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Chill songs/playlist?

Impossible-Travis Scott
Warm - Majid Jordan
Do It Well - DVSN
Losing control-Russ
NINTENDO $HAWTY - Ambré Perkins
Truth for you - Amir Obe
Ruby Red - Smino
Pyramids - Frank Ocean
Gazi - A.Chal
Drive Me Crazy - Elhae
Wus good/ Curious - PARTYNEXTDOOR
The worst-jhene aiko
Juke jam-Chance the rapper
All That - Tory Lanez
Hold Me - Janine and the mixtape
Unthinkable-Alicia Keys
Shut it Down- Drake
Get Away - The Internet
Permission - Ro James
We Could be Better - Janine and the mixtape
Wednesdy Night Interlude-Drake
Pilot Jones - Frank Ocean
Vulnerable - Tinashe
Round Whippin - A.Chal
Coming Down - The Weeknd
A place like this - Majid Jordan
Vibe - Ambré Perkins
Bad blood - NAO
Nightcrawler - Travis Scott
Get You Good- Roy woods
Just Another Interlude - Bryson Tiller
The Way - Kehlani
Fire & Desire -Drake
Don’t - Bryson Tiller
Drugs you should try it-Travis Scott
Bad Intentions- Niykee Heaton
Blue Electric Roses- Travis Garland
Say it - Tory Lanez
Diamonds Dancing- Drake & Future
Shameless - The Weeknd
One Day - Tory Lanez
1st position- Kehlani

Michaela is my favorite and here are some of my reasons why:
  1. She set the bar for what needed to be done to win the trophy, and continued to work her ass off for it throughout the entire first half of season one.
  2. She doesn’t let others invalidate her feelings. The very first line we hear from her is, "Do not tell me how to feel right now!“
  3. She has the best outfits. I especially love all her dresses and jackets. 
  4. She makes dramatic courtroom entrances.
  5. Even though she was terrified out of her mind on the first murder night she was still able to come up with the perfect lie to get the campus security guard off their backs. 
  6. She’s a sloppy drunk with ridiculous dance moves and apparently no filter.
  7. She’s a leader. She lead the charge against Rebecca in season one, got everyone to gang up on Bonnie demanding answers in season two and lead the walkout on Annalise. 
  8. She cares about the others. She was concerned about how looking into Asher’s father would affect him, and was the only one to think to offer him condolences when his father died. She also was the only one upset about Nate’s arrest. She spent 3B looking after Laurel (though not for totally unselfish reasons) and has been there for Connor more than he deserves. I wish she had shown more concern for Wes though. 
  9. She can be petty and childish, mimicking people and telling them they can’t sit with her. 
  10. She knows how to shut people down. It’s a wonder Drake still shows his face on campus after the dressing down she gave him, and the pawnshop owner didn’t know what hit him. 
  11. She’s courageous. She stayed in the house with Rebecca on murder night 1.0 (and even tried to talk down Sam when he was trying to breakdown the bathroom door) and put herself in danger trying to protect both Laurel and Connor. 
  12. She knows when to put herself first, and isn’t afraid to walkout on those demanding more of her. 
  13. She tried to use Sam’s death to get out of a final. 
  14. She goes after what she wants, both in her professional and personal life. She’s so driven. 

PURE SEDUCTION; spotify (75 songs / 5h32m)

  • birthday sex (jeremih)
  • high for this (the weeknd)
  • neighbors know my name (trey songz)
  • grind with me (pretty ricky)
  • do not disturb (teyana taylor, chris brown)
  • the body (wade, jeremih)
  • do you there (skizzy mars, marc e. bassy)
  • devils touch (tiaan)
  • it won’t stop (sevyn streeter, chris brown)
  • i do it all for you (somo)
  • slow it down (the dream, fabolous)
  • na na (trey songz)
  • primetime (janelle monae, miguel)
  • promises (wiz khalifa)
  • ride (somo)
  • so blue (akon)
  • down on me (jeremih, 50 cent)
  • untitle (how does it feel) (d’angelo)
  • xox (elijah blake, common)
  • lovers and friends (lil jon, the east side boyz)
  • baby (ashanti)
  • under (pleasure p.)
  • time of your life (kid ink)
  • take care (drake, rihanna)
  • suffocate (j. holiday)
  • bedtime (usher)
  • get like me (nelly, nicki minal, pharrel williams)
  • in town (2 chaing, mike posner)
  • fine china (chris brown)
  • the zone (the weeknd, drake)
  • wet (omarion)
  • tonight (john legend, luacris)
  • feelin’ love (paula cole)
  • speechless (beyoncé)
  • i wanna know (joe)
  • wicked games (the weeknd)
  • nobody (keith sweat, athena cage)
  • skin (rihanna)
  • what you need (the weeknd)
  • trading places (usher)
  • up and down (pretty ricky)
  • take you down (chris brown)
  • shut it down (drake, the dream)
  • say it (ne-yo)
  • promise (ciara)
  • falsetto (the dream)
  • motivation (kelly rowland, lil wayne)
  • sexin on you (one chance)
  • take it of (pharrell williams)
  • lay you down (lloyd)
  • so anxious (ginwwine)
  • lay it down (usher)
  • signs of loke makin (tyrese)
  • deep (blackstreet)
  • make it last forever (keith swear, jacci mcghee)
  • feels so right (lloyd)
  • make love (keri hilson)
  •  seduction (usher)
  • doin’ it (ll cool j)
  • bump n’grind (r. kelly)
  • ready (lil rufus)
  • naked (lloyd)
  • meeting in my bedroom (silk)
  • someday is tonight (janet jackson)
  • jupiter love (trey songz)
  • freak me (silk)
  • music for love (mario)
  • number one (r kelly, keri hilson)
  • love faces (trey songz)
  • love like honey (pretty ricky)
  • until the end of time (justin timberlake, beyoncé)
  • get a little closer (joe)
  • strip for you (r kelly)
  • loving you (opal, querubyna)
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Batfam And Batfans #1

Damian was grounded. Again. Or still. He wasn’t sure which. Worst of all, the obstacle that stood between him and his freedom was a stupid essay for school. On contemporary literature. Or art. He wasn’t sure about this part either. The only thing he knew for certain: they left him alone in the Batcave, with access to the computer. Homework could wait.

It started out as research. Really, it did. Then the internet sucked him in.

He typed furiously, not aware of his surroundings, until Tim appeared behind him.

“What are you up to?” he inquired.

Damian hastily shut down the computer.

“None of your business, Drake!” With that, he stormed away in the most superior manner.

Tim wasn’t going to turn a blind eye to his strange behavior, never would make that mistake, not with Damian.

In a few seconds he pulled up the search history and opened the last visited website, a blog called “Fancave”. The post on the main page discussed in detail how adorable the new Robin was. Among recent massages he found one written by son-of-the-bat. It contained the following lines:

“I have met Robin in person and therefore feel obliged to disillusion you. He is a particularly skilled, fierce fighter, trained by the best. Adjectives best fitting to describe him do NOT include adorable.”



Crazy In Love - Remix // Beyonce
Prisoner // The Weeknd feat. Lana Del Rey
Moonlight // Ariana Grande
Too Deep // dvsn
coffee // Miguel
Real and True // Future feat. Miley Cyrus
Love On The Brain // Rihanna
Poetic Justice // Kendrick Lamar feat. Drake
You Da One // Rihanna
The Feeling // Justin Bieber feat. Halsey
Shut It Down // Drake
Secrets // Kat Graham
3005 // Childish Gambino
As You Are // The Weeknd
Strange Love // Halsey
All Night // Beyonce
Sweet Love // Chris Brown

(This playlist mainly features hip hop / R&B artists)


A Drake mix that you can cry to for all you simps out there that are goin’ through it.

1) Shot For Me
2) November 18th
3) Unforgettable
4) Come Thru
5) Marvin’s Room
6) From Time (ft. Jhene Aiko)
7) Sooner Than Later
8) Mine - Beyonce ft. Drake
10) Doing It Wrong
11) Shut It Down (ft. The Dream)
12) Girls Love Beyonce (ft. James Fauntleroy)
13) Lets Call It Off (ft. Peter Bjorn)
14) Look What You’ve Done
15) Furthest Thing

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hey yall here another mix i made today out of boredom 


1. let me love you - GXNXVS & CVIRO

2.  come over (kenke bootleg) - aaliyah 

3. still in love (soft glas remix) - jahkoy 

4. shut it down (mic-lo remix) - drake ft. the-dream

you can hear my other track on my soundcloud 🌹

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Slow Jams (And Then Some)

1. Too Much - Drake ft. Sampha
2. The Morning - The Weeknd
3. Spaceship Coupe - Justin Timberlake
4. Thinkin Bout You - Frank Ocean
5. I. Flight Of The Navigator - Childish Gambino
6. Wicked Games - The Weeknd
7. All That Matters - Justin Bieber
8. Cameras / Good Ones Go - Drake
9. Don’t Hold The Wall - Justin Timberlake
10. Feel Good - Robin Thicke
11. Heartbeat - Childish Gambino
12. Pyramids - Frank Ocean
13. Shut It Down - Drake ft. The-Dream
14. The Real Her - Drake ft. Lil Wayne & Andre 3000
15. Cabaret - Justin Timberlake ft. Drake
16. Practice - Drake
17. Novacane - Frank Ocean
18. Use Me - Miguel
19. Kiss Land - The Weeknd
20. Live For - The Weeknd ft. Drake
21. Hold On, We’re Going Home - Drake ft. Majid Jordan
22. Blue Ocean Floor - Justin Timberlake

The way I’m feeling, the things I say
all just happen, when you pass my way
what can I do to make you stay
I know its getting late
but girl I don’t want you to leave
you tell me you’re just not the type
you wanna do this right
and I’m not tryin to say I don’t believe you
but I refuse to feel ashamed
and if you feel the same
does waiting really make us better people?
take those fuckin heels off its worth it girl
nothing is what I can picture you in
so take that fuckin dress off I swear you won’t forget me
you’ll be happy that you let me lay you down down down
tryin to lay you down down down
you still the baddest girl around round round
they notice, they notice
let me lay you down down down
tryin to lay you down down down
you still the baddest girl around round round
they notice, they notice
You would shut it…
—  Drake (Shut it Down ft. The Dream)
When Drake surprised my school last night alongside Future and shut down the whole block down, legendary moment for us Ryerson kids for real | @JEDIRIS

No turning back @Skepta x @Drake