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Uncharted characters as zodiac signs
  • Nathan Drake: Gemini
  • Elena Fisher: Aries
  • Victor Sullivan: Sagittarius
  • Sam Drake: Taurus
  • Rafe Adler: Scorpio
  • Nadine Ross: Aquarius
  • Chloe Frazer: Leo
  • Harry Flynn: Virgo
  • Cassie Drake: Libra
  • Charlie Cutter: Capricorn
  • Katherine Marlowe: Pisces
  • Eddy Raja: Cancer

Without darkness…

Rock & Roll is…

Where God & The Devil Shake Hands

American Satan

In theaters Friday, October 13th.

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Batfamily History!

Bare in mind that while the years are in order the specific months are not even listed so it may be a little mixed up: Bruce Wayne is introduced as batman Detective comics #27 1939 James Gordon is introduced as commissioner Gordon Detective Comics #27 1939 Dick Grayson is introduced robin Detective comics #38 1940 The name Gotham city was first used (cool tidbit I found out about) Batman #4 1940 Alan Scott appears (BECAUSE APPARENTLY HE IS A GOTHAM HERO WTF) All-American Comics #16 1940 Selina Kyle is introduced as catwoman Batman #1 1940 Alfred is introduced as the Wayne Family butler Batman #16 1943 Ace the bat-hound is introduced Batman #92 1955 Batman of all nations/club of heroes is formed! Detective Comics #215 1955 Kate (Kathy) Kane is introduced as batwoman Detective Comics #233 1956 Bette Kane is introduced as batgirl Batman #139 1961 Barbara Gordon becomes batgirl Detective Comics #359 1961 Boston Brand is introduced as Deadman Strange Adventures #205 1967 Jason Blood is introduced as Etrigan (although I’m not so sure he counts as a batfam member either way I’m too lazy to put more so this is all you get 4 the demon man) The Demon #1 1972 Lucius Fox is introduced Batman #307 1979 Julia Pennyworth is introduced as Alfred’s daughter Detective Comics #501 April 1981 Jason Todd is introduced Batman #357 1983 Jason todd becomes robin Batman #366 1983 Dick Grayson becomes nightwing! Tales of the Teen Titans #44 1984 Onyx Adams is introduced Detective Comics #546 1985 Jason Todd is adopted! New Teen Titans vol. 2 #55.  1986 Holly robinson is introduced!!! Batman #404 1987 Lil baby Damian Wayne makes an appearance! Batman: Son of The Demon 1987 Joker cripples Barbara gordon Batman: The Killing Joke 1988 Holly Robinson dies! Action Comics Weekly #613 1988 Jason Todd dies Batman: A Death in The Family April 27 1988 (never forget) Henri Ducard is introduced as one of Bruce’s main teachers Detective Comics #599 1989 Harold Allnut is introduced The Question #33 1989 Bette Kane becomes Flamebird Secret Origins Annual #3 1989 Barbara becomes Oracle Suicide Squad #23 1989 A wild Tim Drake appears! Batman #436 1989 Tim Drake became robin! Robin Batman #442 1989 Ling is introduced as Lynx Robin #1 1991 Dean Hunter is introduced as Nimrod the Hunter Batman: Shadow Of The Bat #7 1992 Stephanie brown is introduced as spoiler! Detective Comics #647 1992 Jean-Paul Valley is introduced as Azrael Sword Of Azrael #1 1992 Jean becomes Batman (for a bit) Batman #489 1993 Cassandra Cain is introduced Batman #567 1999 Cassandra (Cain) Wayne is adopted! Batman: No Man’s Land #0 1999 Helena Bertinelli briefly becomes Batgirl Batman: No Man’s Land #0 1999 Cassandra Cain becomes batgirl Legends of the Dark Knight #120 1999 Sasha Bordeaux is introduced Detective Comics #751 2000 Gavin King is introduced as Orpheus Batman: Orpheus Rising #1, 2001 Dick grayson is adopted Gotham Knights #17 2001 HAROLD ALLNUT IS DEAD!!! Batman: Hush #? 2003 Stephanie brown is “dead”??? Batman: War Games 2004 Onyx returns as Orpheus’ bodyguard! Batman: War Games 2004 Gavin King is dead!!! (NICE BODY GUARDING ONYX) Batman: War Games 2004 Darla Aquista is introduced! Robin Vol. 2 #121 2004 DARLA AQUISTA IS ALSO DEAD WTF Batman: War Games 2004 LING IS BEHEADED NOOOOO Batman: War Crimes 2005 Darla Aquista is brought back as Warlock’s Daughter ???? Internet will not say Jason Todd is introduced as red hood also Jason Todd is alive??? Batman #635 2005 Tim Drake is adopted Batman #654 2006 Holly Robinson is briefly catwoman (ya’ll know comic book writers they just brought her back without an explanation) Catwoman #53 2006 Kate Kane comes out of the closet! 52 #7 2006 Cheyenne Fremont is introduced as Cheyenne, then as nightwing Nightwing Vol. 2 #118 2006 Cheyenne Fremont retires I dunno man ;-; internet refuses to tell Damian Wayne meets his papa! Batman #655 2006 Charolette Gage-Radcliffe is introduced as batgirl! (Er, kinda… Also maybe she’s not a batfam member but she will always be in my eyes after her iconic batgirl debut that was shorter than Stephanie’s term as robin so…) Birds of Prey #96 2006 Wendy Harris becomes Proxy, the protege of Oracle (was originally a teen titans friend!!!) Teen Titans #34 2006 Charolette becomes misfit!!! Birds of Prey #96 2006 Damian becomes robin! Batman #657 2006 LING IS BACK!!! One Year Later 2006 LING IS DEAD (like one second later) NOOOOO One Year Later 2006 Simon Dark is introduced Simon Dark #1 2007 Colin Wilkes is introduced Detective Comics #847 2008 Lynx is now a mysterious “bad guy?” Robin Vol. 4 #179 2008 Bruce IS DEAD?! Final crisis Vol. 1 #6 2009 All the batboys fight for their father’s honor as batman! Battle For The Cowl (all) 2009 Dick Grayson officially becomes Batman! Batman & Robin vol #1, batman reborn 2009 Tim Drake stars as Red Robin… Robin #181 2009 Tim Drake officially becomes Red Robin! Red Robin #1 2009 Kitrina Falcone is introduced as Catgirl Batman #692 2009 Batman incorporated is formed (because batmen of all nations disappeared somewhere in between, just as batman inc is about to a couple years into the future (in 2010 terms!)) Batman & Robin #16 2010 Stephanie brown becomes batgirl!!! Batgirl Vol. 3 #9 2010 Titus is introduced Batman & Robin #2 2011 Lynx is not a bad guy!! Beautiful girl!!! Kisses Tim!! Iconic!!! Identity still unknown. Red Robin #23 2011 David Zavimbe (a special boy, a talented boy) appears as The Batman of Africa/Batwing! Batman Incorporated #5 2011 Kitrina Falcone retires as Catgirl Batman #712 2011 Mystery lady is introduced??? Batman vol. 2 #1 2011 Mystery lady is introduced as Harper Row! Batman vol. 2 #7 2012 Bat-cow is introduced Batman Inc. Vol. 2 #1 2012 Cassandra Cain becomes the Black Bat Batman Inc. Vol. 2 #6 2012 Damian Wayne is dead! Batman Inc Vol. 2 #8 2013 Bette Kane is introduced as hawkfire Batwoman #17 2013 Luke Fox appears as Lucius Fox’s son and soon after, Batwing Batwing #19 2013 Alfred the cat is introduced Batman Inc. Vol. 2 #6 2013 Duke Thomas is introduced! Batman: zero year #30 2014 Harper Row becomes bluebird! Batman vol. 2 #28 2014 Duke Thomas appears again! Batman: Endgame #? 2014 Dick Grayson is alive as Agent 37!! Grayson #1 2014 Jerry the turkey is introduced Li'l Gotham #12 2014 Damian is back!!! I’m crying my baby is back!!! Batman & Robin Vol. 2 #38 2015 Jim Gordon becomes batman Batman: Endgame 2015 We Are Robin is formed We Are… Robin #1 2015 Duke Thomas appears!!! Again!!!! As a we are robin guy!!! We Are… Robin #1 2015 Claire Clover is introduced as Gotham Girl DC Universe: Rebirth #1 2016 Tim drake is “dead”??? Detective Comics #940 2016 Duke Thomas is introduced as Lark!!! Batman All-star #1!!!! 2016!!!! Harold is somehow back, do not question, just thank the lord, Duke Thomas, for his return 🙏 All Star Batman #3 2016 My beautiful blue bird is bi! Detective Comics 945 2016 Background characters: Vicki Vale is introduced Batman #49 1948 Harvey Bullock is introduced Detective Comics #441 1974 Leslie Thompkins is introduced Detective Comics #457 1976 Renee Montoya is introduce Batman #475 1992 Also I sadly could not find out when Alfred first became penny-one or when Julia became penny-two so I’ll just say when it was they first appeared, I guess? Also please add more if I missed any. And if you want to learn about extended family like Bruce’s or Dick’s cousins and stuff that aren’t part of the batfam then GameSpot is a good place to look.

One of the many headcanons I have in how Tim and Jay might have come out to the family:

Sibling bonding night turns into a chubby bunny competition and Steph starts calling for bets and Jason just snorts like ‘no way, Tim’s gonna win hands down.’

And Stephanie just stares at him before asking ‘how?’

And Jason smirks because 'Trust me, I know how much Tim can put in his mouth.’

Then Dick chokes because jesus fucking christ jay

And Tim doesn’t even notice because he’s already eating the marshmallows.