drake and josh killed me

that episode of Drake and Josh where they thought they killed Megan’s rare Cuban hamster is so funny

I mean it's jam packed with so many gems of pure comedic genius you guys don’t even understand look at this:

it’s no use, it’s no use he’s gone!!

*chokes on all the different ways Megan could kill them*

nothin bad ever happens in Utah

eghhWHAT IS IT??

Megan, why are you in our room??!!!

*screams and then starts looking for explosives*

(“i can’t sleep, i can’t eat - my rash is back. my rash is back and i can’t reach it” “okay, okay relax, why don’t you just sit down on the couch and take a nap”)

why do you want me to take a nap, Drake?

you’re in cahoots with Megan, aren’t you? Cahooter!!!!

i will never get over how megan got them by NOT GETTING THEM 

they didn’t even kill the freakin hamster 

Sounds Good Feels Good