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Uncharted characters as zodiac signs
  • Nathan Drake: Gemini
  • Elena Fisher: Aries
  • Victor Sullivan: Sagittarius
  • Sam Drake: Taurus
  • Rafe Adler: Scorpio
  • Nadine Ross: Aquarius
  • Chloe Frazer: Leo
  • Harry Flynn: Virgo
  • Cassie Drake: Libra
  • Charlie Cutter: Capricorn
  • Katherine Marlowe: Pisces
  • Eddy Raja: Cancer

“bring ur lil brother to work” day is a lot less fun when he’s still trying to usurp ur position as ceo

(stop. filing. injunctions. brat.)

Dick and Dami
Jason and Dami
Steph and Dami
Cass and Dami
Alfred and Dami
Titus, Alfred the Cat, and Dami


Ruri Valeth and Iris Drake Official Bond Ceremony!

Date: Sunday November 13, 2016 12:00PM EST (Noon)

“Rescheduled bond ceremony with the most beautiful Miqo’te in all Eorzea! Iris and I mailed out several invites but please let me know if you still need one and are willing to come! We look forward to sharing this special day with you all again!”

(This time I’ll hold onto my blank one!!!)


Ripper Street:  Bennet Drake [ISTP]

OFFICIAL TYPING by Charity / the Mod

Introverted Thinking (Ti): Drake is logical and detached, doesn’t mind doing whatever the situation requires, in order to move forward with the case or resolve an issue. He can put aside his feelings or personal sentiments, to get the job done – and is often very good at analyzing a situation and coming up with a creative way to problem-solve.

Extroverted Sensing (Se): He’s not afraid to get his hands dirty – and he’s so good at being aware of his environment, at chasing after criminals, at using his environment to get things done, improvising on the fly, and beating people up who need it that Reid relies on him as a “guard dog.” Drake appreciates fine things, and enjoys living in the moment – he really loves walking down a street filled with interesting things, watching the woman he love muse over a pair of songbirds – and on a whim, buys the lovebirds (when he can afford it) as a romantic gesture.

Introverted Intuition (Ni): His gut instinct leads him at times, but can also be a determent, when he gets his heart set on something – an idealized version of what he wants for the future, that may not come into being; when his lady love rejects him, he feels as if his world is coming to an end. Drake waffles between optimism and pessimism, never quite certain which to focus on, depending on what the situation at hand tells him, but he does trust his gut.

Extroverted Feeling (Fe): He’s emotional, and it comes out in stressful times – he’s so emo over rejection, he goes on a drinking bender, he actually tells Reid off for being too “on the job” after losing one of their friends (a sergeant) – he knows the young man had a wife, and feels sorry for her. He is actually quite good at offering affirmation and support to others, when they need it; and others’ kindness to him, reassures him. He’s very concerned with what others think (“If we just lay here together for awhile, could you not tell anyone what happened inside this room?”).


Drake type Beat *Bottom* [Official Beat Prod. by JGBeats]

Supersonic Trainer’s AU: Team EGG Members and Pokemon

Note: Pokemon in bold are the first Pokemon these characters owned.

Here’s all the Team Egg members currently that people have suggested and I’ve added.

Dr. Eggman: Shiny Blissey (Not fighting), Bisharp, Skarmory, Aggron (With Aggornite), Magnezone, Klefki, Probopass

Maw: (Added by @ultyfox-777) Genesect, Mawile (with Mawilenite), Swalot, Metagross, Porygon-Z, Klinklang

Battle Lord Kukku XV: Toucannon (THE ANGRY BIRB), Pidgeot (with Pidgeotnite). Braviery, Pelipper, Altaria, Talonflame

Thunderbolt: (Added by @spirit-animal-sisters-official) Mimikyu (Drake-gon’s Idea), Parchirisu, Emolga, Dedenne, Togedemaru, Stunfisk

Blue X: Zangoose, Lurantis, Glisor, Septile (with Septilenite), Alolan Sandslash, Roserade



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