ain’t nothing
That ain’t nothing
I’m just jealous
I’m just human
Don’t judge me 

"I got jealous." 

"I don’t see why. Onika, you’re the only one for me. Believe that." 

Nicki flashed her million dollar dimple smile. 

"I know." 

Drake pulled her in close and planted a kiss on her lips.


Author’s Note: That was my first Dricki one shot. Idk if it’s good or whatever, but tell me what you think! :) Especially dessijheartsdricki

- Chrissi

Hotline Bling Chapter ten

Drake awoken from a nap with a lot of beliefs running through his head. He didn’t know whether to be mad or calm about you being with Justin after he made you cry that day. He thought you were done with him. Then again he doesn’t really know if you guys were a thing or not. He did remember you saying that you and Justin were just friends, but earlier today? He didn’t know what to think honestly.

Drakes phone vibrated on the counter beside his bed. He sat up and grabbed it not bothering to look at the caller ID. “Hello.” Drake answered with a raspy voice.

“Hey sleepy head.” A female voice spoke through the phone excitedly.

Normally drake would be happy to hear your voice right now, but he was still skeptical.

“What’s up?”

You noticed the tone in his voice and decided to speak up on it.

“Are you okay? What’s wrong?”

“Nothing, what do you want?” He asked dryly swinging the covers from over his body, and getting out of bed. He didn’t mean for it to actually come out that way but he can’t take it back now. There was silence on the phone. Drake pinched his nose in frustration. He didn’t mean it, but nothing was coming out of his mouth to try to fix it. He just waited for you to reply.

“Um…okay…I’m sorry I’ll leave you alone.”

“No!” He said quickly. “I’m sorry, what’s wrong?” He sighed walking out of his room to go get a snack.

“Well…I have a flat tire, I was just wondering if-“

“If I can come change it?” Drake interrupted.

“Yeah, but that’s only if you can, if you’re busy-“

“I can come.” He bit his bottom lip in defeat. It amazes him how he’s willing to do anything for you even if he’s mad at you.

“Okay thanks.”

Drake smirked softly knowing you were smiling. You told him what street you were on. Drake made no hesitation to get dressed but the situation was still on his mind as he drove to where you were.

When drake made his way over to you, he didn’t hug you, or great you with a smile at all he just changed your tire in silence. Lucky for you he always has a spare in his car. He was finally finished after a few minutes.

“You’re all good now.” He said looking at the tire as you just looked at him confused.

“Drake.” You said out loud making him look at you.

He didn’t say anything. He just looked at you. With that moment you knew he was mad at you. You just didn’t know why.

“Are you mad at me or something?”

“Nah you good.” He shook his head walking to his car behind yours.

You watched him walk standing in the same spot.

“Did I do something wrong?” You then stopped to think why in the hell you were even asking that question. He’s not your man, but he is a friend to you.

He looked at you again resting his arms on the hood of the car.

“Tell me again…are you and Justin a thing?”

“No, why do you keep asking that?”

He continued to look at you wondering if he should believe you. “Okay, well I guess I’ll see you whenever.” And with that he opened the car of his door and drove off as you still stood there confused.

“Scooter I seriously don’t need a lecture right now.”

“This girl is giving bad press Justin, if she doesn’t want to be with you, leave it alone.”

“Don’t you have somewhere to be?”

Scooter just glared at Justin wondering where his head was at, it’s bad enough he went through shit like this with Selena and now Y/N? Scooter sighed giving up.

“You have a photoshoot tomorrow, be there on time, no excuses.” Scooter stood up.

“You got it scoot, I’ll be there on time.” He smiled as scooter walked out of the house.

Justin wanted to get you to fall in love with him no matter what it took. He knows you feel something. It can’t be nothing. The Grammy’s was happening tonight and you wanted to bring her as a date. Justin had planned this the moment he heard he was nominated. He had to make it up to you some how and being immature wasn’t gonna work. He had the greatest way to ask you.

You were now outside of your house, as you parked your car in your driveway you spotted a little figure on your porch. You smiled at how handsome he looked with his little black and white suit on, you spotted a package beside him with a dozen roses on top. You got out of your car walking over towards Jaxon. He smiled as you made your way towards him.

“Well don’t you look so handsome Jaxon.”

“Thank you.” He said shyly as he blushed.

You giggled at his reaction. He picked up the roses and held it out to you. You bent over slightly to take them as you smelled them. “You’re so sweet Jaxon, these are beautiful.”

You then looked at him confused. “What are these for?”
“Will you..go to the Red carpet with me?”

You smiled. “The red carpet?”

“The Grammy’s is tonight, I want you to walk the red carpet with me.” A familiar voice spoke out.

You looked up to find Justin coming from behind the pole of the house. He cleaned up nice to, he grew his little moustache and goatee out knowing you loved it. His suit matched Jaxons. His blonde hair was swooped back, his sleeves were rolled up showing the art on his arms.

Justin stopped beside Jaxon as they both stood in the same position with there hands folded. You couldn’t help but smile at how amazing they looked. You cleared your throat and looked at Jaxon.

“Well since Jaxon asked.” You looked back at Justin as you said that and then turned your gaze to Jaxon.
“Of course I’ll be your date Jaxon.”

“Well great.” Justin said picking up the package. “Want me to bring this in for you?”

“Yeah sure.” You said dryly as you unlocked the door of your house, he didn’t say anything else. “You can just put it on the couch.”

He did as he was told as you stayed outside with Jaxon. A second late Justin was coming through the door. “So we will be here in an hour, so get ready.”


You had seen how many photographers were out there. Walking the red carpet was something you had never done before and it showed. You were in a Red fitted Open V neck, two side split dress, with black pumps.

“Ready to walk together?” he smiled.

“I’m sorry, I’m not your date, I’m walking with Jaxon remember?”

Justin tried not to roll his eyes, he’s trying to show you that he’s mature enough to handle everything that’s going on with you two.you watched as he looked at Jaxon who was sitting beside you. “You ready to walk with your first date Jax?”

He nodded slowly looking up at you as you leaned over and kissed his cheek.

“I’m ready to Jaxon, the dress you brought me is lovely.” you said knowing he didn’t buy it but hopefully Justin realized she was referring to him.

“I’ve never walked a red carpet before.” you sighed, looking out the window as you made your way to the event.

“I’ll- I mean Jaxon will show you. Don’t worry.” he smiled.

“Really? Thanks.” you smiled holding Jaxons hand.

You guys arrived at the red carpet and got out of the car. You were dropped off in a parking garage so your stylists could make any last minute changes they wanted for you guys. The three of you started to walk towards the red carpet and you began to hear the yells of the photographers. You started to get really nervous. Your breathing increased and you kept fidgeting with your clutch.

“Hey, you okay?” Justin said, walking by your side.

“Yeah I’m fine.” you said, looking at him lying through your teeth knowing you were nervous as hell.

Justin noticed the lie. “You’ll be fine. I’ll be by your side the whole time.” he smiled at you.

You nodded, wondering if he actually meant that.
As you guys stepped on the carpet, Justin took your hand and you took Jaxons as Justin brought you to the first mark where you would pose for the first bunch of photographers. He pulled you close and put his arm tightly around your waist.

“Smile.” he laughed softly.

You laughed and smiled for the cameras. It wasn’t as bad as you thought it was going to be. You guys made your way to the next group of photographers and you noticed that Justin hadn’t taken his arms off of you. You liked it. He made you feel safe. You guys began to just laugh and have fun with your pictures. Forgetting why you were mad at him.

Before you made your way to the end of the red carpet you managed to take some pictures with Jaxon. After a few pictures Justin pulled you in close for a few last pictures, before stepping off the carpet.

“See, I told you you’ll be fine.” he said, pulling you into a hug.

“Thanks, you really helped.” you smiled at him.
He smiled before putting his arm around you again and began walking into the venue. He was acting like your boyfriend. He was introducing you to everyone, including you in all of his conversations. You didn’t know what was going on. You liked it though. He kept looking at you showing his beautiful smile. You were honestly having so much fun with Justin,so much fun that you had this thought running across your mind. You quickly brushed it off as You looked around while the both of you made your way to your seats. As you were doing so, you made eye contact with Drake from across the room. You stopped walking but he looked away continuing to talk with Rihanna.

Justin stopped ahead looking back to see why you stopped. “What’s wrong?”

You looked at Justin and shook your head not wanting to start any problems. Jaxon sat in the middle of the both of you as the Grammy’s started. There were a lot of good performances that you loved you even stood up and danced. Then there was that moment when Rihanna performed on stage with her new single “WORK.” Drake came out on stage with her and the way he was dancing on her made you feel kind of uncomfortable just watching it. You didn’t know why but you just did.
You felt Justin’s gaze on you but you didn’t bother to look his way.


you covered your mouth in shock, you looked at Justin as he stood up smiling, he won his first Grammy!!! You stood up in excitement as you hugged him. He was surprised but he hugged you back. You were so excited for him. You remember the first time that he tweeted about a Grammy. He wanted to win one so bad and the day finally came. You never said this to him but you were really proud of him. The audience roared and hollered as he made his way up to the stage excepting his award. Everyone continued to clap and holler as he just stood there looking over the crowd smiling. You on the other hand had tears of joy. Yes you and Justin fight some times and never get to say how you guys truly feel. Hurting one an other. He looked at you smiling as you mouthed to him “I’m so proud of you.”

His eyes softened as he smiled at you. He licked his bottom lip as the crowd settled down. “Damn,Do you know how long I’ve waited for this moment?” He asked as he looked at his Grammy. “I came a long way, and I would like to thank a lot of people that helped me get this far. Especially when I went down the wrong road.” He looked at you as he said it.

He thanked the producer, his manager, his family and friends. He paused. “Sorry if I’m going over board.”

The crowd then cheered and clapped again as he looked at you. “I just wanna thank this one last special person who means the world to me. Im Glad that she decided to come, she’s Been through the worst with me, so much bullshit but she’s still here and I love her for that, I don’t want to ever lose her. So I want to thank you Y/N. She just announced that she was proud of me and you don’t know how proud I am to hear those words come out of her mouth. Thank you again.”

He said your name out loud as you say there in shock that he actually said what he just said on live television.

A/N: now it’s time to bother @somedayimagines for chapter 11😂😂 you guys are amazing! Your comments kept me laughing!!! ❤️❤️❤️ can’t wait to see what Chris has in store for us!!!