draining kiss

quick painted doodle; i could’t get myself to draw anything today, except this, that’s how much i’m in shallura hell…i’ll better go back to my trashcan

ps: ignore the fact that i forgot his Galra arm, thank you

577- Draining Kiss

Fairy Type. Glamour. Look good and feel great, encourage fear and respect when people see you. This is more about bringing people’s attention to you to make your day better and have people listen to what you have to say, rather than being a curse.

What You’ll Need~

  • Sigil to respect
  • Lipstick, in a color that makes you feel fierce


  • Create your sigil. It should be in a strong color, or one that matches or goes with your makeup if you want to be aesthetically pleasing.
  • Apply your lipstick, with intent to be noticed, acknowledged, and respected.
  • Kiss the sigil to charge it, leaving the the lip shaped mark of your makeup.
  • Go about your day, allowing people to know you’re there and to listen to what you have to say.


  • You can carry your sigil with you to let it continue to charge throughout the day. When people notice you it can help power your sigil, which in turn will make people notice you.

colored some doodles in ;_; i drew them just for the record, now ive officially drawn them kissing and can proceed with my regular life again… mwah mwah

???-DUSTAR [Stardust]
-The Stardust Bunny pokemon
-Ability: Super Luck
-Dex: “This pokemon is believed to come from the moon itself, carried by a meteor shower, and made of stardust and moonstone. If a person sees a couple of DUSTARs together, it is believed their will have a long and loving relationship.”
    -Dream Eater
    -Draining Kiss

–>Evolves at lv 35 on New Moon or Full Moon<–

???-TWILAPIN  [Twilight-Lapin]

-Fairy/Dark (New Moon)
-Fairy/Psychic (Full Moon)

-The Moon Rabbit Pokemon
-Ability: Dark Arts**(New Moon) / Prestidigitation*(Full Moon)
-Dex: “The Powers and abilities of TWILAPIN will be determined by the Moon itself, something that has puzzled Kroelian scientist for generations.  It is beleived that just by having a TWILAPIN by your side can bring good fortune and prosperity, but due to their rareness only very few can come across one. ”

(New Moon)
    -Night Daze
    -Dark Pulse
    -Trump Card
(Full Moon)
    -Trump Card

 *Gives priority to psychic moves
**Gives priority to dark moves

Wet (Grayson)

You almost burst into tears pulling up into the driveway. Today’s work load was almost too much for you to handle, everything bad that could have possibly went wrong, went wrong. You were just overly ecstatic to have the weekend off and to be in the warm embrace of your boyfriend of almost two years, Grayson. He was the only one who could make your worst days turn into the best one ever, but the problem with that was, he was nowhere to be found once you had gotten inside and kicked off your shoes.

“Gray?” You called, frowning when you got no response.

“Ethan?” Again another no response, nonetheless you did see that the T.V was on and there was a pizza box on the coffee table so they couldn’t have gone far. You also guessed that you were in charge of dinner tonight. Throwing your bag on the bed you immediately stripped down to nothing, letting your hair out of the tight ponytail that had been giving you the biggest migraine and cut the shower on, adjusting it to your liking and stepping inside. “Thank god.” Whispering you got under the warm stream, letting the water wash all of your worries away.

You had no clue how long you had stayed under there because in the meantime, Grayson had snuck into the bathroom and shut the door. Once you had rinsed the conditioner from your hair, you almost screamed bloody murder when you felt a pair of hands grab your waist. “Grayson Bailey Dolan! You asshole!” You clutched your chest and with the other hand reached up to whack him on the side of the head, a habit you hadn’t broken in the two years you’ve been dating.

“Sorry beautiful, I didn’t mean to startle you.” You shook your head and he sighed, pulling you into his arms. He knew that look, he could sense it a mile away when you were in a horrible mood. “Rough day?” “Oh don’t even get me started. I’ve had it with that place, it’s emotionally draining.” He kissed your wet head and swayed back and forth. “I’m sorry, here, let me wash you off and we can get in bed and cuddle.” That didn’t even sound half bad right now. Handing him your shower gel he squirted some into his hands and started to caress your body.

Grayson’s hands on your body did unspeakable things to you and it made you tingle and shake in places you didn’t know was possible. He started with your back, rubbing hard and making sure to press in the spots where tension had been building up. He spun you around and his hands immediately went to your breasts, squeezing and massaging them. You looked up and met eyes with him, his eyes were hooded, hair wet and hanging in his face and his lips parted. His hands travelled lower and pulled you closer, smirking. “I know another way to relieve your stress baby girl.”

With that his lips met yours halfway, his tongue sliding into your mouth and hands wandering to your ass, lifting you effortlessly. He pressed your back against the tile and you gasped against his lips at the sudden coolness that surged through your body. His lips moved down to your neck, sucking softly and causing you to let our small whimpers, careful not to be too loud. “Is Ethan here?” Pulling back Grayson chuckled, “No. So feel free to be as loud as you want.” With that he went back to sucking love bites into your skin that you were going to have to cover up with makeup for the next couple of days.

While he had you distracted with lips on your neck, his hand slid between your legs and he started to rub your clit. “Fuck,” You gasped out, your legs beginning to tremble wrapped around his waist. You had no clue how he managed to multitask like this but god damn, you were thankful as hell for it. Once he was satisfied with his work he lowered you slightly, “Put me in baby.” Quickly reaching between the two of you, you slid his length inside of you, his body shifting forward so he was completely buried inside of you. The moans you two let out were almost simultaneously loud, thank god Ethan wasn’t home yet.

He started to move back and forth, forehead on yours as his eyes bore into your own. “You feel so good wrapped around my dick, so tight and wet.” You whimpered at his dirty talk, nails slightly digging into his back that caused him to moan, encouraging him to pick up his pace. The pleasure was so overwhelming you barely felt any pain when your head fell back and hit the wall. Grayson thrust a few more times before pulling out and letting you down, wrapping his arm around you to make sure your wobble legs didn’t fail you. Almost questioning him, he turned you around and bent you over, sliding back in and finding that quick pace.

“Grayson! God don’t stop.” Your moans bounced off the walls as you clawed at the tile, the sound of skin slapping skin louder than the water that was cascading down Grayson’s back. His hand pulled back and he smacked your left cheek, the sting making you grit your teeth and him to moan as he watched the red mark appear on your skin. His thrusts began to falter and you knew he was close and so were you. To edge yourself closer you reached between your legs and toyed with your clit, the sight making Grayson groan and release, you following shortly after. 

Once you both had calmed down enough to catch your breath, he pulled out and spun you around once again, picking you up and smiling. “Stress relieved?” “Stress most definitely relieved.” You two kissed for a couple of seconds before he shook some wet hair out of his face. “You know you don’t have to work there, right? Ethan and I could really use some help with filming, editing and all that jazz. You can get paid for that too, just so you won’t have to worry about being stressed all the time. I hate it when you’re in a bad mood.”

Biting your lip you studied his features, he was 100% serious. You appreciated his concern for you, that was the number one thing that you loved the most about him. He wanted to take care of you no matter what. “I’ll for sure think about it. I just don’t want it to seem like I’m mooching off of you guys’ success.” He shook his head and kissed you, chuckling lightly. “No way baby girl. No one will see it that way, we all adore you. Just think about it okay? I’ll talk to Ethan and see what we can do.” With another smile and a quick kiss you nodded, “Okay. I will.”

191-AROMISS [Aroma-Miss]
-The Carnivorous Plant Pokemon
-Ability: Cute Charm/Aroma Veil - Seductress(HA)*
-Dex: “This pokemon sits in open fields where it makes sure the sun touches her red hat. Trough a photosynthetic process, it uses  solar energy to turn water into a sweet perfume that can be smelled for miles. Due to this, many like to capture them and let them rest in their fields, as both an aromatizer and plague control. ”
    -Poison Fangs
    -Sweet Kiss

–>Evolves after learning Draining Kiss<–

192-VENUISELLE [Venus-Madmoiselle]
-The Flirteous Pokemon
-Ability: Cute Charm/Aroma Veil- Seductress(HA)
-Dex: “This pokemon will root itself on open roads, where it will fill the air with a sweet fragrance to attract unsuspecting travelers. Once they are near, this pokemon will lure them with its charming demeanor so they get close, and when they have fallen to its embrace, it closes its trap and devours its prey.”
    -Power Whip
    -Play Rough
    -Draining Kiss

*Attacks from a pokemon of the opposite gender make only half the damage

Date a cryptid who brushes the spiders from your hair. Date a cryptid who takes the mold in your bathtub with her when she goes down the drain. Date a cryptid whose kisses drain the muck in your soul. Date a cryptid who flies home with the dust under your bed in the morning light. Date a cryptid who leaves you pure

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How would jeongguk and jimin react if you were there girlfriend and they were snooping on your phone and finding that you have over 100 photos of jimin (if you are jungkooks) and vice versa? Do you think they'd make you delete it haha 😂😂

Jungkook would be so shocked to find so many pictures of Jimin on your phone. He wouldn’t even tell you to delete them because he’d delete them himself. XD Once you get your phone back, you’d just be surprised to find it completely Jimin-less with a whole  bunch of selcas from your boyfriend Jungkook. 

He’d even set up one as your wallpaper with a banner that says: 


You’d just laugh at his childishness and the text he sends you just make you love him even more:

I expect an apology and a whole lot of kisses when I get back. - from your bf who should only be on your camera roll. xoxo

Jimin would ask you with an incredulous expression on his face: “Why do you have so many photos of Jungkook?”

“Jimin, I’m an ARMY–”

“That’s not a excuse to have over a 100 of them!” He exclaims as he scrolls through your camera roll, showing you your endless collection of Jungkook photos. “Where are my pictures?”

“Jiminie, I have a folder just for you. And in my defense I have pictures of the other guys too–”


You chuckle at his reaction and give him a kiss on the cheek which calms him down a bit. 

“Why are you jealous? I’m already yours aren’t I?” 

Jimin smiles then and pecks your nose. “Yeah. Sorry. I’m just–” He huffs. “But you can’t let the others see this okay?”


“Cause they’ll never let me live it down, Y/N. They’d tease me to death.”

“Aww I’ll protect my, Jiminie~”

“You know what? Why don’t we just delete–”


Jimin pauses, suspicious as to why you just agreed without a fight. He looks at you then, half glaring.

“You have a back up, don’t you?”

And you just laugh and pepper his face with kisses, which drains all the jealousy from his system instantly as he succumbs to your embrace.

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Whipped Jiminie is my fave concept. <3 Hope you liked this!

Reactions Masterlist

- Kaye Allen

Chen scenario - Next step

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requested by anon

Genre: smut & romance

Jongdae x Reader (first person)

Summary: Fall in love, get married and have children. That’s the usual route in living happily ever after. You and Jongdae are already in love and happily married, but when it comes time to have a little one running around, you need some convincing.

Warning: body worship, eating out, dirty talk

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You Get In a Car accident


“No, Harry! I can not believe you would do something like that!” I yell angrily, picking up my pace so that he won’t catch up to me. 

“Stop fucking turning your back on me!” Harry growls, grabbing my hand so that he can force me to face him. 

I rip my hand out of his grip, grunting in the process. I give him a look of hatred, because that’s all I feel towards him right now. I can give him a look hard enough to burn his insides.

“Yes, darling, because when my boyfriend desides to fucking yell out every single god damn problem we have in this relationship in front of all of our closest friends, I’m supposed to walk your way and say ‘thank you’? Good try.”

I huff at him before stomping away. I feel so humiliated I could hide under bedrock until my death day. I can’t believe he would tell everyone what’s going wrong in our relationship in the middle of an elegant dinner. He knows how I feel about our private lives, yet this is what he decides to do. Of course it had to be at a fancy dinner also, where all of our closest friends spent months planning. 

“Y/n! Stop walking away from me and talk to me about this! Be fucking mature for once!" 

I stop in the middle of the road, looking both ways before turning back around. I can feel my heart pumping venom into my blood, flowing into my veins. Everything inside of me is boiling, and I’m willing to explode every last bit upon him.

"Be mature?! Me?! I’m the one being immature? Last time I checked, whining like a little girl about how imperfect life can be and how your girlfriend can be so damn naggy all the time, and how so damn frustrating she could be like a damn 3 year old makes someone f—" 

"Y/N! WATCH OUT!” Harry screams.

His entire face turns pale and his eyes are pooling over with tears. 

“What?” I ask

Before I can even look around me, I feel myself being flown into the air, and everything turning black. 

I’m awoken with a struggle—a struggle of fighting for breath and a struggle to move. I can hear harsh cries above me, and I try desperately to move, but my entire body seems to be paralyzed. I peel my eyes open with force, and as I try to move my head to look around, I feel a pair of hands squeezing my head. 

“Baby” Harry whispers, keeping my head on his leg as he kneels behind me. 

He’s holding my head in his hands, petting my cheek while he cries harshly. I try to look around, but everything is blurry and I can’t see anything besides Harry’s worried look.

I begin to panic. My breathing is lacked, and I’m in so much pain I feel like I’m being held down my knives. I have no idea what’s happening or how I ended up here, but all I know is that I’m relieved Harry is here.

“Harry? Harry?! What’s going on?!” I panic. 

He looks down at me, his stomach making contact with my head as his face coming closer to me. Tears are running down his face rapidly, dropping onto my chin. 

“It’s okay. Everything’s going to be fine. Don’t worry, baby." 

I gulp, nodding my head, but even that increases the pain around my body. My entire upper body is throbbing, random shots of pain intensifying every couple of seconds, and my waist feels crushed. 

"Harry,” I cry, trying to find a part of him to hold, “I can’t feel my legs. I can’t feel my legs. Oh, no. Oh, please, no.”

I forcefully lift my head up, because I need to know how fucked up my body is. However, Harry quickly forces my head back down on his leg, shaking his head vigorously. 

“No. No. Don’t. It’s okay, everything’s going to be okay.” He sobs, forcing a small smile. 

My body shakes nervously, shock convulsing my body. Harry notices, and rubs my cheeks with the pads of his thumb. He’s mumbling quiet “It’s okay”’s under his breath against my cheek.

But I’m not. I know I’m not.

With all the strength I have, I lift my hand up so that I can inspect it. Blood. All I see is blood. Blood dripping off my hand onto my clothes. Blood running down onto my arm. My skin is damaged so bad that I can see bone through the scrapes. My heart stops beating for a moment, and there’s an image in my head of what the rest of my body could look like.

“Oh God! Oh God!” I sob, screaming as loud as I can. “I’m gonna to die! I’m gonna to die!" 

Harry grabs my hand and forces it back down onto the ground.

No, Y/n. No. You’re going to be alright. The ambulance is going to come any second and they’re going to get you out of here.“ 

"I’m in so much pain, Harry. I’m in so much pain.” I sob, my face scrunching as harsh cries escape me. 

I have never felt so weak before. Everything is taking over my body and it’s all becoming stronger than me. 

“I know baby, I know. I wish this was me. I would give anything for me to take your pain.” He weeps. 

He places his forehead against mine, whispering sweet nothings in my hair. 

“I’m so sorry, my baby. You know I love you. I’m so sorry, you can do this baby. I know you can. Just breathe. In and out. Breathe for me." 

Despite all the excruciating pain, I’m able to calm down to Harry’s voice. He always knows exactly what to do to trigger me into being calm, and in moments like this I could never be more thankful.

From a distance, I’m able to hear the ambulance turning onto the street. My eyes opens in hope, grateful that the position I’m isn’t going to trap me forever.

Harry smiles.

"Hear that? You’ll be out before you kn—." 

I cut him off with an ear piercing scream wrecking from my throat. I have feeling again in my legs, but they feel like they’ve been crushed. I can feel the shattered bones, the dislocations in my knees. It’s a feeling I’ve never felt before, and being in the condition I’m in, I don’t know if my body can take it.

 "Oh shit” Harry whispers. 

“Alright baby just hang in there alright? Shit. I need you to grab my hands and squeeze as hard as you can for me, okay? But you can’t look, do you hear me? Keep your head on my leg.” He instructs.

I nod as I groan, my teeth squeezing together from trying to hold back my screams. Harry reaches for both my hands, interlocking our fingers, my blood spreading all over his hands. He keeps his eyes straight into mine, looking at me with so much love. His thumbs continuously rubs the back of my hand.

“Count the stars for me. Can you do that for me?" 

I try as hard as I possibly can to see the sky clearly, but my tears make it impossible. Harry opens his mouth to say something, but is interupted by ambulences and paramedics pulling over to where we are. A whole bunch of people seem to emerge from every vehicle. It finally hits me how serious the situation is. It all starts hitting me at once. My body begins to convulse, and my chest tightens to the point where I’m gasping for air. My head is throbbing with so much intensity I feel like my mind will explode.   

"Hey, baby, breathe. Breathe. Everything’s going to be okay." 

I shut my eyes tight, thrashing my head against his leg.

"You keep saying that but I—I feel like I’m going to die." 

He shakes his head vigorously, squeezing my hands gently in his before planting a small kiss on my forehead. 

"You can do this. I know you can do this because you are my girl. I fell in love with you because you are the strongest person I know. You’re my girl, and I know you can do this." 

Through my pain, and through my nerves that seems to be completely taking over my body, I smile. Just the slightest bit.

A group of paramedics rushes to my side, sitting down on their knees to get a better look at me. 

"Sir, I need you to tell me what happened." 

"Y/n and I we—we were just walking down the street b—but she started to walk away from me, and before I knew what was happening sh—she was flying in air and landed here. She went unconscious for a couple minutes.” Harry tries to get out through his tears. 

One of the paramedics nods, writing down important information before sliding her clipboard away from her. 

“I’m going to need you to stay very very still for me Y/n, you’re doing great. This is Doctor Riley, he is going to get you out of this mess so we can send you to the hospital, alright? Just stay still and you’ll be okay." 

I nod, laying my head comfortably on Harry’s lap. He looks down at me, giving me a smile. I slowly smile back, closing my eyes with emotion. 

I’m about to pull him down for a kiss when one of the paramedics uses a machine to cut through something. Little flames and smokes of heat surround me. My eyes widen with fear. 

"Harry, what are they doing?” I panic. 

Hey quickly grabs my face again, preventing me from lifting my head. 

“They’re getting you out so that you won’t be trapped her anymore, alright? You’re so strong, baby." 

I place my hand on his cheek, squeezing his flesh between my fingers. It was always something I had done to him, a way of showing my love to him. I always find an excuse to touch his face whenever I feel like this. He always makes me feel like the happiest woman on the planet, and even here, when the unimaginable is happening, he still manages to keep me hopeful. 

"I love you so much, Harry" 

He smiles, kissing my forehead one last time before mumbling a quiet "I love you more." 

"Miss. Y/n, I’m going to remove the part of the car that’s on top if you, okay?You might feel pain, but you might not. If you feel any sort of pain or discomfort, please squeeze onto something so that you can let it out, alright? You are doing absolutely perfect Y/n, and you have absolutely nothing to worry about." 

Harry immediately leans foward again so that all my attention is fully on him. His face is wet, and there’s blood stains all over his cheeks, and even though he’s trying to act strong for me, his tears were still evident, and his his complexion is drained. He kisses my lips gently, squeezing my hand.

“I love you with all my heart.”

And he begins to sing my favorite song quietly to me. His voice is the only beautiful thing in this moment, and I find myself getting lost in his voice. 

The weight of a simple human emotion weighs me down 

More than the tank ever did 

The pain it’s determined and demanding to ache, but I’m okay… 

And I don’t want to let this go I don’t want to lose control 

I just want to see the stars with you 

And I don’t want to say goodbye someone tell me why 

I just want to see the stars with you"

Magickal Properties of Fairy Type

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Magick, joy, passion, love, the realm of emotions, trickery, mischief, playfulness, lightheartedness, silliness, beauty, attraction, the sensual/the senses (sight, touch, taste, smell, and sound), glamour, performance, song, art, the mastering of one’s craft, fantasy/detachment from reality, legends and myths, life force, the soul, mystery, the weird and the strange.

Fairy Pokémon are emotional beings. Sylveon has the ability to calm emotions with its ribbons. Cutiefly can detect the brightness of auras and tend to gather around strong emotions, and Ribombee’s pollen has soothing effects. Togekiss is drawn to peace and avoids strife. The move Charm can make opponents less wary.

They’re also sensual and aesthetic beings, very focused on beauty, attraction, and the delighting of senses. A lot of Fairy Pokémon are associated with beauty (Gardevoir, Florges, Alolan Ninetales) and cuteness (Jigglypuff, Clefairy, Whimsicott). Many Fairy moves (Baby-Doll Eyes, Charm, Draining Kiss) are about appearing more attractive and gaining affection in battle. A lot of Fairy types are also strongly associated with different sensory capabilities. For sound and sight, there’s singing, dancing, sparkling, looking pretty, having cute cries. But for other senses there’s also a lot: Aromatic Mist is a Fairy move, Comfey’s flowers smell nice and relax people, Spritzee and Aromatisse are based off perfume and plague doctors who had aromatic items in their masks, Swirlix produces cotton candy flavored threads and Slurpuff can smell so well that it’s often employed by chefs to help with cooking, and many many Fairy Pokémon are very fluffy and invite you to pet their soft fur.

Art, performance, song, play, and the creative aspects of life are all tied to Fairy type. Mina, the Fairy trail captain, is a daydreaming artist covered in paint. Mime Jr. and Mr. Mime are both based on clowns/mimes, playful and silly performance artists. The Fairy move Disarming Voice is a “charming cry” and some notable singers are Fairy type (Primarina, Jigglypuff.) Previously mentioned, Slurpuff helps chefs with their craft. Creating, playing, enjoying hobbies and passions. The only Physical Fairy move, and one of the most aggressive Fairy type moves, is Play Rough, which despite being an attack is still associated with play.

Fairy type is strongly tied to life force. The Pokémon symbolizing Life, Xerneas, is a Fairy type. The emotional auras that some Fairy types can see are associated with living beings and the energy they give off. Shiinotic feeds off life energy (Shiinotic is one of the scarier Fairy types…) Even Fairy types that are not also Grass type are still heavily associated with plants like flowers, which symbolizes their great life force. The Florges line and Comfey are not Grass type, yet they are heavily connected to flowers. Magearna has the ability Soul-Heart which increases its power whenever someone else faints.

Fairy types have a lot in common with Ghost types. Both are associated with magick, an often mischievous playfulness and penchant for tricks, are mysterious in nature, and are powered by strong emotions, (although the types of emotions in general are very different across the board if you compare the two types.) They seem to generally have less ill intentions on the whole than Ghost types, but there are a few exceptions, notably Shiinotic. The fae are multifaceted, just like ghosts, and can have a variety of intentions despite generalizations of the type. But seriously Shiinotic are really scary.

Also somewhat similarly to Ghost type, Fairy type is often associated with strangeness and being detached from reality. Many Fairy types seem almost unreal or the things of legends. Mina (Trail captain) and Valerie (gym leader) are two Fairy type trainers who are very spacey and seem to exist in their own world. The fairytale girl trainer class seems to be more preoccupied with fantasy than reality. Sometimes it’s good to live in your own world and live life on your own wavelength, but sometimes Fairy fans might need to check in with what’s going on around them every now and again.

This is the third entry in my Magickal Properties series! Thanks for all the support so far!

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you know I actually have all your killer emperor fics saved on my phone; i don't have data and when i'm alone and sad, they always cheer me up. thank you so much for writing them :) i was wondering if i could prompt you to write maybe something like where rey finally starts seeing ren, just ren and not an emperor or a sith and she sees him as home

I don’t think I’ve actually felt so…touched before. I’m so happy something as small as my writing can put a smile on your face on a bad day. You can absolutely prompt me, 100%. You’re an angel, thank you so much for making my day. This one will be long, my present to you.

“It’s a fine day today, for all it’s worth.”

She’d been hearing sentences along those same lines for hours now, always directed towards her husband. He took them stoically, thanked the speaker, and continued to the next face to greet. It was a dual celebration today; his birthday, and the date of his ascension.

It would be improper to ask him why everyone needed to clarify that is was a good day even though it happened to be the current date. If she were to bring it up, he’d likely scowl and dismiss her back to her handmaidens, no longer privileged to stand beside him for the evening.

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cutie-kitsune-rp  asked:

This will seem a little dumb but ... Maybe the prince with a S/o who's parents died when they were young, so Father's Day and Mother's Day are always hard for them. Sorry if this seems weird...

(This is really laaaaaaaaate…~ But frick it, I’ll do it anyways. Enjoy!~)

Orphaned On a Holiday

Word Count: 2005
Warnings: Mentions of death, lonely thoughts

Father’s day has not been one of your favorite holidays since you were a kid; Mother’s day isn’t any better either. It wasn’t that you hated them or anything, because you didn’t, it was a nice way to celebrate and give back to the people who have given so much to raise you. The good ones give everything they have to help you grow and become the person that you are today. However, it is hard to show gratitude to people when they are not even there and are instead buried deep in the ground.

You can’t quite remember how it happened, since you were so young at the time, but one day your parents were there - your mother in the kitchen cleaning dishes when your father approaches and plants a kiss on her cheek before he must head off to work at the carpenter’s -  and the next day they weren’t. Some had said it was a Bokoblin attack, others said they had wandered into the forest and got lost. You prefer not to think about it anymore.

They’re gone and there’s nothing you can do about it.

That’s probably why you don’t like Father’s or Mother’s Day because it’s like a reminder of the two things that you lost and can never find again. Your other relatives are kind to you though and now that you have Sidon, quite possibly the sweetest person you have ever met, you don’t feel as alone. Especially not with Sidon around.

Though you’ve never told him about your parents meaning that Sidon does not know anything about your family and you’re rather content to leave it at that. That is until Father’s Day comes around and Sidon, being the curious Zora that he is, seems particularly intrigued by the holiday. You have always spent these holidays by yourself, the faint feeling of loneliness and longing not overwhelming but always lingering persistently around you, draping over your body like a blanket. It is always… difficult but not unbearable so you manage. However, with Sidon’s curiosity about the holiday running rampant you are suddenly surrounded by the idea of the day that has caused you sorrow.

Sidon had heard talk of the upcoming date from people in town the last time that he accompanied you into a village. The children were buzzing with excitement about their plans to surprise their fathers with a special breakfast or a present. It would’ve been sweet if you hadn’t been trying to ignore it and proceed with your shopping. The Zora on the other hand couldn’t help but to listen in and even stopped to ask them questions - much to the discretion of the Zora guard that had to accompany the Prince whenever he left the domain. When the two (three) of you returned to the kingdom Sidon was practically just as excited to celebrate this new Hylian holiday he had just learned about.

That buzz persisted throughout the days to come until even you were wound up, though not with excitement. Sidon, now determined to express his own gratitude to his father, had recruited you into his team since he did not know much about what to do despite his eavesdropping in town. You really did not want to do it, the entire making you more uncomfortable than you had felt in a very long time. Nonetheless, you couldn’t bring yourself to spoil Sidon’s fun all the way up to the night before Father’s Day when you finally couldn’t take anymore.

“Do you think he will appreciate such a small thing? A card seems rather… lackluster,” the Zora examined the card in his hands for what had to be the fourth time that night. You give a small smile - seeing Sidon so nervous was a rather amusing sight - and pluck the card from his hands to set it carefully on the desk letting it stand upright on its own.

“It looks fine Sidon. King Dorephan will love it, it was made by his son of course,” you state matter-of-factly to reassure the worrisome Prince. Now more than ever you envied the relationship that Sidon had with his father; it made you wonder about your own father and that alone was enough to upset you. Regardless, you couldn’t stop that longing feeling in the pit of your stomach that had you imagining if he was alive that you would’ve had a similarly close relationship.

One much less regal but close all the same.

Sidon lets out a sigh that snaps you out of the self-pitying daze - it had been going on-and-off quite frequently these past few days - and instead try to focus on the Zora. You offer him a small smile that he gladly returns before leaning over to you and give your lips a quick kiss. When he pulls back his face is relaxed once more as if that one kiss had drained all of the prior worries from his body.

“Thank you love, I can not wait to give this to him tomorrow, though I do wish i could do a little more,” Sidon gave a light chuckle as his eyes glanced over at the card before falling on you again a spark of curiosity in them. “What are you going to do?” Which draws a confused look from you though there is a sneaking suspicion that creeps into the back of your mind.

“What I’m doing?”

“Well yes, I never did ask you what you were planning to do for your father,” your stomach dropped, “I just assumed that you would be doing whatever it was on your own terms since I’m sure you do not need help.”

You had been hoping with all your heart that Sidon would not ask about your family if anything to save you the trouble of having to explain. You definitely did not want to lie to him about it but you also did not really want to tell him the truth. Not when he was looking at you so happy and excited to hear about your fun plans to spend with the father you did not have. “Ah, um…” You try to rake your mind for some kind of excuse, any kind of excuse, that would prevent this situation but your mind was drawing a blank from the panic.

Sidon seemed to take notice of this hesitancy because his smile fell a little and the fin on the back of his head stopped wagging so quickly. “Oh dear, did you forget. I suppose I did keep you rather occupied, I’m happy to lend you a hand then!” His tail begins wagging again as he starts taking out another sheet of the colorful paper that the two of you had purchased for the construction of his card. “Let’s make a card!”

At this point, you know you can’t avoid it anymore, once Sidon has set his mind to something there is little that can stop him. Leading him on any longer would just be cruel. “Sidon, you don’t have to do that,” you reach out and stop the Zora just as he is laying out the paper and asking what your father’s favorite color is.

He pauses his excitement once again, this time looking at you confused and waiting expectantly for you to continue. You take a breath letting it all out in a deep sigh before speaking. “I can’t make a card for someone who isn’t here, my dad died when I was little…”

“Oh, I’m so sorry,” Sidon says his eyes suddenly full of sympathy and understanding though that isn’t too surprising when you think about it. He also knows what it feels like to lose a loved one maybe not in the same exact way but very similar. “My sincerest condolences, for you and your mother, I know that it is hard-”

“My mother died as well. I haven’t celebrated Father’s or Mother’s Day for a very long time. Can’t celebrate something you don’t have,” you say with an awkward laugh.

The room changes drastically when you say this and you know that it is your fault. Rubbing your arm nervously you turn your head uttering a soft apology only to have Sidon’s large arms suddenly wrapped around you. At first you are shocked and your body goes rigid unsure of what to do about the Zora now kneeling in front of you - you didn’t even hear him get up from his chair - with his face attempting to burrow into the crook of your neck. The thing that finally reanimates you is the feeling of something wet drip onto your neck.

“Sidon… are you crying?” The arms tighten their hold.

Your eyes widen and you attempt to wrap your own arms around the larger male’s frame; they barely make it halfway but neither of you mind that. “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to make you cry. It’s my fault,” you apologize as your own eyes start to fill with tears.

Almost instantly Sidon pulls away his hands gently gripping your arms in order to hold you steady. Just as you had suspected, the Zora is crying, tears trailing down his cheeks in a thin line. For some reason though Sidon does not look upset like one would be when they are crying. There is a small smile on his lips and his eyes are soft and they meet yours in a warm and comforting gaze that only seemed to make your tears fall faster.

“Do not apologize my sweet pearl. I’m sorry that I did not know sooner, I wouldn’t have dragged you into helping me with something that made you so uncomfortable.” One of his hands reaches up to cup your cheek and brush your tears away with his large thumb, a movement so careful and gentle that you feel yourself calm and only sniffle softly as you look up at the male.

“I don’t blame you Sidon,” you reply glancing down before looking up again and copying his motions by putting your hand on his and wiping away his tears. “As uncomfortable as it was, it was also kind of refreshing. Seeing someone else get to enjoy the holiday that I could not, I had fun helping.”

Sidon smiled at this but then his eyes widened like an idea had popped into his head and with that new spark in them you were certain that must be the case. He let go of you and quickly reached for the card with a large smile on his face; if you hadn’t just seen the tears streaming down the Zora’s face you would never know that he had been crying but a moment ago. Whatever idea Sidon had cooked up certainly had him ecstatic because he was positively buzzing with excitement.

“You can celebrate together with Father and I!” Sidon exclaims holding his card out to you.

“What? Sidon you don’t have to do that, don’t worry about me just enjoy yourself,” you say as you politely try to decline the offer though you were more so stunned that the Prince would offer such a thing. Spending Father’s day with someone who was certainly not your father and the fact that it is the father of your loved one would definitely be awkward, right?

“I know it sounds strange but this way you would not have to spend the day alone and my father surely would not mind you joining us. You did help me a great deal in making his card. I would love for you to spend this time with me.”

You stare at Sidon mouth slightly agape in utter shock as you tentatively took hold of the card before a small smile appears on your lips and the tears start to flow again but this time they were tears of joy. The Zora was panicking attempting to calm you down and ask why you were crying but you were just so thankful to have someone as ridiculously sweet as Sidon.

Smutty Kylo Ren Imagine. Morning sex.

Set up: for whatever reason your heart desires, Kylo Ren has joined you on your visit home while on leave from your duties with the First Order. I decided your home planet to be Naboo; it’s beautiful and looks like an expensive place to live. Your family is very wealthy, but he didn’t know that until shortly before your arrival. You are just waking after your first night home….

Kylo Ren x female reader, oral sex, sex, light bondage, light power play, bipolar cinnamon roll. (And woo hoo my first smut piece…kinda embarrassing but here we go..)

The sun filtered in through small openings in the heavy drapes that covered the windows in your bedroom. You looked at the early morning view of grassy expanse lined by ancient trees, and the pool of water just before it all creating an illusion that all this natural beauty floats upon it’s surface. Yes, it was good to be on leave in your luxurious family estate back on Naboo. The soft bed and pillows beneath you were a dream, the golden brocade canopy over the hardwood bed, glorious. Everything here was colorful and inviting. Soft and welcoming.

A Cheshire grin spread across your face as you turned away from the window to look at the sleeping tempest beside you. Yep, still there. Cocky thing invited himself into your room last night for his own pleasure, despite the fact that your entire family was sleeping relatively close by, and the servants - droid and human - could have been anywhere. Not that you were complaining or surprised by the boldness of his intrusion. No, it was quite pleasurable, indeed. Though it agitated you that when it came down to it, you were merely Ren’s plaything, you dismissed the notion as soon as it came. Psycho tyrant that he was, he treated you with relative care. And by the Gods was he beautiful - and skilled as well.

Kylo Ren actually looked at peace when he was sleeping. His expression soft, his dark hair falling around his face, and his deep slow breaths brought a feeling of your own serenity as you watched him sleep. He looked so peaceful you had decided not to wake him, until he rolled over onto his back and you saw his erect penis lifting the sheets above it. You wanted it. In your mouth specifically, and decided it would be a delicious way to rouse him. Slowly, you pulled the sheets back revealing his muscular form and his swollen sex. You carefully crawled into a position straddling one of his legs that was bent over to the side giving you a comfortable place to admire him and the perfect position to taste his cock that was standing straight up, with the slightest bit of pre-come atop it’s head.

You started with that. Gently licking the bit of salty fluid up with your tongue and then alternating between kissing the tip and sucking on it with your hand firmly wrapped around the base. He moaned in his sleep, and you could see he was waking. That’s when you took it all into your mouth. Wrapping your lips around your teeth you took him in and out, swirling your tongue at the tip and then coming back down to the base. He was so large that his head hit the back of your throat without even being all the way in, so you had to relax your throat and work against the reflex to gag. Changing up your technique, you used your hands and mouth as you continued to work him in a steady rhythm. He moaned and opened his eyes, his face looking confused.

“Y/n, what the fuck?” He didn’t sound upset, far from it in fact, but you paused anyway looking up at him with a raised eyebrow. A moan escaped him as he reached down and pressed your mouth back around him. “I didn’t mean stop,” he said, wrapping your hair around his hand to take control.

His grasp was tight as he greedily fucked your face. It didn’t take much longer for him to come. You could feel his cock throb as his seed shot into your mouth, but you kept going, and he kept coming. Another shot, and then another, his sex still throbbing and stiff between your lips.

By now there was an ache between your legs. The sensation of having Kylo’s dick in your mouth was incredibly arousing, and making him come pleased you as well. It was as if you had been teased almost to the point of orgasm just by giving head.

Although he had come, he was still aroused, and swiftly turned you onto your side. You propped yourself up with your arm as he raised your top leg straight up near his face. He slid the head of his cock in between your folds and you could now feel how utterly wet you were. Sliding his organ against the outside of your slit made you insane with lust. Every time his soft flesh hit your clit, you let out a tiny moan of desperation.

“Stop teasing me and fuck me,” you demanded, although your voice didn’t have much strength in it. It was more akin to begging, actually. Nevertheless, you couldn’t help but roll your hips as he slid against you, trying in vain to get him inside you. He looked down on you with a malevolent grin as you felt a firm pressure push you down against the mattress and lock your hips in place. You struggled against the invisible restraints to no avail making your arousal soar in turn. He had complete control of your body and your senses, and he knew it. “Look at you,” he was taunting, condescending even, “I can feel how bad you want it.” You tried to reply but your jaw was locked  too. “You’re so devoted, so desperate,” he mused and almost laughed as you lay there humiliated, exposed, and yearning for release. He could feel every emotion, hear every thought. Your eyes rolled back as you let your mind and body yield to his control. You became nothing but the ache between your legs longing for release.

Finally, he thrust his sex inside you. The loud slap of his flesh slamming against yours filled your ears. His grip on your ankle was tightening and the pressure pinning you in place was building. The angle he held you in allowed him to penetrate you deep and hard. Moaning through clenched teeth you began to contract around him, and your body began to shudder. “Not yet, my little slut,” he ordered, but you pleaded with your mind as loud as you could. “Not yet….”

Closing your eyes you did all you could to hold back your orgasm, but he wasn’t making it easy. You kept holding on for what seemed like an eternity, and then (fucking finally), “Come for me, y/n,” he commanded. You could see in his face that he was coming again as well. “Come for me…”

Your jaw released and you couldn’t even form a proper word. You came hard, so intense that your entire body was flushed with pleasure. Your heart was exploding inside your chest with every beat, dazed from it’s exertion. He released the rest of your body and you threw yourself up, wrapped your arms around his neck and kissed him. Despite the control he took, and your humiliation that he had reveled in, there was sincere passion as he kissed you back. He ran his hands through your hair and grazed your cheek with the back of his hand. He was careful as you came down from the intensity of your experience, still breathing heavily and feeling satisfied, yet drained. He kissed you, held you, let you come back together.

After a while, you exhaled deeply, coming fully into the present. All this time, Kylo had patiently held you, dutifully tending to you as you came out of the depths of complete surrender. Devotion, he had called it.

“Breakfast?” He asked.

“Breakfast,” you agreed. Now that he had called attention to it, you realized you were quite hungry.

“You are so spoiled,” he said as you rolled to the edge of the bed and pulled on the heavy cord that would alert the servant droids that you were awake.

“Perhaps, but that just let’s the maids know I will be coming down for breakfast. My lady’s maid will be here soon to help me dress for the day which means you need to get back to your room. If you don’t alert the staff that you’re up, before long they’ll come knocking.”

“Spoiled rotten,” he huffed and got out of the bed. “Lady’s maid? I didn’t think they even existed anymore.”

“Well, lucky for me, they do. You’ll have a valet to assist you too if you’d like. You’re entitled to all the amenities of the estate while you’re here, you know.”

“I don’t require assistance,” his tone cold. Bitter.

“Okay, Ren, as you wish,” you said lightly as you headed towards the refresher. He glared at you momentarily before leaving, giving you an ice cold shoulder as he left.

This was a good episode, I don’t have that much to say but it was good none the less, Satoshi was good, everyone being good friends and helping him search was good, Rockruff was good, evolution was good, Dusk Lycanroc is a cool boy, I like him, the colour has grown on me, it’s a nice mix of orange and brown, contrasts well with the white (I’m mad that he’s apparently an event Mon though, COME ON Gamefreak, what is even the point of Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon? Could’ve been an event Mon for the original SM games). I also like that they referenced Green Flash as the actual real world phenomenon that it is, instead of making something similar up for the Pokemon world. It’s kinda hard to believe that literally no one in the anime’s canon has EVER evolved a Rockruff like this (you’d think some researcher would’ve tried to evolve one during every possible time of the day by now) but I guess it’s cool that Satoshi has a unique Mon that’s a bit more grounded now.

Showing Type: Null is cool, standard plot set up but in Pokemon that’s a lot lol.

Most interesting thing was probably Tapu Lele’s personality. It has some chaotic tendencies with how it beat up Rockruff for fun during the night and tossed the Lycanrocs around with Psychic, and used their and Satoshi’s energy with Drain Kiss to heal Rockruff, without warning. You gotta stay cautious with this guardian spirit, I like it.

This is shaping up to be a quality squad~

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