~Tech support AU where Person A keeps asking Person B to fix their laptop so when Person B does, they find a 3-page word document about themselves

~We both live in the same apartment complex and my Wi-Fi doesn’t work so I came to use  and you are very, very attractive AU

~I make crappy AUs and I wonder why you always make A+ dribbles about them and turns out that it’s your idea of flirting AU

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OK but es blaise and draco is so canon and they totally fucked before drarry and harry is a jealous bitch when he finds out


Like, Blaise is just sex incarnate and he’s so chill about everything that it would be nbd if Draco wanted to work out some of his tension sixth year by hopping on his cock and riding him in a gallop or bending Blaise over the desks in an abandoned classroom and fucking him until the desk splintered beneath them. They love and trust each other and it would be fun and exploratory and exciting but neither of them would read anything more into it

And omg, after Draco and Harry got together, when Harry found out, he’d see red every time Blaise slapped Draco’s arse or pressed a kiss against his forehead because he couldn’t stop imagining it, over and over, and fuck, it ended up making Harry really hot because he knows they’d look fucking amazing together

And all of his jealousy and confused, tangled lust would eventually give way to the three of them working out their issues in a sweaty, writhing, ecstatic threesome

And it would be glorious 

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Do you ship Draise? (Draco/Blaise)

Gosh yeah i do, not as hardcore as Drarry, but i do. Want some recs?

Finally made the rec list I’ve always wanted to make ...

Some of my favorite pairings …







Rare Slash Pairs (including Blaise/Lee, Blaise/Colin, Blaise/Zacharias, Tom/Blaise, Theo/Piers, Theo/Regulus, Theo/Harry, Theo/Remus)

Some interesting tropes:

Thrown into Alternate Dimension

Time Travelling Involved



Harry Didn’t Attend Hogwarts AU

I ship Draise/Blaco so much. Maybe even more than Drarry, which has been my otp for the longest.

Like I head canon that compared to the other Slytherins, Blaise understands Draco best.

He’s the only one, other than Harry, that can get under Draco’s skin.

He’s the one that Draco relies on when it comes to certain matters because Blaise understands the seriousness of the situation.

Blaise is Draco’s support when he’s falling apart when he comes to realization that all the things he’s been taught as a child is pure shit and his father (the person he looks up to the most) is not who he always thought him to be. Draco always thought his father to be the smartest and greatest person he knew, so he tried his best to be just like him. But he realizes his father not as great as he thought. His father is a racist and a coward, and is torn because he loves and hates his father.

Both of them don’t put up with each other’s attitude and call each other both out on there shit. This sometimes will lead them into fights and they won’t speak with each other for weeks but it makes them analyze who they are and their views.

They tend to study together and have a friendly rivalry on who will receive better marks on their next assignment.

When Draco has bad nights, he’ll slip into Blaise’s bed. Blaise doesn’t say a word when Draco does this, except wrap an arm around him.

Blaise is the only one that Draco becomes touchy with in the beginning. Like Blaise will sometimes lay his head on Draco’s lap or Draco will sometimes sit in Blaise’s lap when all the seats in the Slytherin common room has been taken.

I have so many head canons for these two, and I wish there was more fics about them. The fics there are of them are few and in between. And if Draise/Blaco is mentioned Drarry is the end game, and Blaise is portrayed as a mega asshole.

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What are your thoughts on Blaise and Draco's relationship? I've seen people write Drarry fanfics where Blaise and Draco used to be friends with benefits, and I've also seen fics with Blaise, Harry and Draco in a polyamorous relationship. I think my favorite is Drarry in a relationship and occasionally having threesomes with Blaise (who I see as bisexual, just tbh lol) So yeah, just wondering what you think. xoxo

Omg, I love Draco and Blaise’s relationship so much?? And I agree with everything you said!

I absolutely think they fucked at Hogwarts- they’re very close and are both hot af and love cock, so it seems pretty inevitable to me. And Blaise would have been such a good support system for Draco sixth year- Draco could take all his confusion and hurt and loneliness and channel it into Blaise, who’d just rake his nails down Draco’s back and push him even harder. I also see them as continuing to fuck over the years whenever they’re both single.

And I love, love, love when after Harry and Draco get together, Harry finds himself incredibly intrigued by the palpable intimacy between Blaise and Draco and keeps wondering what they’d look like together. And obviously Blaise is sex incarnate, which leaves Harry flustered and so very curious. So after a few too many glasses of wine one night, Harry would mention this to Draco, and Draco would grin wickedly and suggest they explore that curiosity in more depth. Then the next time they were all together, they’d keep drawing closer and closer and would all sense the energy thrumming between them and they’d end up fucking each other senseless (and destroying all the furniture in the room). And then Blaise would either join them whenever the mood struck or they’d end up settling into a poly relationship with each other and they’d all be happy and smug and exceedingly well fucked.

My love @icanhelpyouthere actually made a gorgeous and smoking hot aesthetic for Draco, Blaise, and Harry (aka Draisy) because she’s amazing. And I have a rec list of Draisy fics, because I always need more sexy poly love in my life

AUs that I would probably marry

~Hogwarts AU
~Slytherin/Hufflepuff couples
~Literally anyone with a Hufflepuff is meant to be tbh
~Art school AU
~Circus AU
~Magician AU
~Baker AU
~Rockstar/Popstar AU
~Fairy AU
~Prince/Princess AU

Everyone tends to believe that Draco had no issue with accepting the Dark Lords Mark and took it gladly and willingly, but Blaise knows different.

He knows that Draco didn’t see it as an honor anymore and could no longer stand to see it on his arm and would wrap it up to hide it, so he wouldn’t acknowledge it. But wrapping it up didn’t help, so Draco tried to come up with ways to remove it. Blaise had caught him in the act and had made Draco stop before he damaged himself. They promised each other never to bring it up.

How Draco had nightmares frequently towards end of 5th and 6th year and would purposely not go to sleep because of them. Blaise would often comfort Draco during these times. One night, Draco had cried into Blaise’s shoulder until he fell asleep while Blaise held him.

Draco would tell him when they were alone how he’s not on board with what the Dark Lord has planned, his disgust about the Dark Lord staying in his home, how he’s no longer sure about the beliefs his father taught him, his anger towards his mothers nonchalant attitude towards the whole thing, and maybe muggles are not as bad as he was made to think.

Oneshots I Reread Again and Again

Fic rec time - all oneshots this time :)
(Warning: this rec list features a rather heavy amount of Blaise Zabini)


Too Many Potters by Cheryl Dyson

The Weasley Twins throw a party to celebrate the creation of a new potion. This is so AU it’s not even funny. This fic contains MATURE adult content.

Harry Potter and the Jam Situation by HowDracoGotHisGrooveBack

Draco has a certain quirk. Basically, started out as a small ficlet and turned into this whole, plotty…thing. I still like it though. Slash, and apples- those are my warnings. BEWARE!

The Cruise by HowDracoGotHisGrooveBack

What do you do when you discover you best friend’s boyfriend is only with him for his money? Why, send them off on a cruise of course. Ron doesn’t understand Pansy’s plan, but for Harry’s sake, he hopes she knows what she’s doing. Crack-ish fic featuring Ron/Pansy, Harry/Anthony Goldstein, eventual Harry/Draco. Warnings for hints of borderline infidelity…never happens, though. 

His Majesty, The Reigning King of Awesome by HowDracoGotHisGrooveBack

Draco got Harry a gift for Christmas …. but he couldn’t summon the courage to give it to Harry.

Black Holes and Revelations by femme

What was meant to be an unexpected one-off in the loo of a Camden bar turns into something rather different, much to Harry and Draco’s surprise.

We Are Young (I’ll Carry You Home Tonight) by femme

Harry and Draco have been falling into bed on and off again since the last election five years ago, much to the amusement–and financial gain–of their circle of friends. But when Harry agrees to work with Draco to put Kingsley Shacklebolt into the Minister’s office, they can’t work side-by-side again every day and sleep together; that would be courting disaster. Wouldn’t it? 


no need for lucifer to fall if he’d learn to keep his mouth shut.   by greenapricot

Ficlet. Draco/Blaise (why do I always write it that way, really it should be Blaise/Draco, at least for this ficlet anyway). No real plot to speak of but, hey, who needs plot when you’ve got insolent glares and a cold stone floor.

Prelude to a Nightmare by fluky

When everything becomes too much, Draco just wants to rest. [DracoBlaise], set during HBP.

The Keeper Gets Served by DandyBoyDaniel

Blaise is slacking off on the quidditch pitch and Draco gives him more than a stern reprimand in the changing room. Blaise/Draco steamy, slashy, smutty one-shot.

The Price of Competitiveness of BickyMonster

Draco just wants to be the best, but there are unforeseen consequences.

You’re Really Going to Wear That? by racheesi

Blaise and Draco disagree on each other’s choices of fashion. Includes inebriated Blaise and Draco. And Slash. Lots of awesome Slash.


The World-Saving Properties of Hot Threesome Sex by opalish

Harry’s straight, he really is. Unfortunately, no one believes it but him. HarryLunaBlaise crackfic AHOY.

Said the Spider by opalish

The first time Blaise kissed him, Harry bolted. PostHBP slashtastic oneshot.

The keenest minds by Inkfire

Some exploring on the very peculiar relationship of Severus Snape and Blaise Zabini. Written for Round One of the 34 stories, 106 reviews challenge on the HPFC forum.

Fun by Colubrina

A Blaise/Luna ficlet featuring Dark Lady Luna and Dark Lord Blaise.

Crookscrux by cocoartist

Cats have nine lives. Tom has a problem. [Horcrux!Crookshanks] [This is probably a crackfic] [Gift for Marsala]

Dressed to Kill by provocative-envy

Modern, college AU featuring Blaise x Theo x Luna.

The Bishop’s Dilemma by disillusionist9

Chess is well ordered for a reason, and the pieces that try to move against their rules risk costly consequences. Hansy. Songfic for pumpkin-dream, based on Back to Black by Andre 3000 and Beyonce, originally by Amy Winehouse. ONE SHOT, rated for swearing and suggestive scenes, smoking, and implied infidelity.

Once in a Red Moon by idreamofdraco

Seeking a moment of silence and a place to smoke, Theodore finds Loony Lovegood instead. One-shot. Post-war. Compliant with all but epilogue.

Feel free to use

Movie theatre AU where Person A has to clean up after the movie and flirty Person B leaves cute little notes behind every time

Teacher AU where Person A dances with Person B to make the students laugh, but Person B thinks that Person A’s crushing on them (It’s up to you if they start dating or not)

Actor AU where Person A and Person B are “coincidentally” always playing each others love intrest

Blaco/Draise Headcanons 1?
  • Draco and Blaise didn’t start talking with each other and becoming close until Second year when Blaise got tired of hearing Draco talk about how he’s on the Slytherin Quidditch team and how his father bought the entire team the new nimbus 2000.
  • Blaise had said to Draco “ It must be nice that your parents buy you everything, even your achievements.”
  • Draco got really upset and the two of them nearly fought.
  • After, Draco made sure that he made Blaise’s life hell in the Slytherin common room and waited for him to apologize for his rude comment.
  • Instead Blaise did the opposite and whenever he saw Draco he appeared to be laughing at him.
  • This pissed Draco off even more until finally he chose to ignore Zabini. He would admit only to himself that he was slightly impressed with Blaise’s resilient .
  • The two are then placed to do a project together in Potions
  • The two tolerate each other in the beginning but after a mishap happens due to them arguing with both Draco and Blaise’s hair changing colors, the two end up laughing together breaking the tension before
  • After the two start talking and becoming close friends
  • The two develop crushes on each other in 3rd year. Blaise develops his before Draco
  • During 3-5th year, the two spend countless hours sending one another mixed signals because they don’t understand what’s going on with them and believe that they’ll most likely get over it.
  • Both Draco and Blaise are easily jealous people, but Draco is the only one that acts upon it out of the two
  • Like if Draco sees Blaise talking with someone in a rather intimate manner, Draco will ignore Blaise. And for the time that he is upset, he will not allow Blaise anywhere near him. He will spend most of his time with Goyle, Crabbe, Theodore, Pansy, Millicent Bulstrode, and Tracey Davis. He will casually lay his head on Theodore’s shoulder or on Pansy’s lap and let her play with his hair. He’ll put his hands on Goyle and Crabbe’s shoulder complimenting them on their thick bodies and will slyly say “I wonder where else the two of you is thick?” He and Millicent will make inappropriate jokes with each other and he and Tracey Davis will study alone together.
  • In fact, when it was the Yule Ball, Draco only agreed to go with Pansy as his date for that night was because Blaise asked Daphne Greengrass to the Ball. Not realizing that the two went together to the ball platonically and because Blaise got tired of Draco’s mixed messages.
  • Blaise tends to pretend he’s not jealous and acts like nothing is wrong while he’s seething on the inside.
  • Both Blaise and Draco are bi/pan sexual
  • When the two finally start dating its towards the middle of 5th year. They will hold hands secretly under the classroom tables and sneak kisses between crevices in the halls
  • They’re open about their relationship in the common room
  • Everyone is glad they’re finally together because they were tired of the pissy footing around and the high strung tension between two at times
  • Everyone knows to keep the true nature of their relationship within the common room.
  • Both Draco and Blaise are hesitant to tell their parents about their relationship.
  • Draco is hesitant to tell his father about his relationship with Blaise because of continuing the pure-blood line, while Blaise knows his mother doesn’t really like the Malfoys and only deals with them because of business.
  • During the summer before 6th year, Blaise had received no letters from Draco and assumed Draco was mad at him and was being childish by not replying.
  • When they saw each other 6th year on the train, the two barely spoke words to each other.
  • Tired of Draco ignoring him, when the two were left alone, Blaise questions Draco angrily and asks him whether he wants to break up or not. Draco then breaks down and lifts up his sleeve to show Blaise his “mark.” Blaise is left speechless.
  • Blaise puts a spell on the door to make sure they’re not disturbed and no one hears them while Draco tells him everything.
  • Blaise becomes nauseous and knows then that their lives will never be the same.
  • Blaise tries to help Draco the best way possible during this time.
  • Blaise is surprised when Draco stops being friends with Pansy considering the two were close. When Blaise questions him,Draco replies “I don’t need people like that in my life anymore.” Before turning to Blaise and saying “Don’t you understand?”
  • After Draco let the death eaters into the castle, Draco and Blaise do not see each other again until it’s the battle of Hogwarts.
  • Blaise feels emotions of disappointment, sympathy, and understanding towards Draco when he joins his parents.
  • Non-8th year headcanons:
  • After the trials, Blaise and Draco don’t see each other for 4 years.
  • They accidentally run into each other while they are out shopping
  • The two have an awkward conversation and then Blaise asks if he wants to go out to eat one day, Draco -feeling his stomach flutter- replies yes
  • The two are silent at dinner and speak rare to few words before Blaise says, “We never did officially break up did we?” This releases the tension between the two and they both begin to laugh.
  • The two spend the entire time asking what the other has been up to the last few years and if they have kept in touch with past friends.
  • They both become sad over the loss of Crabbe.
  • Blaise tells him that Pansy -according to Millicent- has changed a lot and is having a rougher time than all of them and is going through a crisis and that Millicent would like it if they all at least came to talk to her once.
  • At the end of dinner, the two go their separate ways before promising each other to keep in contact and another outing.
  • Though they don’t say it out loud, they both would like to start over and take their relationship slow and see what it becomes in the future.
  • After reading a Romione fic.
  • After reading a Draise fic.
  • After reading a Wolfstar fic.
  • After reading a Drarry fic.
  • Me:What? No. No, what is this? No stop, my eyes are bleeding.

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I don't know if you do HP ships if so *DRAISE (as in draco and blaise obscure i know but ive recently become addicted) if not i can always change it to a fandom you know

OMG, it’s been years since I had a HP ship close to me. But… I’m not that familiar with Blaise, tho I have one in my head anyway…. Let’s see…

what was their first kiss like

Spin the bottle in one of those awesome Slytherin Parties. Sure, there were those lame Let’s-meet-my-future-asociates parties, but there were a few of those “I wanna get drunk, lets get drunk?” parties. It was in one of the last that Draco had to spin and it ended on Blaise, who just smirked.

where were they their first time having sex

It was the same night. After a few dark looks, and lots of drinks, Draco got moody and started to brood in a corner. Blaise, just like his mom, was a free spirit… and he was kind of horny. After some failed jokes, he managed to get Draco into his bed. It was mostly a  dare, and Draco wasn’t going to fail at anything, not even that.

who’s louder

One would think it’s Draco, but actually Blaise loves to grunt and talk dirty. Draco is too classy for all that moaning and stuff, besides, most of the time he is too busy trying not to come in a minute to moan.

who wakes up first

Blaise. With morning wood.

favorite form of foreplay

For Draco is the whole “yeah, I’m not paying attention to you, I’m just going to lick this sugar wand until you stop doing whatever you are doing”, for Blaise is the whole “yeah, I have so many other things to do… but I’m going to stay here and pretend I’m not looking at you while I undress you with my eyes… and my wand. Better watch out, those seams are going bye bye”

who performs/receives oral more often

Draco just loves sucking on things. Sugar quills, licorice, the straw on his pumpkin juice… cock. He just love to suck.

And Blaise loves Draco’s tongue almost as much as he loves his cock.

what kink they most often use

Blaise talks dirty, all the freaking time. Draco says he doesn’t like it, that it only shows why his family may be kind of known but doesn’t have any status. Secretly he loves to be called Blaise’s, and he loves to have Blaise talk about the way his cock feels so good. How could he not love that?

Draco, on the other hand, loves to tie Blaise to the bed while sucking him off. He doesn’t ever explain why, but he just loves to control him. Blaise never complains and that’s because he loves the way that Draco won’t say he owns him, but tries time after time to do so.

who more often tries new things

Blaise has SO many different ideas that Draco, more often than not, is kind of jealous about where he even got the idea.

if they had to choose a third+ person to include who would it…


They’ll need a heir at some point, right?

I challenge you to use 2+ in a one shot

A Classic: Coffee shop AU When Person A accidentally drinks Person B’s drink, Person B gets incredibly pissed and Person A buys Person B another drink and calls it a date.

Author AU Where Person A and Person B are both writing a novel together and Person A ends up asking Person B out through their characters dialogue

Author AU Where Person A wrote a Romance Novel about a summer romance with Person B. Person B reads the book and tries to find Person A so they can start a new relationship