drake the type of nigga that

Thick women have Rolls my nigga. Get over it

Tired of you niggas calling these build-a-Barbie females “thick” because she went to Dr. Miami or because she has a fat ass. If she has a fat ass she has a fat ass, that’s not thick B. Thick means WHOLE BODY nigga. She can have thick thighs, a thick ass, all types of shit, but if you’re calling HER thick, it’s her whole body and if you got a problem with her having rolls or stretch markets you a clown B

I blame drake dumb ass for getting y'all ignorant asses saying ya’ll like y'all women BBW and using Nicki Minaj as an example.

Monkey see monkey do ass niggas B smh

The Game Calls Out Meek Mill for Disrespecting Nicki Minaj

Thought the beef between The Game and Meek Mill was squashed? Think again.

On Sunday, The Game took more shots at the Philadelphia rapper after he apparently liked Ebro Darden’s Instagram post that suggested Nicki Minaj was destroyed by Remy Ma’s “shETHER” diss track.

The Game claimed Meek was acting petty towards his ex, was involved in Nicki’s recent mansion robbery, and was never good enough to date The Pinkprint​ rapper.


This the type of hoe shit I hate… This lil bitch @meekmill aka Meesha salty cause his woman left em. Instead of being a REAL NIGGA & leaving the situation with ya head up standing tall, you in ya feelings so you get her house robbed & do fuck nigga shit fronting for the followers she gave you… liking pictures & leaving comments on posts that disrespect the woman who gave you life, actually loved yo dusty ass, bought you shit you couldn’t ever afford on yo own & even stood by your side when Drizzy bodied you.. instead of leaving yo bum ass like she should’ve, she held yo skinny rat face havin ass down !!! Now she gone & all you can do is try & shit on her every chance you get over social media ?? Straight pussy shit… you know how many REAL NIGGAS would love the chance to wife up a Nicki Minaj, Rihanna or a Beyonce’ & you out here playing…. Had a bomb ass woman & blew it cause you wasn’t man enough to return the love that was given…. you a 🤡 ass nigga, won’t fight me, but quick to tell Drake he can get a fade 🤔🤔🤔 straight fuckin sucka… I shoulda never took my hands from around Nicki that day we shot #PillsNPotions… that was the last time she been held by a REAL NIGGA !!! #NiggasIsTheNewBitches #OurDayIsComingSoon #DickChaser #ThemHerFollowers #iRememberWhenYouHad600ThousandB4Her #KeepRidinDirtBikesWitYoNutsOnNiggasButts #NickiGetYouAREALMAN #HeyBigHead 😉 @nickiminaj Nigga you would’ve died after Drizzy bodied you if Nicki wasn’t on ya arm lil ungrateful pussy…. she the only reason you lasted long enough to beef wit me & trust me, the day is coming where I throw yo lil punk ass over 6 cars !!! What type of nigga wanna see the girl that gave him everything he got hurt.. bird ass bum #NickiBirthedYou #WhatREALMANwannaSeeHisGirlHurting ??? #AnswerDatShit !!!! #OnlySoLongFakeThugsCanPretend

A post shared by The Game (@losangelesconfidential) on Feb 26, 2017 at 3:23pm PST

“Instead of being a REAL NI**A & leaving the situation with ya head up standing tall, you in ya feelings so you get her house robbed & do fuck ni**a shit fronting for the followers she gave you… liking pictures & leaving comments on posts that disrespect the woman who gave you life,” The Game wrote. “[Nicki] bought you shit you couldn’t ever afford on yo own & even stood by your side when Drizzy bodied you […] instead of leaving yo bum ass like she should’ve, she held yo skinny rat face havin ass down.”

He went on to call Meek irrelevant, and said he wouldn’t have survived the Drake feud if Nicki hadn’t been by his side. The Game also brought up his cameo in the “Pills N Potions” video, in which he is seen getting very touchy with Nicki.

“I shoulda never took my hands from around Nicki that day we shot #PillsNPotions… that was the last time she been held by a REAL N**A,” he wrote, before ending his rant with a threat. “[T]rust me, the day is coming where I throw yo lil punk ass over 6 cars !!! What type of ni**a wanna see the girl that gave him everything he got hurt.”

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No tricks, kids. Just treat her right.

Squad Goals Season 3 Episode 18


“She’s still out, having the time of her life.” I sit in the middle of Cruz’s room in my new house, and relay the night’s events to my mother.

“It’s her right Justin. You however do not have a right to be angry with her.” Cruz fidgets in his sleep before stilling again.

“You aren’t tired?” I ask her as she rocks a snoring Cruz back and forth in the rocking chair his mom had picked out.

“Nope, I took a long nap today so I could be up with Cruzie” she smiles at my sleeping son before placing a kiss on his head.

“You sure you don’t mind watching him mom? I could hire a nanny or-” she holds up a hand to interrupt me,

“He’s my grandchild Justin, and you know how I feel about these celebrities and their nannies”

“What about celebrities and their baby mamas?” Her jaw ticks a little bit before she forces a smile into her face.

“ I have nothing against Elysandra,” it was true. She had been sincere and polite during these past three months with Cruz and Ely, but something was different.

“But?” Mom sighs and stands up to place Cruz in his crib.

“But she isn’t Rhiannon. You know that as well as I do.”

“I’m trying mom, really, I am.” She pats me on the cheek before walking away.

“I know sweetheart. I know.”

“Guess who?” Two large hands cover my eyes and with a smile I lean into the hard chest that I know will be behind me.

“Drake?” The hands slip from my eyes to my shoulders  and knead them in soothing motions.

“Your friends look like they’re enjoying themselves, saw Party and Kylie started doing body shots when I walked in” an eyebrow shoots up into my hairline.

“On each other?” Drake chuckles and walks around the couch I’m seated on to sit next to me.

“Nah, on some fans. Some really horny fans” I laugh and offer him one of the many drinks that line our table. We’d opted for bottle service tonight and I’d decided to put everything on Justin’s tab.

“Nice spread you have here, you fuck with hard shit now? Bieber always used to bitch about how you sipped margaritas and cosmos” I roll my eyes and do a shot of straight tequila, sucking on a lime for added  effect.

“Never doubting you again Rhiannon St. John” I use my thumb to wipe away a dribble of tequila from his beard and he gives me a boyish grin.

“You don’t have to call me that you know,”

“Call you what?”

“Rhiannon St. John. Sounds sort of pretentious don’t you think?” Drake laughs and puts down his glass before parting his lap. I look around the club a few times, not quite sure I was ready for this to get out before I sigh and settle myself onto his lap.

“I’ll call you Rhiannon, just Rhiannon if you call me Aubrey. We have a deal?” The way that his hands rest on the small of my back ease my overall anxiety of secret paparazzi and I find myself leaning into him and his scent of Sandalwood and hard liquor.

“Deal, Aubrey” his ears perk up at his Birth name and his thousand watt smile lights up his face.

“I don’t think I’ve ever loved hearing my name more, Rhiannon” my cheeks are red and hot to the touch and he picks up an ice cube and trails it over the apple of my cheek.

“You looked a little hot,” he explains and I push my features into a false pout.

“Only a little?”

“Would it be inappropriate for me to say a lot?”

“We’re both adults here” his smile starts up again and my heart thrums away in my chest.

“Then you look a lot hot tonight. Hope you didn’t mind my screenshot. Something to keep me company when I fly off to Miami tomorrow night” I frown before composing myself, willing myself to continue with the flirty banter.

“Leaving so soon?” He rests a large, heavy hand on my exposed thigh and squeezes it gently.

“Yeah. Views is still topping charts, gotta give the people what they love”

“And that’s you” he presses a finger to my nose in a sweet gesture.

“Yeah. That’s me. At the moment,”

“Who hates Drake?” He pulls me closer and rest his chin right in the space between my neck and shoulder.

“Probably Bieber right about now” I roll my eyes and push Justin to the farthest corner of my brain. I’d had enough of him for one night. For all nights actually.

“Fuck him” I hiss reaching over to grab a hold of the half empty bottle of Ciroc, but before I can wrap my fingers around it’s neck Drake pulls me to his body with a solid and smooth motion of his arms.

“I’d rather fuck you” I wish the ice cube he had used earlier hadn’t melted because this time the blush stays at my neck heating in my veins.

“Oh Aubrey you say the sweetest things” I whisper before toying with his earlobe and grazing the hair of his beard.

“I can do the sweetest things too. I could show you,” I bite my lip and he runs his hands over my ass.

“I’m not looking for anything exclusive… I can- I can’t look for that right now” his eyes sparkle and his grip on me doesn’t waver.

“Drake the type of nigga to get exclusive and get his heart ripped out” he reiterates a meme I’d been guilty of seeing once before before shrugging and massaging my butt.

“I’m not looking for anything exclusive either. We can keep this Lowkey. I’m not in a hurry to fall in love and I’m not dumb enough to think you’re out of love with white boy.” I laugh and run a hand through my hair.

“Aren’t you half white?” He shrugs and gives a crooked grin,

“Yeah, but It made you laugh so,” I laugh again and before I know it or can weakly protest his thick lips are against mine and I’m the one who introduces tongue first.

I feel like an absolute child when I grasp Drake’s hand in mine and pull him towards the club bathroom.

“Come on, before they see us!” I whisper trying to pull him through the crowd of gyrating bodies and away from a sea of our close and mutual friends.

“Don’t think I’m allowed in he-” I tug him into the ladies room and leave him at the door before kicking open each stall to ensure its emptiness. Before he can protest, and before I can change my mind, I’m yanking his hoodie over his head and pulling on his mix of silver and gold chains.

“Scale of 1-10 how sanitary is this?” He wonders as his hands expertly untie the lace of my top and push it down so my breasts are up and out.

“I’m going to say… A 9 they keep it pretty clean” he laughs and the sound goes straight to my middle making it warm and tingly inside.

Don’t think, just do! A voice in my head urges and wth that motivational speech my fingers run up and down the length of his rock solid chest and prominent ab muscles.

“Why’d you get buff all of a sudden? What happened to Jimmy from Degrassi?” He laughs and reaches for the button to my shorts popping it open quickly and slipping a finger downwind under my lacy pink panties.

“This? This is my revenge body” it’s my turn to laugh when he takes one of my hands and uses it to trace over the hard rigid muscles of his pecs. I let out a gasp when his mouth finds my throat, sucking a mark into the skin.

A knock at the locked door startles me so much that I jump away from him, but he puts a finger to his own lips and turns away from the door to hoist me around his waist and onto the sink counter.

“Let’s get these off,” he mumbles sliding my panties and shorts down my legs and off so they fall to a heap with his hoodie. I stop him when he crouches down to press his mouth to my clit.

I wanted him now.

“Raincheck?” I say breathily and he laughs, coming back up to press his lips to mine. He steps out of his pants and a small smirk tugs at the corner of my mouth when his Emporio Armani briefs are exposed. Fuck Calvins.

Another frantic knock at the door and he’s stepping out of the briefs and wrapping my legs around his waist before sliding into me with a low

He picks up a fast, yet steady pace that leaves me breathless for the first few minutes because he’s so unbelievable thick.

“This shit is so tight, goddamn” he hisses hoisting one of my legs higher and shoving my bra up over my collarbone to close his mouth over a nipple.

“Oh, fuck… Aubrey” my head falls forward into his shoulder and he’s fucking me so hard and fast that my back slams against the mirror.
he pulled her hand into place over herself in a silent plea.

“Hold tighter,” he demands and once I tighten my hold on him he picks me up from the counter and walks to the middle of the bathroom bouncing me on his dick like I weigh close to nothing.

The angle stabs at my G spot and it’s been so long since I’d been screwed that I come with a loud, mewling cry squeezing around him and scratching his back as he thrusts through my orgasm.

Drake doesn’t need much urging, with a few reflex squeezes of my pussy his backing me up against a stall door before shuddering with a slight yell, muffled by my boobs.

When we catch our  breath, Drake says , “You sure you’re not trying to come with me to Miami?”

I laugh and stand on wobbly legs when he sets me on the ground.

“All this traveling really has me fucked up. I go back to London in four days”

“How will long you be up there?”

“We’ve got three more episodes of Selena’s show to film, then it’s back to LA.”

“Tell you what. You come to Miami with me and I’ll spend some time in London Town” my brain buzzes with the prospect of Drake and I chilling around London.

“Are you trying to kill me?” I ask referring to the number of times I’d been on a plane in the past week.

“Your pussy was trying to kill me so this is me getting even” I roll my eyes and hand him his hoodie before pulling on my shorts.

“Pick me up from Squad HQ. I’ll send you the address. This was fun, Aubrey Graham” I say with a kiss to his cheek before unlocking the door and letting in a flustered looking Kendall.

“I almost pissed myself why would y-” she pauses when she sees Drake pulling his hoodie on and straightening his jeans.

“I don’t have time for this shit!” She pushes past me and then past Drake to get to a stall. When we both walk out Kylie, Harry, and Za wait along the wall with mischievous expressions aligning their faces.

“10 bands” Harry says holding out his hand and the crew places wads of cash into his hand before he shoves hem into his pocket and walks into the ladies room in search of Kendall. Drake presses on the handle and shakes his head with a laugh when he finds it to be locked.

“I left one of my chains in there,” Kylie shakes her head and lets out a low whistle.

“You’ll never see it again,” she tells him before walking up to me and fixing my top.

“I think I’m headed to Miami tomorrow, that cool?” She shrugs,

“This is the new and improved ’ staying out of your business forever Kylie, and she says have fun” I nod and wrap an arm around her shoulder before turning back to Drake.

“Don’t be late!” I call as we walk away he holds up a thumbs up and puts on some aviators.

“Okay. What’s the six God packing?” Kylie whispers with a giggle I hold out my hands to make an example of his length before groaning and plopping down onto a couch.

“I hope Kendall and Harry finish up soon,”


“Because I need to ice this shit before Miami.”

Drake’s new aesthetic is the type of nigga I would marry. I just want to sit down and have dinner with a glass a wine and him. I want to bring him scotch on the rocks while he puffs on his Cuban cigar. I want to wake up to him on the balcony in a silk robe observing his empire. Everything about him is just perfect. He has an aurora of, “If you fuck up just one of her eyelashes, fake or real, Ima end you.” He’s the type of nigga that would send your mom flowers just cause she brought you in the world.