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the signs as drake & josh quotes

Aries: “You know what Josh? I have dreams. And sometimes in those dreams, things happen to you” -Megan

Taurus: “Hug me, brotha!” -Drake & Josh

Gemini: “That is not my job!” -Helen

Cancer: “I hear crying. Oh, wait, it’s just me” -Josh

Leo: “ ‘Cus I’m numba one!” -Drake

Virgo: “Woah, just take it easy man” -Drake

Libra: “The Lord is testing me” -Helen

Scorpio: “I am going to do such illegal things to them!” -Megan

Sagittarius: “Come on dora, you’re the only one with the map, don’t ask me!” -Crazy Steve

Capricorn: “Dude, when life hands you free nachos, you don’t question it” -Drake 

Aquarius: “Well, I ain’t calling you a truth” -Josh

Pisces: “ *in shocked/angry voice* MEGAN” - Drake & Josh

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