drake collage


Boy Horrors v Boy Wonders

A few days ago (22 August), there was a leak of the Batman who Laughs and his Robins and the multiverse have never been the same since – well at least my multiverse!

As a Robin enthusiast, I wondered if there were parallels between these Dark Robins and the Batboys we all know and love. It is rather difficult to determine which Robin is which in only one picture provided and to my shame I have great difficulty in distinguishing between (without further investigation) the Robin uniforms of Dick Grayson and Jason Todd prior to the Modern Age of Comics, which these Dark Robins seems to emulate.

Fortunately, one of the Dark Robins is wearing an all red uniform, which I could deduce is Tim Drake’s second Robin uniform. The other three is my not so educated guess.

Image Source:

  • Boy Horrors: Teen Titans #12 (Preview) by Mirka Andolfo (Upper Row)
  • Damian Wayne: Batman and Robin #11 by Andy Clarke (Lower Row, Fourth Picture)
  • Dick Grayson: Batman #682 by Lee Garbett (Lower Row, First Picture)
  • Jason Todd: Batman #645 by Doug Mahnke (Lower Row, Second Picture)
  • Tim Drake: Robin #175 by Joe Bennett (Lower Row, Third Picture)

Bird Obsessed

  • National Comic Book Day: Robin-Centric Series (Prime Earth)
Today is National Comic Book Day (25 September) and as a comic book blog I’ll be remiss not to do something today. So I thought and thought and thought and finally decided to do a collage of the Robin-Centric series that I’ve collected (and will collect) since I re-entered the comic fandom.
  • N.B.: All images used are the very first issue of each series either the regular or variant forms and in case of multiple series of the same name – only the most recent cover is used with exception of Teen Titans as it was led by two different Robins.
Collected Series:
  • Dick Grayson:
    • Grayson: Upper Row, Far Right
    • Nightwing (Vols. 3–4): Upper Row, Left of Center
    • Titans (Vol. 3): Lower Row, Left of Center
    • Titans Hunt: Middle Row, Far Right
  • Jason Todd:
    • Red Hood and the Outlaws (Vols. 1–2): Upper Row, Center
    • Red Hood/Arsenal: Middle Row, Center
  • Tim Drake:
    • Teen Titans (Vols. 4–5): Upper Row, Right of Center
  • Damian Wayne:
    • Batman and Robin (Vol. 2): Upper Row, Far Left
    • Robin: Son of Batman: Middle Row, Far Left
    • Super Sons: Lower Row, Right of Center
    • Teen Titans (Vol. 6): Lower Row, Center
  • Duke Thomas:
    • We Are Robin: Middle Row, Left of Center
    • Batman and the Signal: Lower Row, Far Right
  • Multi-Robin-Centric:
    • Batman and Robin Eternal: Middle Row, Right of Center
    • Robin War: Lower Row, Far Left