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Charles DiLaurentis is Dead

Okay so I’ve been running through some things through my head lately about who Charles ACTUALLY is, and quite frankly… I think he’s dead.

When we are brought into A’s vault, we’re surrounded by photos, memorabilia, and mannequins depicting a family. As I was looking at the scenes I decided to take a closer look…

So, in the vault, we see a family… A mother, father, a son, and a daughter… This might not be mind blowing for anyone, but as far as who I guess the family is? It could be Marion/Jessica, Cece, and Charles (The father could be Kenneth or Peter?)… And that’s the weird thing, the son and the daughter look to be the same age.

And… Before you say “Oh! It’s Alison!” or “Oh! It’s Hanna!” no… no.. no no NO no no NO NO NIET! NE! NON! There are quite literally only 2 girls on the show that would be Charles’ age… And one of them is actually blonde..

And now we get into why I think Charles is dead… Well, let’s look around the vault shall we?

When Spencer first walks in the vault, a song begins to play, Patsy Cline’s “Walkin’ After Midnight” lets take a look at some of those lyrics…

“I go out walkin’ after midnight
Out in the moonlight, just like we used to do
I’m always walkin’ after midnight
Searchin’ for you

I go out walkin’ after midnight
Out in the starlight, just hoping you may be
Somewhere a-walkin’ after midnight
Searchin’ for me”

From what I know of the song, it’s meant to convey someone searching for a loved one they had lost, searching for them night after night, hoping they would be in the places they used to go together.

Something else that struck me about this vault is that the little boy is everywhere, in pictures, in videos, in collages… You DO NOT create a place like that for yourself. You create a place like that for someone you lost, and if the person we see IS big A, then it can’t be Charles. BUT it can be someone who is trying to give Charles the life he never had through doing it themselves… Hence the Prom recreation.

Now, for a second part… When Spencer is looking around, I saw the photo in the back and tried to see what I could make out of it. It looks like a baby boy’s picture on the upper right, right below that, it looks to be three or four figures, they almost look like statues, and finally… The lower left corner… A puzzle with a piece missing in the middle.

Whoever put this collage together obviously lost the child in the photo, leaving them with a missing piece of themselves.

Now, why do I think Cece was the one to lose Charles? Well, when Marlene gave us a list of episodes to watch before the finale- The PLL Christmas episode was one of them.

“When you lose someone, the first Christmas is always the hardest”

Cece had lost someone significant to her, she talks as though she knows the pain you feel with losing a family member. (Side note: didn’t she seem almost TOO sure of Mona’s whereabouts?)

And, if I had any guess around the circumstances around his death, I would say it had to have been tragic, as his life was obviously cut short… There are no photos or videos beyond the year we saw at the apple field, it’s just that age and younger. 

It still begs the question, why the hell are they torturing the girls? Well, we still don’t know, but as I’ve seen Maddie Zeigler possibly playing a younger Cece we’ll see more insight for what exacty happened to her, and what family she ACTUALLY belongs to.

Also… Something that was also shown in the PLL Christmas episode was the two yellow dresses, now… I don’t know if anyone has pointed this out before, BUT:

Double, double, toil and trouble…

Courtney DiLaurentis, Charles DiLaurentis, Cece Drake… CD. CD. CD.

Need I say more?