draining kiss

quick painted doodle; i could’t get myself to draw anything today, except this, that’s how much i’m in shallura hell…i’ll better go back to my trashcan

ps: ignore the fact that i forgot his Galra arm, thank you

577- Draining Kiss

Fairy Type. Glamour. Look good and feel great, encourage fear and respect when people see you. This is more about bringing people’s attention to you to make your day better and have people listen to what you have to say, rather than being a curse.

What You’ll Need~

  • Sigil to respect
  • Lipstick, in a color that makes you feel fierce


  • Create your sigil. It should be in a strong color, or one that matches or goes with your makeup if you want to be aesthetically pleasing.
  • Apply your lipstick, with intent to be noticed, acknowledged, and respected.
  • Kiss the sigil to charge it, leaving the the lip shaped mark of your makeup.
  • Go about your day, allowing people to know you’re there and to listen to what you have to say.


  • You can carry your sigil with you to let it continue to charge throughout the day. When people notice you it can help power your sigil, which in turn will make people notice you.

colored some doodles in ;_; i drew them just for the record, now ive officially drawn them kissing and can proceed with my regular life again… mwah mwah

bartsugsy  asked:

Ok I got more: Top 5 robron scenes? Top 5 robron kisses? Top 5 Aaron scenes (outside of Robert) 😈💗

oohh I really had to think about this and its almost impossible to only pick 5 AHHHHHHHH but there ya go:

Top 5 robron scenes

1. Obviously the kiss before the Gordon verdic/trial (”I want to be able to rely on you Robert.”

2. Robert saving Aaron from drowning + hospital proposal *winks*

3. When Robert told Aaron that he fell for him (”don’t make me think I fell for a quitter”)

4. Dirtly little grease monkey pub scene ;3

5. Aaron opening up to Robert about his abuse (I think I cried more tears than Aaron did, if thats possible)

Top 5 robron kisses:






+ Bonus coz deleted scene (haha thats not cheating ;))

Top 5 Aaron scenes (without Robert)

1. Aaron and Chas at the beach eating ice cream together. I feel like this scene fixed so much between them both and it was so lovely to see Aaron smile for a bit and also see Chas fighting for her son and never giving up on him! + Aaron winning against Gordon in court!

2. Aaron coming out to Paddy (that scene was so honest and raw and emotional and Danny was so young there and he played it so well god I cried so much!

3. Aaron helping Vic and Adam with their wedding ;) (in general, lying for them and organising things, that was sososo cute)

4. Aaron buying the mill and telling Liv about it. That smile and hug and they were so super happy (wait there was Robert too haha but he didnt get a hug poor robert)

5. Aaron and Ross’s fight in the barn (how do you live with it? - You don’t.)

Ask me stuff I need distraction!!!

I want to take photographs in a cemetery at night. I want to actually eat oranges and not just spit them out when the fruit is drained. I want to kiss the stars and hope they kiss me back with the same kind of adoration. I want to feel as if the Earth wants me here. I want to feel at home in this bed. I want to know how it tastes to feel whole.

I want to feel whole.
I want to feel whole.
I want to feel whole.

Here’s our tiny docile dragon slayer!

Ribombee currently learns the moves Bug Buzz, Dazzling Gleam, Draining Kiss and Psychic! She’s the docile type but she’ll be willing to take down any dragon she sees!Tiny but strong! She’s level 65!

Beginning the ultra beast arc of pokémon moon: “The world is in peril, incomprehensible beings from beyond our own universe are loose. What unearthly horrors will I be going up against…”

Partway through the ultra beast arc of pokémon moon: “I defeated four pretty extradimensional bug boys with kisses and they are my friends now.”

Bela Kiss was a Hungarian serial killer who killed 23 women and one man. He then pickled their bodies in wooden barrels.

Kiss would prey on women advertising in the dating section of the local newspaper. His victims were mostly widows, who jumped at the chance to go on a date with the most eligible bachelor in town. In 1914, Kiss was drafted into the army to fight in World War 1. When he didn’t return, his landlord decided to clean out his home. He then made the grisly discoveries of 20-something bodies in large barrels, and alerted the authorities. When the police came and opened them all up properly, they found a woman’s body inside each, preserved in wood alcohol. Eventually, there were a total of 24 barrels recovered, each holding a pickled corpse. Many were naked women with ropes around their necks. Puncture wounds in some of the victims’ necks suggested that they had been drained of blood, earning Kiss the sobriquet of Vampire of Cinkota.

My mother tells me we are adorable,
Your father doesn’t think so. 
We are both.
Tragic and alive,
Heroic and dying,
Powerfull and drained.

Yet we do not care, not at all.
You live like there’s no tomorrow
and i hold onto your hand like
it’s about to fall off.
We could end the world if we wanted to, 
Burn it all down or sweep the cities off the map and down the drain.

Kiss me slowly, love me louder.

Let’s set this love on fire and hope
it’ll keep us warm through our coldest
and darkest nights.
Guide me home even if you don’t have a license for driving me as crazy as you do.
Fly me up that mountain and watch the apocalypse of our minds with me, 
dive down with me to our own atlantis in hopes it’ll rise above the water someday.
I write “i missed you” but i really mean that i’ve never felt this way before.

Instead, lets make flowers bloom on rooftops, colour the clouds and turn
these streets into our canvas,
let our love be the paint, the city will look more than beautiful.
Let’s travel in time and watch ourself
do the most embarrasing things and then laugh about it, let us go back to a time when butterflies where so huge
we could fly away on them.

We, my dear,
were made for things like this.
We were not born to go to school and sleep longer than seven hours a night.
We were created for something
better, bigger. Maybe this love is what we were made for.
If so, please never stop existing.

—  I’m scared too but we’ll make it through

Okay, for the Pokewatch thing, what if Reaper had a Sylveon.

Like, he was planning to evolve it into an Umbreon, but the Eevee loved him so much it evolved into a Sylveon.

And at first he’s kinda embarrassed, because this totally ruins his Aesthetic, but that Draining Kiss move is pretty creepy and like hell he’s going to abandon this Pokemon he spent so much time raising?

So now Reaper walks around with this beautiful Sylveon padding after him everywhere. 

Attempts At Pokémon Team Aesthetics: 2/10

Adella’s team, filled with Pokémon that she thought were cute. They even have the moves she deemed cute enough for her team. I’ll never understand you people, but it’s fine. Look at how cute they are. (Also my sprite website didn’t have a moving sprite for Primarina and I’m pissed about it)

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goldendorito  asked:

💋 (platonically obvo)

put a 💋 in my ask if your muse wants to kiss mine

“Kisses are how you tell the dum dums in your life you love them and wake up sleeping princesses so they give you restraining orders,
But you’re not allowed to gives kisses after dinner (your breath still smells like chicken bones and shower-drain hair)

I’ll kiss you though.

I love you dum dum. Never stop being my favorite shape.” 

Ciel & Finny sharing cholocate’s cakes together. 

Ciel & Finny hiding to eat sweets and not get scolded by Sebastian. 

Ciel doing the thing where you clean a piece of cholocate from the other’s face with your tongue. Finny being embarrased about it. 

Ciel & Finny laughing because Sebastian is searching for the cake/them.

Ciel & Finny being cute with each other period. 

Pain blistering through the skull
Penetrating into your eye sockets
The world burns yet tingles in suffocation
Nothing but a blank canvas incased in tar
And the sweet release of grotesque sodomy

Truth latched to horrid animals rabidly gnawing their faces off
Licking away salty tears on their bloody scriptures
Agony clenches the jaw
Tightly teeth grind and retract
The hurt bleaching away cheeks like a beaten child watching glutton rape

Trapped between riddled hanging jaggedly inclined upwards
Bodies strung yet sideways ill-fathered
Collapsed the giants wave sketches of abysmal surrender
Lost on screeches of drumming artillery piously scanning a massacred hallway

So much pain
Mud and soil
Blood and bone
Life itself splatters the face
Engraved in blistered kisses drained of tears and crimson engulf
The mind races ahead
Towards a world colliding with elevation

i miss being in love. i miss 3 a.m. conversations about life and trusting someone with all of my stupid little things. i miss the skipped heart beats, the playful laughter, and the electricity in every touch. i miss the effortlessness that came with being close to someone and spending time with them was never draining. i miss the kissing, cuddling, having someone to sleep next to and that feeling when you wake up that there’s no place you’d rather be. i miss feeling at home.

Fall River

He is painted murky,
rivers gushing,
under his bold glistening skin;
Blood rises in his,
drain pipe veins,
through faucet eyes,
that mesmerise,
muddy brown and intense;
Sands, deliberately rounded pebbles, some fossils 
collect under the banks,
of his nails;
Sentiments sediment there;
The deepest waters of the steadiest,
streams combine,
in his soul;
His heart is made,
like this Earth was
more liquid and life;

How old is he?
What does he know?
How seizing is his unrest…
that I am caught in?

I am clutching at the brim,
swimming under his surface,
inquisitions into him;
And he is rushing over me,
thinning my blood
with the aqueous near-kiss.
I am yet to master defeat
let him inundate my inquest
my every protest
and simply drown, to become his.

© SoulReserve 2015