Be my Valentine - Draco x Blaise - Hogsmeade Date

“This is not a date.”

“Not a date, Draco.”

“…and I gave you that cute kitten just because it wouldn’t let go of me in the Menagerie and I had to buy it…And I’m allergic to cats. I mean I could give it to Granger…” 

“I know, Draco. You told me that two times already. Just as you told me you had to buy those sunflowers because the flower lady kept pestering you and calling you a selfish prat. Wait. I think I sense a theme here.”

“What theme?”



Yes, Draco?”

“I know this is not a date, but…can I kiss you?”

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Finally made the rec list I’ve always wanted to make ...

Some of my favorite pairings …







Rare Slash Pairs (including Blaise/Lee, Blaise/Colin, Blaise/Zacharias, Tom/Blaise, Theo/Piers, Theo/Regulus, Theo/Harry, Theo/Remus)

Some interesting tropes:

Thrown into Alternate Dimension

Time Travelling Involved



Harry Didn’t Attend Hogwarts AU

The Wedding Date - Chapter 1

Author: FangQueen
Fandom: Harry Potter
Pairing(s): Blaise/Draco, Harry/Ginny, Pansy/Hermione, Theo/Daphne (background)
Rating: NC-17 (not yet, it’ll come later ;))
Word Count: ~3k (thus far)
Summary: In a surprising turn of events, Draco finds himself invited to Harry and Ginny’s wedding. Unwilling to show up as single as he is, he invites Blaise to go with him, to play his pretend boyfriend. Will they be able to pull it off? And will Draco be able to keep his true feelings about his best friend from coming to light…?
A/N: Written for the incomparable, butt-loving wonder that is Jersey ( @mattjostensbutt ) on the occasion of her birthday! I hope it’s an amazing one! :D <333 Her request: Blaise/Draco fake dating au with bed sharing. This story really kind of ran away with me…Haha! So rather than being able to gift the whole thing at once, I’m going to have to post it chapter-by-chapter. At the moment, it looks like it’s going to be seven in all! I hope everyone enjoys this first installment–and if you do, I hope you’ll stick around for the rest, too!

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It was a relatively typical Saturday morning in the Malfoy-Zabini-Parkinson household. The savory smells of breakfast wafted in the air as sunlight gradually inched its way across the floor. Celestina Warbeck warbled on the wireless in the living room. In the kitchen, Blaise could be found cooking eggs and sausages, fully dressed, as he’d been up for a couple hours now. Draco had made a fresh pot of coffee–having stumbled in only a few minutes prior, still in his pajamas–and Pansy had set the table.

When they all went to tuck in, there came a tap at the window: an official-looking post owl bringing them the day’s mail. It took the biscuit Pansy offered with a dignified ruffling of its feathers before flying off again, leaving her with a pile of envelopes that she deposited at the center of the table before taking her seat. Draco flipped through the stack of letters while he ate, most of which were bills he set aside for later. Blaise glanced at each one with as much disdain as he.

Pansy had received a letter from Daphne, telling her all about the new home she and Theo had recently purchased. She was intending to throw them both a housewarming party, and asked if Blaise and Draco would assist her in that endeavour. The latter, for one, was thrilled; parties were definitely his forte.

There was a lengthy correspondence from Draco’s mother that he’d been expecting, but he couldn’t possibly summon the energy for such a thing this early. It would likely be about his father’s upcoming court date–his requested appearance at which he’d been dreading. They were to decide whether or not to lift his probation sooner than originally intended, given his “good” behavior during that time. Draco was of the opinion that he should thank his lucky stars that he’d only gotten that–and the fact that his own son had been only partially ignoring his existence since the war ended–and be done with it. He set it aside with the bills, for when he’d have the mental fortitude not to write back what he really thought on the matter.

Blaise, likewise, set a letter from his mother aside, but not without griping about how it was probably just unnecessary details from her honeymoon with her new husband. Draco couldn’t help but grin to himself, and he and Pansy shared a look and suppressed laughter across the table. Sometimes it was nice to be reminded that they weren’t the only ones with borderline crazy parents.

There was one in the bunch, however, that seemed out of place. A cream envelope, with blush accents and stately handwriting in gold ink. Draco flicked a spell at the seal to break it and carefully removed the thick stationary it contained. Pansy and Blaise were back to talking about Daphne and Theo’s party, but he was no longer listening. He unfolded the card one-handed, running his thumb across the interesting raised texture of it, while the other scraped idly across his plate. It almost looked like it was…But no, it couldn’t be. Who would’ve sent it, anyway? He didn’t know anyone who was–

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pairing: draco malfoy x blaise zabini x ginny weasley
word count: 1632
 I started writing this the other week, after first seeing this post pop up on my dashboard and being inspired. anyways, now that I’m done nano I decided it was time to finish it off. hope you enjoy!

“What the fuck have you done to yourself, Zabini?”

Blaise is standing in front of the mirror in the bathroom they share, turning his head to the left and right. Over his shoulder, Draco is glaring also into the mirror, squinting slightly through the post-shower fog to catch a glimpse of whatever it is that’s sparking in Blaise’s nose.

“Piercing.” Blaise responds, voice smooth and deep as always. “Do you like it?” He turns on his heel and notices that Draco’s eyes skim down over his chest, muscular and still dripping from his shower. It takes a minute for the pale blonde to flick his eyes up to Blaise’s face.

“Hmm.” Draco muses, and steps closer, into the muggy heat of the bathroom. He leans a little closer still, looking at the way the thin gold ring contrasts against Blaise’s dark skin. On another man, it might look like a bull ring. On Blaise, it makes him look regal, disarming. More so than he already is, which Draco hadn’t actually thought was possible. “That depends.” He decides, and Blaise raises a brow.


Draco closes the distance between them and presses his lips against his boyfriends, claiming them in an aggressive kiss. “Can I still do this?” He murmurs against Blaise’s lips, nipping the bottom one possessively.

“God yes,” Blaise mumbles back, suddenly grateful that he hadn’t bothered to put his clothes back on.

“Have you gotten another one?”

Blaise is unwrapping a thin scarf from around his neck, and he nearly curses Draco’s incredibly excellent eyesight at catching the ring that is now nestled on the inside of his left ear.

“Yes.” He says, simply.

Draco rolls his eyes as he crosses their small apartment to take a closer look. “I mean, I certainly understand rebelling against your parents-“

“Wasn’t I your rebellion?”

“Exactly.” Draco grins, unable to stop himself. “But, you’ve only just gotten the other one. Your mother is in, what, Sicily right now? She’s not even seen the first one yet.”

Blaise shrugs in a way that looks like liquid and wraps his arms around Draco’s body, tugging him closer still and pressing a kiss to the blonde’s forehead. “You’re right. Actually, I was trying to get the piercers number.”

Draco can’t help it, he rolls his eyes again. “And?”

“No luck. I believe her exact wording was ‘ I don’t date cocky assholes.’”

Draco can’t stop the snort that escapes his lips. “She’s not wrong, you know. You are rather cocky.”

“Why shouldn’t I be? I’m gorgeous, dating a stunning man, I can still date pretty girls…” Blaise grins, charming and seductive and definitely cocky. “Speaking of cocks,” he mumbles, and slides his hand down Draco’s front.

The next one takes three weeks. He doesn’t even make a show of not mentioning it. “What do you think?” It’s his other ear now, a small golden flower sparking with emerald gems pressed against the flat cartilage on top.

“A flower?” Draco says, with a sigh.

“Flowers are pretty.” Blaise says, already pulling his shirt off. “I like pretty things.” He reaches for Draco’s shirt and, thankfully, the blonde doesn’t complain.

“Jesus,” Draco mumbles, as Blaise kisses his neck and then lower with fervour. “You’re always so horny when you get home. What’s so great about this girl? Do her nipples taste like whiskey?”

Blaise laughs, now on his knees and tugging Draco’s pants down to his ankles. “I’m not sure. Still can’t convince her to come on a date. But, if you met her, you’d agree with me.” And then his mouth is too occupied to explain any further, and Draco is definitely not complaining.

“I’ve figured out how to get her to agree to go one a date with me.”

Blaise is lying next to Draco in bed, tracing his finger over his boyfriend’s pale skin, enjoying the way Draco flinches to try and stop himself from laughing. Draco likes to pretend he’s not ticklish, because apparently it isn’t manly to giggle. Blaise knows better. He always knows better.

“Well, go on, entertain me.” Draco drawls, voice still thick with sleep.

Blaise grins, and leans forward to nip at one of Draco’s small nipples. “I’m going to get my cock pierced.”

Draco sits bolt upright, nearly smacking his head into Blaise’s as he goes. “Excuse me?” He sputters, looking over at his boyfriend as though he’s grown a second head.

Blaise shrugs, unaffected. “I figure, once she sees what she’s missing out on she’ll have to say yes.”

“But!” Draco is shaking his head now, trying to wrap his mind around this. “I happen to like that cock.”

“Who’s to say you won’t like it more with a ring in it? Could be good for… stimulation…”

“Blaise, get your hand off me.” Draco chides, but he only half-heartedly smacks the dark hand away from his body. “Right. This is it. I need to see this girl with my own eyes and figure out exactly what’s causing this reaction.”

Blaise, sure that Draco can’t see the glint of his eyes, doesn’t stop the devious smile that breaks out over his face.

They go to the piercing studio that afternoon, Blaise’s fingers twined around Draco’s as they open the door and step in out of the cold. Draco spots her immediately. He’s not sure why he’s so convinced this is the girl - she isn’t Blaise’s usual type.

She’s short, with wide shoulders and thin hips and long straight red hair. She’s got a ring through her bottom lip, a stud in her nose, and he can see nearly a dozen in one of her ears. It’s probably because of the way she grins when she spots Blaise, and then her face falls when she glances down and realizing he’s holding someone’s hand. A man’s hand.

Normally, Draco would count that as a point for him. Their relationship has always been open and comfortable like that, but it doesn’t mean he doesn’t enjoy getting to be the one Blaise comes home to more often than not. Except. Except, he can’t help but wonder what this girl sounds like when she comes, what her creamy skin tastes like under his tongue. What she would look like with Blaise on top of her. If she could take them both.

His mouth goes dry. Blaise glances over, and grins. And suddenly it all clicks.

“You bastard.” He whispers, under his breath, and Blaise pretends he hasn’t heard as he turns towards the redhead.

“Gin,” he greets, warmly. His voice is lacking the usual layer he spreads on thick as honey when he’s trying to seduce women. He sounds genuine. She smiles back and heads over to greet the men.

“Blaise, good to see you again.” Draco can tell she’s trying to keep her voice neutral, but failing - she seems to wear her heart on her sleeve, or at least on the furrow in her brow.

“This is my boyfriend, Draco.” Blaise introduces, letting go of Draco’s hand so that he can shake the girls.

“Ginny, nice to meet you.”

Draco can’t help it, he plucks her hand out of the air and presses his warm lips to the back of her knuckles, and his own voice is certainly husky when he speaks. “The pleasure is all mine.”

Ginny flushes and removes her hand and looks to Blaise. “What can I do for you today? Another piercing already?”

Blaise shakes his head, and looks back to Draco who can’t seem to take his eyes off the redhead. When Blaise glances over, he realizes it is because her shirt has shifted and he can now see the outline of a barbel in her nipple through the thin cotton. “Not today, love. Actually, I figured I’d see if you were still intent on not giving me your number.”

Ginny’s frown deepens and she looks back over to Draco, who forces himself to meet her eyes instead of her breasts with his gaze. “Am I missing something?”

Draco decides he can handle this situation better than his cocky asshole of a boyfriend. “You see, we’re not entirely… conventional.” Draco explains. “I suppose you’d classify our relationship as open?”

At this, her red eyebrows perk up in interest and she looks back at Blaise, before licking her lips. “Interesting.”

Blaise is about to say something, but Draco speaks before his boyfriend can, unable to stop himself. “How much did that hurt?” He asks, waving at her chest vaguely.

Now, Ginny smirks and steps slightly closer to him. “Nothing I couldn’t handle, though, I’m a bit of a fan of pain. Bit unconventional myself, I suppose.”

Blaise swallows thickly beside him, and Draco smirks in response. “When does your shift end?”

She glances back over her shoulder behind the counter. The man standing there is tall, and his red hair matches hers, though it’s tied up in a bun at the back of his head. He has a tattoo of what looks like a dragon wrapped around his arm, and a large scar across the left side of his neck. She seems to have an entire conversation with him in a series of brow raises and intense glares, and then she turns back and flashes a stunning smile at the two tall men in front of her.

“Right now. Tell me that you live close.”

Blaise has found his voice again, and he steps forward and slips one of his large dark hands into her small creamy one. “Two blocks.” He says.

“Perfect. Lead the way.” 

Draco slips his hand down into her other one and they leave the shop together, and Draco decides firmly that if all of Blaise’s rebellions look like this, he’ll be the first one in line to buy a megaphone in the morning.

Blaise Zabini x Draco Malfoy

Draco really wasn’t surprised that the smell of smoke remained, but he was too horny to continue to argue with Blaise, especially when he knew that the other man was probably trying to provoke an argument in the first place.  His mouth twitched in irritation but he began unzipping his jeans as he muttered, “You’re a total arsehole, you know that?”

Blaise shrugged, “And you’re an idiot.  But I guess we all need something stable in our lives, huh?”


~Tech support AU where Person A keeps asking Person B to fix their laptop so when Person B does, they find a 3-page word document about themselves

~We both live in the same apartment complex and my Wi-Fi doesn’t work so I came to use  and you are very, very attractive AU

~I make crappy AUs and I wonder why you always make A+ dribbles about them and turns out that it’s your idea of flirting AU

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Do you ship Draise? (Draco/Blaise)

Gosh yeah i do, not as hardcore as Drarry, but i do. Want some recs?

A Quick Summary of my HP Oneshots and Finished Multi-chapters

Oneshots: Draco/Harry or Blaise/Draco or love triangles between them

A Very Drarry Friday the 13th
[Draco/Harry] [FFN] [AO3]

“Your crush is now officially single again.” “I do not have a crush on the Weaslette! And, I wasn’t aware that I even had a crush!” “Well, you do have one. It’s Potter.” Draco was gleeful about Harry and Ginny’s breakup, because it’s natural to feel gleeful watching your rival fell out of a relationship. Or is that the actual reason? 6th year, AU without Voldemort returning.

After the Party
[Draco/Harry. Draco/Blaise. Flint/Wood.] [FFN] [AO3]

After the Quidditch-player-exclusive party hosted by Marcus Flint and Oliver Wood, Harry escorted a very drunk Draco back to the Slytherin dorm room and found Blaise Zabini waiting for Draco.

Long Gone and Moved On
[Draco/Harry. Blaise/Draco.] [FFN] [AO3]

Harry never realized his feelings for Draco, but when he finally does, it’s too late and now Draco belongs to Blaise.

Love Me If You Dare – Are You Game?
[Blaise/Draco] [FFN]

After Blaise first met Draco at the Malfoy’s annual Christmas Ball at age nine, they started a series of dares that were played throughout their entire life. Story from Blaise’s POV.

[Draco/Harry] [AO3]

Sixth year Drarry. Angst and bitterness and sexual tension and blood. Songfic based on the song All Fucked Up by The Amity Affliction.

Shoe Shopping
[Blaise/Draco] [FFN]

Muggle AU in which Blaise worked in a shoe shop. When Draco wanted to find a pair of new dress shoes to wear to his friend Harry and Hermione’s wedding, he might’ve found something more than a pair of shoes.

Other oneshots

A Happy Ending, Depending On Whom You Asked
[Harry/Pansy. Blaise/Luna.] [FFN]

“Have you ever thought of what it’ll be like after you killed the Dark Lord in some grand fashion? Is it really the happily ever after?” Pansy asked. “The original Ministry is better off gone. If there’s a way of using the Dark Lord to achieve that…” Blaise mused. “I think,” Harry said softly, “that I have a plan.” WARNING: DARK!Hansy & Bluna.

A Very Harry Potter Christmas
[Snape/Harry. Blaise/Draco.] [FFN]

Harry saved Snape during the Second Wizarding World, and Snape returned to Hogwarts teach potions in Harry’s eighth year. They began to feel awkward and unsure of their feelings toward each other, so Draco decided to intervene.

Diary, Souls, and Kisses
[Tom/Theo/Draco] [FFN]

“Curiosity killed the cat, haven’t you heard?” “Well, good thing that I’m not a cat.” “No, you’re cuter than a cat.” Theo’s little experiment got slightly out of hand, and he and Draco found themselves faced with the handsome, feline-like Tom Riddle. Triad: Tom/Theo/Draco. Slight dub-con, (though it’s only kissing).

[no pairing] [FFN]

His life was boring and his parents never allowed him to go out alone. One day, Draco decided to floo to Diagon Alley by himself and explore the streets alone when his parents weren’t home. It was an easy and fail-safe plan, or so he thought, before he got kidnapped by a mysterious Italian woman.

Motorcycle Road Trip (crossover with Millennium Trilogy)
[Theo/Lisbeth. Harry/Pansy. Sirius/Remus.] [FFN]

Theodore Nott had been dating Lisbeth Salander after a drunken night at a muggle bar, and after he let his best friend and her boyfriend meet Lisbeth, a discussion about her vintage style motorcycle turned into a road trip. Postwar AU. EWE. Sirius and Remus alive.

Of Halloween and Firewhiskey
[Harry/Pansy] [FFN]

Pansy Parkinson showed up as an unexpected guest at Halloween Party at Grimmauld Place. Harry was ready to kick her out, but the others coerced into giving her a chance, like they all did with Draco, Blaise, and Theo. Drunken Harry gave her a little more than that as the night goes on. Postwar Hansy. And other het & (future/potential) slash pairings.

Partial to Blonds (crossover with The Saga of Darren Shan)
[Blaise/Kurda] [FFN]

Blaise Zabini was partial to blonds, especially handsome guys with Slytherin cunning, beautiful blond hair, and an obsession over the Boy-Who-Lived. But when he met a cool, interesting blond vampire at a family party, he found someone he believed to be more perfect than Draco.

Second Chances
[Blaise/Theo. Draco/Luna. Pansy/Hermione.] [FFN]

Blaise had kept carefully neutral during the war, including severing his relationship with the son of a death eater. It had just been too dangerous. Now he watches Theo from across the bar as the man laughs with Draco Malfoy. How do you apologize for running when the love of your life needed you most? How do you ask for a second chance?

Something about Ginsy
[Pansy/Ginny] [FFN]

Pansy thought that all girls foolish enough to get involved with playboy Blaise Zabini didn’t deserve sympathy when he dumped them, because who hadn’t heard of Blaise’s reputation? But when she saw Ginny Weasley crying after her break-up with Pansy’s arsehole of a friend, it triggered something that resembled protectiveness inside Pansy.

Tattoos and Scars (crossover with Millennium Trilogy)
[Theo/Lisbeth. Pansy/Hermione.] [FFN]

When Theo Nott escaped to the Muggle world some time after the war, he didn’t know he would capture the attention of one the world’s best female hackers. Oh, and she seemed to have real cool looking tattoos, too, unlike him who only had scars he’d carved into himself after the war.

The Slug Club Party
[Blaise/Harry] [FFN]

Set in HBP. A story of what might have taken place at one of Slughorn’s party.

Finished Drarry multichapters

When Blaise and Hermione play Matchmaker
[Draco/Harry. Blaise/Hermione. Theo/Pansy. Lee/Luna.] [FFN] [AO3]

Albus Severus Potter never understood why potions Professor Draco Malfoy always gave him lots of detentions. When he told his best friend’s godfather Blaise Zabini about this, Blaise realized Draco might actually still have feelings for Harry Potter. Along with his girlfriend Hermione Granger, the two decided two help Draco and Harry get together.

Why Harry Asked Luna to Slughorn’s Christmas Party
[Draco/Harry. Blaise/Luna.] [FFN] [AO3]

Blaise wanted to know more about Luna, but he wasn’t familiar enough with her to ask her to Slughorn’s Christmas Party. However, he suspected he could get Harry Potter to bring her to the party. He knew how he could bargain with Potter, since Draco, Blaise’s best friend, was Potter’s current obsession (if current means “for the last five years”).

Other Finished Multichapters or Oneshot Series

And Then There Were None
[pairings: some combinations of the 10 characters listed below. All het pairings.] [FFN]

Draco, Blaise, Pansy, Ron, Hermione, Ginny, Hannah, Ernie, Luna, Michael. 10 Hogwarts students received vacation invitations to an exotic, faraway island. One by one, they fell prey to murder. Apparently the killer was amongst them and not afraid to strike again. Only the dead were above suspicion … Rated M for Murders a tad too dark and Motives a tad too twisted.

Blaise Zabini Oneshots, A Collection
[All sorts of different het & slash & femslash pairings] [FFN]

Exactly what it sounds like - a collection of oneshots featuring Blaise Zabini (a.k.a my obsession). Each chapter will also include another main character along with him. Some will be romantic pairings, some will not. The goal is to try to feature as many different characters as the other main character in each chapter as possible. Will likely include slash & het & femslash.

Dark Necessities
[Blaise/Theo/Luna] [FFN]

Theo Nott was a model Death Eater and a rising star amongst the ranks. He completed his missions perfectly and gave insightful advice when the Dark Lord asked a question. Oh, and when he had free time, he enjoyed some wonderful sex with his Italian boyfriend and dreamy blonde girlfriend. Blunadore (or Thunaise if you prefer). Dark fluff. A series of oneshots in a Voldemort-ruled AU.

anonymous asked:

can you rec some draisy fics? both smutty and plotty

Oh, my darling, you bet I can! 

Draisy is the apple of my eye, my sun and stars, the smutty center of my heart

There is nothing I love more than seeing my three favorite boys (Draco, Harry, and Blaise) fuck each other senseless

I actually have a Draisy rec list here! However, it is very heavy on the smut and very lax on the plot (unless you consider being meticulously prepared for two cocks an essential plot point, which I certainly do)

I haven’t read any plotty Draisy fics, but I did some research, and I found some that look interesting! 

  • Unwanted Bonds (CelticKitsune, 190.5k): Harry Potter, even at age fifteen still has a problem with accidental magic. Harry finds himself bonded to two Slytherins and his life seems to go from bad to worse. Or is this just a blessing in disguise?
  • The Crying Game (Mrs_Malik69, 15k, WIP): Harry Potter has uncovered secrets about himself and his family that will bring about change to his group of friends. Returning to Hogwarts to complete his 8th year, Harry has decided to drop the mask of the Gryffindor Golden Boy and be his true self, leading to a new life and new love. (Warning: not complete, it has a slight Avengers crossover)

So like I said, I haven’t read any of these longer ones, but you should feel free to check them out and let me know how they are

Have fun, and enjoy the sexy poly lovefest! 

kingh8su  asked:

I don't know if you do HP ships if so *DRAISE (as in draco and blaise obscure i know but ive recently become addicted) if not i can always change it to a fandom you know

OMG, it’s been years since I had a HP ship close to me. But… I’m not that familiar with Blaise, tho I have one in my head anyway…. Let’s see…

what was their first kiss like

Spin the bottle in one of those awesome Slytherin Parties. Sure, there were those lame Let’s-meet-my-future-asociates parties, but there were a few of those “I wanna get drunk, lets get drunk?” parties. It was in one of the last that Draco had to spin and it ended on Blaise, who just smirked.

where were they their first time having sex

It was the same night. After a few dark looks, and lots of drinks, Draco got moody and started to brood in a corner. Blaise, just like his mom, was a free spirit… and he was kind of horny. After some failed jokes, he managed to get Draco into his bed. It was mostly a  dare, and Draco wasn’t going to fail at anything, not even that.

who’s louder

One would think it’s Draco, but actually Blaise loves to grunt and talk dirty. Draco is too classy for all that moaning and stuff, besides, most of the time he is too busy trying not to come in a minute to moan.

who wakes up first

Blaise. With morning wood.

favorite form of foreplay

For Draco is the whole “yeah, I’m not paying attention to you, I’m just going to lick this sugar wand until you stop doing whatever you are doing”, for Blaise is the whole “yeah, I have so many other things to do… but I’m going to stay here and pretend I’m not looking at you while I undress you with my eyes… and my wand. Better watch out, those seams are going bye bye”

who performs/receives oral more often

Draco just loves sucking on things. Sugar quills, licorice, the straw on his pumpkin juice… cock. He just love to suck.

And Blaise loves Draco’s tongue almost as much as he loves his cock.

what kink they most often use

Blaise talks dirty, all the freaking time. Draco says he doesn’t like it, that it only shows why his family may be kind of known but doesn’t have any status. Secretly he loves to be called Blaise’s, and he loves to have Blaise talk about the way his cock feels so good. How could he not love that?

Draco, on the other hand, loves to tie Blaise to the bed while sucking him off. He doesn’t ever explain why, but he just loves to control him. Blaise never complains and that’s because he loves the way that Draco won’t say he owns him, but tries time after time to do so.

who more often tries new things

Blaise has SO many different ideas that Draco, more often than not, is kind of jealous about where he even got the idea.

if they had to choose a third+ person to include who would it…


They’ll need a heir at some point, right?

Feel free to use

Movie theatre AU where Person A has to clean up after the movie and flirty Person B leaves cute little notes behind every time

Teacher AU where Person A dances with Person B to make the students laugh, but Person B thinks that Person A’s crushing on them (It’s up to you if they start dating or not)

Actor AU where Person A and Person B are “coincidentally” always playing each others love interest

anonymous asked:

OK but es blaise and draco is so canon and they totally fucked before drarry and harry is a jealous bitch when he finds out


Like, Blaise is just sex incarnate and he’s so chill about everything that it would be nbd if Draco wanted to work out some of his tension sixth year by hopping on his cock and riding him in a gallop or bending Blaise over the desks in an abandoned classroom and fucking him until the desk splintered beneath them. They love and trust each other and it would be fun and exploratory and exciting but neither of them would read anything more into it

And omg, after Draco and Harry got together, when Harry found out, he’d see red every time Blaise slapped Draco’s arse or pressed a kiss against his forehead because he couldn’t stop imagining it, over and over, and fuck, it ended up making Harry really hot because he knows they’d look fucking amazing together

And all of his jealousy and confused, tangled lust would eventually give way to the three of them working out their issues in a sweaty, writhing, ecstatic threesome

And it would be glorious