drake messages

The Perdido Beach recycling and trash collection union would like to remind you not to leave trash near, as apposed to inside, dumpsters. Please put your garbage where it belongs.

I got a commission from @lovonne of my OC from the To Belong universe owned by @thenamelessdoll. @lovonne is doing emergency commissions to help herself out of a hole. If you’d like to help out or commission her you should check out her page or send a message.   

Drake is an orphan that was found exchanging work for food and a place to sleep at age 10; his animal form is a Zebra. Fearing that hard labor could do to a youths body at such a young age Drake was taken to the Equestria Estate, which is a place where those with Equine form can find care for injuries and suitable jobs that don’t risk their health. Drake and his savior Fyn, a young stallion, are rarely seen apart.

Dr. Flug: You will not eat that squirrel!
Demencia: I don’t want to EAT him…
Dr. Flug: What are you gonna do then?
Demencia: Well I’m gonna write a note and tie it to its tail. Maybe somebody will find it and come get us outa here!
Dr. Flug: Yes! ‘Cause when I see a squirrel the first thing I do is check its tail for MESSAGES!
Source: Drake & Josh