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~Tech support AU where Person A keeps asking Person B to fix their laptop so when Person B does, they find a 3-page word document about themselves

~We both live in the same apartment complex and my Wi-Fi doesn’t work so I came to use  and you are very, very attractive AU

~I make crappy AUs and I wonder why you always make A+ dribbles about them and turns out that it’s your idea of flirting AU

Finally made the rec list I’ve always wanted to make ...

Some of my favorite pairings …







Rare Slash Pairs (including Blaise/Lee, Blaise/Colin, Blaise/Zacharias, Tom/Blaise, Theo/Piers, Theo/Regulus, Theo/Harry, Theo/Remus)

Some interesting tropes:

Thrown into Alternate Dimension

Time Travelling Involved



Harry Didn’t Attend Hogwarts AU

anonymous asked:

Do you ship Draise? (Draco/Blaise)

Gosh yeah i do, not as hardcore as Drarry, but i do. Want some recs?

AUs that I would probably marry

~Hogwarts AU
~Slytherin/Hufflepuff couples
~Literally anyone with a Hufflepuff is meant to be tbh
~Art school AU
~Circus AU
~Magician AU
~Baker AU
~Rockstar/Popstar AU
~Fairy AU
~Prince/Princess AU

A Quick Summary of my HP Oneshots and Finished Multi-chapters

Oneshots: Draco/Harry or Blaise/Draco or love triangles between them

A Very Drarry Friday the 13th
[Draco/Harry] [FFN] [AO3]

“Your crush is now officially single again.” “I do not have a crush on the Weaslette! And, I wasn’t aware that I even had a crush!” “Well, you do have one. It’s Potter.” Draco was gleeful about Harry and Ginny’s breakup, because it’s natural to feel gleeful watching your rival fell out of a relationship. Or is that the actual reason? 6th year, AU without Voldemort returning.

After the Party
[Draco/Harry. Draco/Blaise. Flint/Wood.] [FFN] [AO3]

After the Quidditch-player-exclusive party hosted by Marcus Flint and Oliver Wood, Harry escorted a very drunk Draco back to the Slytherin dorm room and found Blaise Zabini waiting for Draco.

Long Gone and Moved On
[Draco/Harry. Blaise/Draco.] [FFN] [AO3]

Harry never realized his feelings for Draco, but when he finally does, it’s too late and now Draco belongs to Blaise.

Love Me If You Dare – Are You Game?
[Blaise/Draco] [FFN]

After Blaise first met Draco at the Malfoy’s annual Christmas Ball at age nine, they started a series of dares that were played throughout their entire life. Story from Blaise’s POV.

[Draco/Harry] [AO3]

Sixth year Drarry. Angst and bitterness and sexual tension and blood. Songfic based on the song All Fucked Up by The Amity Affliction.

Shoe Shopping
[Blaise/Draco] [FFN]

Muggle AU in which Blaise worked in a shoe shop. When Draco wanted to find a pair of new dress shoes to wear to his friend Harry and Hermione’s wedding, he might’ve found something more than a pair of shoes.

Other oneshots

A Happy Ending, Depending On Whom You Asked
[Harry/Pansy. Blaise/Luna.] [FFN]

“Have you ever thought of what it’ll be like after you killed the Dark Lord in some grand fashion? Is it really the happily ever after?” Pansy asked. “The original Ministry is better off gone. If there’s a way of using the Dark Lord to achieve that…” Blaise mused. “I think,” Harry said softly, “that I have a plan.” WARNING: DARK!Hansy & Bluna.

A Very Harry Potter Christmas
[Snape/Harry. Blaise/Draco.] [FFN]

Harry saved Snape during the Second Wizarding World, and Snape returned to Hogwarts teach potions in Harry’s eighth year. They began to feel awkward and unsure of their feelings toward each other, so Draco decided to intervene.

Diary, Souls, and Kisses
[Tom/Theo/Draco] [FFN]

“Curiosity killed the cat, haven’t you heard?” “Well, good thing that I’m not a cat.” “No, you’re cuter than a cat.” Theo’s little experiment got slightly out of hand, and he and Draco found themselves faced with the handsome, feline-like Tom Riddle. Triad: Tom/Theo/Draco. Slight dub-con, (though it’s only kissing).

[no pairing] [FFN]

His life was boring and his parents never allowed him to go out alone. One day, Draco decided to floo to Diagon Alley by himself and explore the streets alone when his parents weren’t home. It was an easy and fail-safe plan, or so he thought, before he got kidnapped by a mysterious Italian woman.

Motorcycle Road Trip (crossover with Millennium Trilogy)
[Theo/Lisbeth. Harry/Pansy. Sirius/Remus.] [FFN]

Theodore Nott had been dating Lisbeth Salander after a drunken night at a muggle bar, and after he let his best friend and her boyfriend meet Lisbeth, a discussion about her vintage style motorcycle turned into a road trip. Postwar AU. EWE. Sirius and Remus alive.

Of Halloween and Firewhiskey
[Harry/Pansy] [FFN]

Pansy Parkinson showed up as an unexpected guest at Halloween Party at Grimmauld Place. Harry was ready to kick her out, but the others coerced into giving her a chance, like they all did with Draco, Blaise, and Theo. Drunken Harry gave her a little more than that as the night goes on. Postwar Hansy. And other het & (future/potential) slash pairings.

Partial to Blonds (crossover with The Saga of Darren Shan)
[Blaise/Kurda] [FFN]

Blaise Zabini was partial to blonds, especially handsome guys with Slytherin cunning, beautiful blond hair, and an obsession over the Boy-Who-Lived. But when he met a cool, interesting blond vampire at a family party, he found someone he believed to be more perfect than Draco.

Second Chances
[Blaise/Theo. Draco/Luna. Pansy/Hermione.] [FFN]

Blaise had kept carefully neutral during the war, including severing his relationship with the son of a death eater. It had just been too dangerous. Now he watches Theo from across the bar as the man laughs with Draco Malfoy. How do you apologize for running when the love of your life needed you most? How do you ask for a second chance?

Something about Ginsy
[Pansy/Ginny] [FFN]

Pansy thought that all girls foolish enough to get involved with playboy Blaise Zabini didn’t deserve sympathy when he dumped them, because who hadn’t heard of Blaise’s reputation? But when she saw Ginny Weasley crying after her break-up with Pansy’s arsehole of a friend, it triggered something that resembled protectiveness inside Pansy.

Tattoos and Scars (crossover with Millennium Trilogy)
[Theo/Lisbeth. Pansy/Hermione.] [FFN]

When Theo Nott escaped to the Muggle world some time after the war, he didn’t know he would capture the attention of one the world’s best female hackers. Oh, and she seemed to have real cool looking tattoos, too, unlike him who only had scars he’d carved into himself after the war.

The Slug Club Party
[Blaise/Harry] [FFN]

Set in HBP. A story of what might have taken place at one of Slughorn’s party.

Finished Drarry multichapters

When Blaise and Hermione play Matchmaker
[Draco/Harry. Blaise/Hermione. Theo/Pansy. Lee/Luna.] [FFN] [AO3]

Albus Severus Potter never understood why potions Professor Draco Malfoy always gave him lots of detentions. When he told his best friend’s godfather Blaise Zabini about this, Blaise realized Draco might actually still have feelings for Harry Potter. Along with his girlfriend Hermione Granger, the two decided two help Draco and Harry get together.

Why Harry Asked Luna to Slughorn’s Christmas Party
[Draco/Harry. Blaise/Luna.] [FFN] [AO3]

Blaise wanted to know more about Luna, but he wasn’t familiar enough with her to ask her to Slughorn’s Christmas Party. However, he suspected he could get Harry Potter to bring her to the party. He knew how he could bargain with Potter, since Draco, Blaise’s best friend, was Potter’s current obsession (if current means “for the last five years”).

Other Finished Multichapters or Oneshot Series

And Then There Were None
[pairings: some combinations of the 10 characters listed below. All het pairings.] [FFN]

Draco, Blaise, Pansy, Ron, Hermione, Ginny, Hannah, Ernie, Luna, Michael. 10 Hogwarts students received vacation invitations to an exotic, faraway island. One by one, they fell prey to murder. Apparently the killer was amongst them and not afraid to strike again. Only the dead were above suspicion … Rated M for Murders a tad too dark and Motives a tad too twisted.

Blaise Zabini Oneshots, A Collection
[All sorts of different het & slash & femslash pairings] [FFN]

Exactly what it sounds like - a collection of oneshots featuring Blaise Zabini (a.k.a my obsession). Each chapter will also include another main character along with him. Some will be romantic pairings, some will not. The goal is to try to feature as many different characters as the other main character in each chapter as possible. Will likely include slash & het & femslash.

Dark Necessities
[Blaise/Theo/Luna] [FFN]

Theo Nott was a model Death Eater and a rising star amongst the ranks. He completed his missions perfectly and gave insightful advice when the Dark Lord asked a question. Oh, and when he had free time, he enjoyed some wonderful sex with his Italian boyfriend and dreamy blonde girlfriend. Blunadore (or Thunaise if you prefer). Dark fluff. A series of oneshots in a Voldemort-ruled AU.

Feel free to use

Movie theatre AU where Person A has to clean up after the movie and flirty Person B leaves cute little notes behind every time

Teacher AU where Person A dances with Person B to make the students laugh, but Person B thinks that Person A’s crushing on them (It’s up to you if they start dating or not)

Actor AU where Person A and Person B are “coincidentally” always playing each others love intrest

kingh8su  asked:

I don't know if you do HP ships if so *DRAISE (as in draco and blaise obscure i know but ive recently become addicted) if not i can always change it to a fandom you know

OMG, it’s been years since I had a HP ship close to me. But… I’m not that familiar with Blaise, tho I have one in my head anyway…. Let’s see…

what was their first kiss like

Spin the bottle in one of those awesome Slytherin Parties. Sure, there were those lame Let’s-meet-my-future-asociates parties, but there were a few of those “I wanna get drunk, lets get drunk?” parties. It was in one of the last that Draco had to spin and it ended on Blaise, who just smirked.

where were they their first time having sex

It was the same night. After a few dark looks, and lots of drinks, Draco got moody and started to brood in a corner. Blaise, just like his mom, was a free spirit… and he was kind of horny. After some failed jokes, he managed to get Draco into his bed. It was mostly a  dare, and Draco wasn’t going to fail at anything, not even that.

who’s louder

One would think it’s Draco, but actually Blaise loves to grunt and talk dirty. Draco is too classy for all that moaning and stuff, besides, most of the time he is too busy trying not to come in a minute to moan.

who wakes up first

Blaise. With morning wood.

favorite form of foreplay

For Draco is the whole “yeah, I’m not paying attention to you, I’m just going to lick this sugar wand until you stop doing whatever you are doing”, for Blaise is the whole “yeah, I have so many other things to do… but I’m going to stay here and pretend I’m not looking at you while I undress you with my eyes… and my wand. Better watch out, those seams are going bye bye”

who performs/receives oral more often

Draco just loves sucking on things. Sugar quills, licorice, the straw on his pumpkin juice… cock. He just love to suck.

And Blaise loves Draco’s tongue almost as much as he loves his cock.

what kink they most often use

Blaise talks dirty, all the freaking time. Draco says he doesn’t like it, that it only shows why his family may be kind of known but doesn’t have any status. Secretly he loves to be called Blaise’s, and he loves to have Blaise talk about the way his cock feels so good. How could he not love that?

Draco, on the other hand, loves to tie Blaise to the bed while sucking him off. He doesn’t ever explain why, but he just loves to control him. Blaise never complains and that’s because he loves the way that Draco won’t say he owns him, but tries time after time to do so.

who more often tries new things

Blaise has SO many different ideas that Draco, more often than not, is kind of jealous about where he even got the idea.

if they had to choose a third+ person to include who would it…


They’ll need a heir at some point, right?

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I challenge you to use 2+ in a one shot

A Classic: Coffee shop AU When Person A accidentally drinks Person B’s drink, Person B gets incredibly pissed and Person A buys Person B another drink and calls it a date.

Author AU Where Person A and Person B are both writing a novel together and Person A ends up asking Person B out through their characters dialogue

Author AU Where Person A wrote a Romance Novel about a summer romance with Person B. Person B reads the book and tries to find Person A so they can start a new relationship

A baby?

She stared at the baby as if bewitched. No, she couldn’t have a baby. He couldn’t have a  baby outside of marriage, and he couldn’t because it’s… Malfoy’s. This had turned to a dilemma. Who knew being a female would give Blaise so much burden. But alas, here he was, with a baby at hand, still in his female form (is this a curse? Was he not able to go back to being a man when Malfoy has contact with him? He was enjoying it for a while. But this had just gone too far) with no knowledge of what to do with a crying baby. She quickly went to the floo, before putting the baby on one of her humongous couches, and decided to call Malfoy. The magical bastard told her it was his, after all.

She waited for their floos to connect, and when they did, she saw the blurry image of his figure. ‘Malfoy,’ she said, 'I need you to come here as soon as possible.'