SPY AU part 2

Part 1

Jackson drops her hand and puts his arm around her shoulder. She sinks into his easy embrace.

She can do this.

“Home sweet home.”


“How’d they manage to find this place, right in the middle of everything?”

“Previous owner found himself with a promotion in Florida,” Percy says, nodding to a mover exiting the house. Annabeth smiles, then does a double-take. Leo Valdez, notorious demolitions expert, is grinning like mad as he winks at her, arms swinging at his sides, nearly skipping back to the moving truck. Chiron said they’d put together a team to come help set the house up, but why in the world would they need Valdez to come up here?

She starts to ask Percy if he knows, but someone knocks into Annabeth from behind. She catches herself on Percy’s arm and turns to see Clarisse la Rue, another coworker from the agency, dressed in a movers t-shirt and carrying a box, a similar wicked grin at her lips.

“Excuse me, ma’am,” Clarisse says, sidestepping them, staying close enough to bump into Annabeth’s shoulder as she walks toward the house.

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