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And, well, it’s not ideal (since what really is in this life?). Tim is still tense, still automatically steps back (away), still holds himself at this imagined acceptable distance, still asks first and foremost “What do you need?” at the beginning of every conversation. And no, as much of an optimist as Dick Grayson is and always will be (B’s many years of being the night notwithstanding), he didn’t expect things to just suddenly be the way they were back when there was train surfing and trust and movie nights and witty banter while fighting bad guys. He didn’t expect two years of neglect to vanish in a few months of trying, of fighting, to get back into Tim’s life.

He sure as hell didn’t expect Tim to even allow it to this extent.

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002 ● you & I ● tyler bate


This fic now has it own blog!!! You can find it [ right here ] and if you need a recap of chapter one, rest at ease, love because I got you!! [chapter 001]

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First date fluff [ and a few cute little awkward scenarios, of course. don’t judge me, lols] and some tension / words exchanged between Isabelle and her “Stepford Mom from Hell / Narcissist Mother”. Because had to add a little strife with the joy! Oh yeah.. and some making out, kissing action.


Tyler Bate x  Reader































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But seriously guys

Consider the possibilities.

The first rule of Wayne Manor quickly becomes do not trust a recorded voice. Tim spends all night running errands for Bruce, but when he gets back, Bruce asks where he’s been. Dick teaches Damian how to prank call and Jason gets a message from Roy:

“Hey I’m on this case and there’s this weird chanting, do you recognize it?”

“Okay let me hear.”

*rick rolled*


Alfred walks into the kitchen and hears Bruce ranting about how terrible of a father he is. It’s not Bruce. It’s Damian. Bruce is standing next to him. “Alright, you’ve made your point.” Damian doesn’t like Dick’s new girlfriend? Suddenly, they’ve broken up and Dick didn’t make that call?? And WHO keeps drunk dialing the boys at Steph’s school she’s getting a reputation dammit!

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Omg sorry my fault I mixed them up! I think you're right & what if these streets = Meek Mill?? :o

here’s my lyrics interpretation:


“You’re my right hand, you’re my go to / Told me everything about you / That’s a bold move” self explanatory: they are/were pretty tight and i’m sure they talked A LOT (nicki even said in a ustream back in 2011 that she used to call drake when she was sad while with drake on the phone)

“I know that you’re out here / And there’s things you gotta go through” like dealing with her 6 years old boyfriend

“Just know that these streets just don’t love you like I do / And they never will” i don’t think he’s only talking about meek in here. i think he’s talking about every man in nicki’s life. drake loves her more than anything (his words). like, in coachella with all the engagement stories about nicki and meek breaking and them (nicki/drake) being kinda distant he could’ve played that moment on stage with nicki SO differently but he made sure to reminder her one more time how much he loves her and misses her. IT’S JUST SO CLEAR TO ME


“But I swear you gotta chill / You wanna grip Benz wheel / And I know you can’t wait / You dream big and sleep late / You got a lot on your plate / That’s why you’re always working out / Taking pictures of yourself / You don’t see anybody else / You’re like oh well / You’re like fuck it oh well /My past behind me like a pony tail” in here he’s just talking about how much she wants to conquer as a black woman and a rapper in the industry and how much is going on in her life right now and how she’s trying to focus more on her and her career and leave her past behind which i think it’s a sutil reference to all the SB drama


“Ok I know you want the Audi / I know you want to go to Maui / You and all your girlfriends / The ones you never bring around me” i’ll just quote nicki on this one: bitches might wanna get in your pants, i don’t know if i’mma let em

“Cause you don’t trust me like your last man“ again, i think it’s a SB reference. he’s saying nicki doesn’t trust him to be around other women but SB trusted him enough to watch his girl do lap dances on another man

“Did he open doors for ya? / Buy the things he can’t afford for ya / Cause he must have did a lot for ya / I just fell back with it” SB saying he helped nicki to write her raps

“And now your past is behind you / Like the car with the strap in it / Thank god that’s finished / Cause now it’s back to business / Any more Hennessy and you’re past the limit” self explanatory

“You told me about the picture / Now you have to send it / I would never put you on blast when I get it“ clearly talking about nicki’s leaked nude photos

i can be TOTALLY wrong, but i do think the song is for nicki.