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What's wrong with your plants?

This has helped me pinpoint what’s wrong with some of my plants incredibly easily! For those who don’t have the greenest thumbs 😊😊


Symptom: Long, pale leaves; small new leaves
Cause: Not enough light; too much nitrogen
Cure: Give plant more light; reduce fertilizer frequency

Symptom: Leaves curl under or have yellow or brown spots
Cause: Too much light
Cure: Move plant away from light source, or shade plant with blinds or sheer curtain

Symptom: Mushy stems; lower leaves curl and wilt
Cause: Too much water
Cure: Water only when soil is dry to touch; make sure drain hole is not clogged

Symptom: Leaf tips are brown and leaves wilt
Cause: Not enough water
Cure: Soak pot for 20 minutes in water and let drain; water when soil is dry to touch

Symptom: Leaf edges are crinkly and brown
Cause: lack of humidity
Cure: Mist leaves, or place pot on tray of moist pebbles

Symptom: Lower leaves turn pale and drop off
Cause: Lack of fertilizer
Cure: Fertilize plant regularly during growing season

Symptom: Leaves turn yellow or curl and wilt
Cause: Too much heat
Cure: Move plant to cooler spot in house; be sure plant is not close to heat vent or on top of TV

Symptom: Plant wilts between waterings; roots growing out of drainage hole
Cause: Pot too small
Cure: Repot plant into a container one size larger


this tank has so many good qualities:

  • obnoxiously huge side holes
  • aliens
  • “get in loser” that’s me i’m the loser
  • i got it for free 

it is also exactly the kind of shirt i would have never worn before top surgery and i actually got it way before bc i couldn’t wait to finally be able to wear it.

so i wore it today to the store and out to eat with my family and it was great. i love my scars and my hairy pits <33

I got this on video, and I was going to submit that, but I can’t, so, if anyone wants it, just check my blog.

So, it was lunchtime, and I was sitting with some friends, on the ground. For context, we’re in GSA together, and if you aren’t in it, you have no idea how collectively weird we are.

My one friend, we’ll call them E for now, finds a hole in the cement, and my other friend, C, dares E to pour water down the hole. E does, and the water just randomly drains down the hole.

Being the passive nerds we are, we all freak out and keep pouring water into the hole. C decides to start referring to it as “Satan’s Asshole,” and, being a bunch of high schoolers, we found that hilarious.

And then E just jams their finger down the hole and starts fingering it. That’s right, my friend fingered Satan’s asshole.

And that’s why we ran out of water that day.

Little Ham Man (Small?Hamilsquad x Reader) 10

A/N: i have just realized that i have no clue how long this series is going to last lol

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You didn’t move from your spot. Lafayette helped you off the street, not wanting another disaster to happen. He didn’t dare question what happen to John’s body. He carried you bridal style, and you held tight to his shirt, burrowing your head into his chest. The blood from your hands stained his clothing, but he didn’t care.

You were in shock.

The others boys didn’t really understand what was going on. Hamilton tried talking to Lafayette, but he just shook his head. They assumed that you were hurt, because of the blood, and you couldn’t muster up the words to tell them that you were okay. At least physically. Instead, you wrapped your arms around Lafayette.

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Succulent Gardens - A Fun & Easy Activity for Littles!

Succulents are fun and easy to grow, and that makes then great for littles. You can easily manage a garden of multiple succulents with little effort. Since they come from deserts and other hot, dry climates, all they need to be happy is a sunny spot by the window and water once a week.

And you can’t tell me they’re not absolutely adorable. Just look at these cuties.

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How do I start a succulent garden?

You will need the following things to start your garden.

🌵 Succulent Plants 

🌵 Succulent Potting Soil

🌵 Very Small Rocks or Gravel

🌵 Flower Pots or Terrariums

🌵 Succulent Fertilizer

Once you have all the things you need, you’re ready to start your own little garden! To begin, make sure your flower pot has a draining hole and a saucer to catch the water. If it doesn’t have a hole, you’ll need to drill one, because succulents don’t like standing water. If you don’t want to drill a hole, you can put a layer of small rocks or gravel at the bottom to help the water drain away from the succulent’s roots.

Next, fill your pot with succulent potting soil. Regular potting soil doesn’t drain as well, so make sure you’re using succulent potting soil. Make sure you leave about an inch of room at the top. After the pot is filled with soil, you want to cover the soil with small rocks or gravel. This will protect your succulents from excess moisture that can cause rot.

Your little garden is all set up! Now all you have to do is place your new friends in front of a nice, sunny window. During the summer, you’ll want to be careful that your succulents don’t get sunburnt. 

You’ll want to give them a bit of succulent fertilizer once a month. (Make sure you read the instructions on the bottle of fertilizer to ensure proper usage.)

If you prefer, you can also buy one big pot and grow your succulents together to make a collage! :D

How often do I need to water?

Succulents don’t need to be watered very often, but make sure you soak the soil each time you do. Water your succulents whenever the soil is dry. Check on them weekly, and if the soil is wet, check again in a few days. Once the soil is completely dry, you’ll know it’s time for watering.

You can tell that your succulents are thirsty if the leaves start to pucker. If the leaves start to look translucent and soggy, you’re giving them too much water.

If you have a pot with a drainage hole, make sure you have a saucer underneath to catch the water. Empty the saucer every time you water. Remember, your succulents don’t like standing water!

There are so many kinds! Which one should I buy?

Whichever kind catches your eye :) They’re all wonderful little companions. My personal favorite (which I have grown myself!) is the Moon Cactus. They come in several bright, pretty colors, including red, yellow, and pink.

Another pretty one is the Desert Rose. It’s as gorgeous as the name sounds, and comes in a lot of colors. It’s like a rose-cactus hybrid- pretty like a rose, and easy to care for like a cactus :)

Do you have any other tips?

Yup! Here are a few tips that may come in handy.

🌵 Clear out dead plant material from the pot. Dead leaves could cause your cactus to rot, or be a point of attraction for bugs. (Bugs are more of a threat if you’re raising your succulents outdoors.)

🌵 If you do decide to make your garden an outdoor one, bring your little guys inside as soon as it starts getting cold. Succulents may be hardy, but they’re definetly not resistant to cold.

🌵 If you encounter bugs on your succulents, don’t spray them with insecticide. Most succulents don’t like that. First, try removing the bugs using a q-tip dipped in rubbing alcohol. If that doesn’t work, I would take a picture of the bugs and go to a local Home Depot for advice.  

🌵 If you’re going to use a terrarium, choose one that’s not very deep, and has holes that allow the water to evaporate. You’ll have a lot of problems if you don’t pick a suitable terrarium. I’ve linked to some suitable terrariums in the next section.

I want some cute planters for my succulents!

My favorite part of succulent gardens is they stay in their pots permanently, unlike regular plants, so cute pots are a must!

🌵 Big Elephant & Baby Elephant Ceramic Pots Set $12.99

🌵 Giraffe Resin Pot $11.59

🌵 Doggy Resin Pot $9.99

🌵 Panda Resin Pot $7.99

🌵 Corgi Resin Pot $8.58

🌵 Long Ceramic Planter $14.95

🌵 Pink Whale Resin Pot $10.99

🌵 Bulbasaur Ceramic Pot $16.55

🌵 Hippo Resin Pot $10.99

🌵 Hanging Ceramic Pot $14.50

🌵 Round Hanging Glass Terrarium $12.48 6 Terrariums $17.50

…And that’s about it! Have fun gardening, cuties :)

Motherfucking Witches

Originally posted by princesscas

This is for @kas-not-cas Kas’ 2.5K Follower Writing Challenge!. I chose the quote, “No,no, you do NOT want me navigating, I’ll accidentally navigate us off a cliff.”  

Characters: Y/n (GENDER NEUTRAL READER), Sam, Dean, Cas

Pairing: No Pairing    TFW x Y/n (Friendship)

Warnings: Just fluff, kinda crackishness, teasing, sorta kinda angst, loss of hearing, loss of sight, loss of use of legs… then more fluff and happiness in the end.

Word count: 2333

Summary: When the Winchesters call, you always run to help. Even if you should know better by now. 

A/N: Ok, so, this ended up hella longer than I imagined it being…and it’s not as cracky as I imagined…but I like where I went with it. Hope u like it!!

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“Well well. Dean Winchester. Looking good after all this time”.

He sent you a grin, making his way over from baby to you.

“Sweetheart, I saw you just a few months ago”.

You sighed, shoving him lightly.

“I know that, Dean! I was tryna act all movie star-ish”.

He chuckled, shaking his head before wrapping his arms around you and pulling you into him.

You held onto his shirt, inhaling his scent as he placed a kiss in your hair.

“How’ve you been?”

“Eh, I’ve been good. Hunting. Making sure I avoid your dumb asses. Just the regular shit”.

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Too sensitive

There’s this idea and once you start to think about it it’s kind of funny because it’s so absurd. The idea that some other person can do or be “too much” of something or “too little” of something and I am the all-knowing person who knows just the right amount.

So, for example, I can say, “you talk too much” because I know what the exact right amount of talk a person should do is. You talk too much / too little / too loud / too calm / too fast / too slow. You’re too emotional, too cold, too insensitive, too sensitive.
Seriously, is there anyone here who has never said or heard “you’re too sensitive” or “I’m too sensitive”? 

Let’s check the “talking too much” example first.

So, I guess we all can agree that me saying I know the exact right amount of talk a person should do is kind of absurd. Nevertheless, there are of course situations in which another person talks more that I want to hear.
That’s it. More than I want to hear at that given moment. Not because they do too much or too little of something but because I do or don’t want to hear more at that moment. Maybe another day, they might talk only a little and it is already “too much” for me. Maybe they might talk a lot more and it will still not be “too much” for me. It has nothing to do with the other person having the “correct amount” but with me only being able to take a certain amount at a given moment.
So, instead of saying “You talk too much” what if I say “I’m not able anymore at the moment to connect with what you are saying. I’m getting tired. Please stop and let us continue the conversation some other time.” 

Back to the “too sensitive” example.
I guess you’ve understood the concept now. When someone says “you’re too sensitive” it’s not that you are too sensitive. It’s just that you’re more sensitive than what the other person can manage right at that moment.
Yes, if you have grown up in an abusive family, the situations in which you’re being more sensitive than what the other person can manage right at that moment may happen more often than for persons who have grown up with non-abusive parents. It still doesn’t mean that you’re too sensitive. You’re just the natural amount of sensitive given your past experiences.
You are just being more sensitive to harsh words than the average person with a healthy self-esteem and you don’t have that self-esteem because your parent hasn’t supported you in building that up so you have to do it now yourself. You’re just being more sensitive to a lack of love or support or safety than the average person because your parent didn’t fill your inner tank with those needs when you were a child so you have to do it now yourself.
You can never be “too sensitive”. You might be more sensitive than the average person around you and in some cases it might be good, in others it might be useful to be only “as sensitive as the others” - something you should not reach by putting yourself down and “hardening up” but by connecting with the reasons beneath the sensitivity through therapy or self-help - but… anyway, who’s to say that the other persons are the “right amount” of sensitive? Particularly in a society where there’s a lack of empathy and feelings and needs are seen as weak? 

Let’s end with two of my favourite quotes:

“Parents need to fill a child’s bucket of self-esteem so high that the rest of the world can’t poke enough holes to drain it dry…”
– Alvin Price, 101 Ways to Boost Your Child’s Self-Esteem 

“It’s not our job to toughen our children up to face a cruel and heartless world. It’s our job to raise children who will make the world a little less cruel and heartless.”
― L.R. Knost, Two Thousand Kisses a Day: Gentle Parenting Through the Ages and Stages

More: Preparing the children for a tough world

Book Smart

I am a voracious reader, always have been.  I discovered the “Supernatural” books years ago gathering dust at my favorite second-hand bookstore and purchased the whole series for $10.  I’ve always been a fan of paranormal stuff so they were right up my alley.

The books were chock full of monsters, ghosts, and demons but I found myself more drawn to the complex relationship between the two brothers, Sam and Dean.  My relationship with my own sister was difficult and the lengths Sam and Dean were willing to go for each other intrigued me.

I read those books over and over.  The spines grew bent, and the pages tattered, but when my work at the hospital made me sad and drained me, Sam and Dean were there to take me away.

When I heard they were making the books into a TV series. I have to admit I was pretty skeptical.  I couldn’t imagine any show would be able to get Sam and Dean right.  Especially Sam. I had such a thing for him.

That combination of strength, intelligence, vulnerability, and faith just did it for me.  He had been through 10 lifetimes worth of pain and damage but he was still determined to do the right thing.

So when the show premiered I watched but didn’t expect much. But it was good.  And I kept watching.  It was Sam and Dean from my beloved books.  This Eric Kripke guy had gotten it right.  

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& darling, not knowing how to
love someone doesn’t mean
you don’t know how to love,
they say we see love however
we first need it most - we
magnet words to colors
we’re supposed to be, yet
neglect to drain the holes in
these thoughts; you can wrap
maybes around me & still
make me feel warm & though
you don’t believe in yourself,

you’re all I believe in

Cheap diy filter!

This one is crude, but it still works well and cost barely anything. It’s good for up to a low stocked 15 gallon and other things can be added to make it even more effective.

supplies: a water bottle that’s mostly straight, a filter sponge, ceramic media (enough to fill the bottle, an air stone, airline tube, air pump, suction cup and drill. Optional devil’s ivy/pathos.

Starting with the bottle cut off the bottom, about half an inch is fine, just so it’s open. About half an inch below the opening you just created drill holes around the bottle. These will be your draining holes. On the back drill a hole for your suction cup to fit on sturdy, you can hot glue or silicone it if you wish. On the cap drill 4 holes straight down. Last hole will go just before the cap, this will be for your airline tube.

Now get your tube ready and push it through the hole you just created pulling it up all the way. Attach you air stone and pull it back down so it’s as low in the bottle as it can be.

Take your sponge and cut it in half, then cut an X into one side going about half deep. Slide this over the cap of your bottle.

Now fill your bottle up with the ceramic media. It’s easier if it’s not in the bag. If you wish to have nitrate filtration before its filled all the way add a few stems of pathos (you will need light in the room for this). Finish filling it up to the holes you drilled.

Place it in your tank where you want with the holes at water level or just a bit below, don’t let water pour in through the top. Plug it in and you should be good to go after that.

The Light Princess

Once upon a time there lived a King and Queen. They were a happy couple but, more than anything in the world, they wanted a child. It took years but the royals finally got what they wished for. A beautiful baby daughter. Her hair was a golden as the sun, and her cheeks as pink as roses.

Following tradition, the King and Queen organised a christening for their daughter. They were delighted to be having the celebration, and invited all but one person in the Kingdom. That person was Makemnoit, the King’s sister. She was a spiteful and sour woman, and the King and Queen didn’t want her to ruin such a joyous occasion.

However, through unfortunate events, Makemnoit heard of the christening and was fuming that she hadn’t been invited, yet strangers had.

She would show them what happened to people who wronged her.

And so, on the day of the christening, when happiness was at its peak, Makemnoit burst through the hall doors, creating a ripple of murmurs across the hall before they settled into a sea of silence.

The blood drained from the King’s face.

Makemnoit smiled a devilish grin, an evil glint in her eye. Her brother knew he had made a mistake and had to suffer the consequences.

Slowly, Makemnoit made her way towards the small Princess who was lying in her cot at the far end of the hall. With each clack of her heel on the wooden floor came an intake of breath from each person present.

When Makemnoit reached the cot, she took a long look at the Princess. It was a shame what she was about to do. She really was a gorgeous baby. If the King hadn’t turned her away from her own family’s celebrations, none of this would be necessary. But he had. And so it was.

In a clear voice, so that everyone could hear, Makemnoit cursed the Princess. By midnight, gravity would have no effect on her, and she would have to be held down to save her from floating away.

With that, Makemnoit turned on her heel and left without another word.

Whispers filled the hall, fear rising.

As soon as conversations began, the King stopped them, sending his subjects home so that he and his wife could prepare necessary safety precautions for their Princess.

Years passed and the Princess grew into a young woman. Still no cure had been found for her. This concerned the King and Queen as their daughter, now known as the Light Princess, stayed as light as a feather and could be blown away as easily as one. Not only that but the Light Princess hadn’t shed a single tear since the curse, and could not be made to see the serious side of anything.

Despite her curse, an activity remained that she could do just as well as anyone else. It was swimming. Swimming in the lake was one of her favourite pastimes. It made her feel normal because, in the water, gravity regained its effect on her.

As a result, the Court of Philosophers that the King and Queen had hired to find a cure for their darling daughter proposed a possible one. If the Light Princess cried, gravity may regain its effect on her.

This proposal, however, was wholly flawed. The Light Princess never cried. And if she ever did, there was no evidence that her tears could cure her.

Even with this in mind, the King and Queen decided it was their only hope, and tried everything they could to make the Light Princess cry.

Nothing worked.

Each day a new method was tried in the hope it would bring tears to the Light Princess’ eyes. Heart-wrenching and heart-warming tales were told. She even cut fifty kilograms of onions in the kitchens. Not a single tear was shed. After each attempt, the Light Princess just returned to the lake for a swim, unmoved.

One day when the Light Princess was swimming in the lake, a Princess from a neighbouring Kingdom walked past. Upon seeing the Light Princess splashing in the water, she assumed she was a drowning maiden. With haste, the Princess undressed to her under garments and dived into the water to save her.

When the Princess brought the Light Princess onto land, the Light Princess began to rise towards the sky. The Princess grabbed her ankle to stop her floating away while the Light Princess demanded to be put back into the water. She was a perfectly capable swimmer who didn’t need saving. Not to mention she was the Light Princess and in no way appreciated the way in which she was being handled.

Alarmed, the Princess pulled the Light Princess back down to Earth and into the lake, apologising profusely.

The Light Princess, back in the water, accepted the apology and looked over the Princess. “You’re not from around here, are you?” She commented. If she was, she’d know about the gravity not affecting her.

The Princess shook her head and explained that she was also a Princess but from the next Kingdom, and that she’d got lost and thought the Light Princess was drowning.

The Light Princess’ opinion of her softened and she invited the Princess to join her in the water. The Princess accepted, and the two of them swam together for the rest of the evening, getting to know each other better.

Every day for weeks on end, the Princess waited at the lake for the Light Princess to arrive so that they could swim together and spend more time in one another’s company.

Over time, the two Princesses fell for each other and relished the few hours they saw each other each and every day.

The Princess wanted nothing more than to make the Light Princess her wife, but she knew that, as long as gravity had no effect on the Light Princess, they couldn’t get married.

Meanwhile, Makemnoit, who lived in the forest by the lake, noted the time that the Princesses were spending together. Still sour and spiteful, she didn’t want the Light Princess to be happy. So Makemnoit schemed and plotted to try and find a way to stop them being together.

Finally, she hatched her perfect plan. If there was no water, the Princesses would not be able to have time alone with each other. Makemnoit made a hole to drain the lake and stopped the springs from running. She took every source of water away from the Kingdom. Even the babies no longer cried water.

The next time the Princesses met, the Princess had to hold the Light Princess close to her to stop her from floating away. They talked and talked, and realised the only way that the Light Princess could swim again, would be if a person blocked the hole which was draining the lake.

The Princess offered, even though she knew that whoever blocked the hole would die. But if it would make the Light Princess happy for the rest of her life, she was willing to do it. All she asked was that the Light Princess kept her company while the lake filled.

Resentfully, the Light Princess accepted the offer and sat in the lake as it filled while the Princess blocked the hole draining it.

After a while, the Princess began to splutter as the water from the lake threatened to fill her lungs. The water level slowly rose higher and higher until the Princess could no longer breathe.

Just as the Princess was about to drown, the Light Princess panicked, not yet ready to lose her love, used the Princess’ weight to ground her. She frantically dragged her from the lake and over land to her old nurse.

Her old nurse was a wise old woman and knew what was most likely to keep the Princess alive. If she and the Light Princess tended to her all night, it was possible she could live a long and healthy life.

And so, minute after minute, hour after hour, the Light Princess remained by the Princess’ side tending to her, keeping her breathing steady and making sure she was comfortable. The night dragged and each second felt like a year.

As the sun began to peek through the curtains, the Princess began to stir. Her eyes fluttered. Her fingers twitched. Seeing this, the Light Princess fell from her seat to the floor and cried in relief. Her Princess was going to be okay!

“Please don’t cry for me.” The Princess croaked.

That just made the Light Princess cry harder. They could live the rest of their lives together in happiness.

It was at that moment that the Light Princess realised she was lying on the floor without being held down.

She was cured.

Overcome with emotion, she jumped to her feet and kissed the Princess square on the lips.

Though weaker than she’d ever been, the Princess felt a grin spread across her face and a tear containing all her delight fall from her eye. She vowed that, once she’d taught the Light Princes how to walk, they would marry and travel the world together.

Time passed and, slowly but surely, the Light Princess learnt how to walk, the Princess never leaving her side. When she could walk unaided, the Princesses wed, the Light Princess able to walk down the aisle. It brought tears to the eyes of everyone in the Kingdom.

Makemnoit was the only person who did not come to the wedding. Her curse had been undermined and it caused the lake to overflow, flooding her house and taking her life with it.

Now blissfully untroubled by Makemnoit, the Princesses were able to live contentedly. As time went on, their family grew, both of them bearing children, none of whom lost their gravity. They all loved each other and lived together happily ever after.

anonymous asked:

Hey can I request for an s/o who is from Niflheim, how would the chocobros react? Are they a spy? Generic citizen? Migrated from Lucis since its education system is better?

This has got to be the hardest one yet, I absolutely suck at politics in Eos, and went through like 4 scenarios with Noctis, but I think they came out okay. (Squints at Noctis’ story suspiciously) ٩(ˊᗜˋ*)و



“Y/n did you get hit in today’s hunt?” Noctis called standing behind you.

You flinched, your hair was pulled into a ponytail as it was so humid that you couldn’t do anything with that friz of a mess. Yet it left your neck exposed, and he must have seen it.

“No, that’s old.”

Prompto tilted his head, “I don’t recall ever seeing it.”

“I normally wear collars, or my hair down. Let’s just stop talking about it.” You muttered, glancing away from the others to stare into the fire.

“It looks…”

You jumped from your chair as you felt Noctis’ fingers brush against the wound on the back of your neck. Knocking it over as you back away from the man, almost into the fire, if both Ignis and Gladiolus didn’t grab a hold of you in time.

“Y/n, are you okay?” Noctis asked.

You fidget with your hands, glancing toward Noctis before looking away, before sighing heavily, “No, it’s about time I told you.” You muttered, as you turned your back to Noctis, lifting your shirt to show the large burn upon your back leading to the  black mark on your neck, using your shirt to wipe away the make up, revealing a Niflhiem brand.

“I was…I was originally sent to you as a spy, when I rejected to harm your family, I was made an example of. I’m a trader to my home.” You stated head lowered, waiting for the others reaction.

“When did this happen?” Prompto asked.

“I was a kid.” You shook your head pulling back down your shirt, before turning to look to Noctis, lowering yourself to your knees, before lowering your head, “I do not have a home and I can no longer ask for you to turn a blind eye,” You moved your ponytail off your neck. “Noct,” You quickly corrected yourself, “Noctis, I’ll never be able to apologize enough, and I’m willing to take whatever punishment you see fit.”

Moments passed, yet the Prince did not move, only to do so, as you summoned a knife, bringing it to your neck. Only to have it fly from your hand by a swift slash of Noctis’ sword.

“Noctis, please!” You begged, “Allow me to die with some honor!”

“You gave your life to me.”

You froze, the night you finished your KingGlavie training, you made a promise to the man before you, that your life would forever be his. No matter what future they would come against, bringing your hands to your face, you couldn’t help but cry. “Noctis.”

A warm hand rested on your head, as Noctis knelt before you, “It’s fine.”

“Thank you…”


“I hate this place.” You muttered, rubbing your hands on your shirt. “Everything always felt so heavy.”

“Right, your  Dad is  from Niflheim.” Prompto stated, as you maneuver the group through old battle worn streets, avoiding MTs by moving out the marching zones. “You’re pretty good at this.”

“Had to be.” You called over your shoulder, ducking in an alleyway, “How else did you think I got out?”

“You escaped?” Ignis inquired, as you nodded.

You braced your back against a building glancing around, before smiling, “Gladio, mind giving me a lift?” You called, as the large man gave you a boost up to a fire escape, lowering the ladder for the others to climb after you.

“Are you sure this is the best way to get through the city?” Noctis asked, as you pulled the ladder up behind Ignis.

“Only way without getting shot by MTs and having them call in reinforcements.” You explained, as you turned to the window of the fire escape you were on. Pressing your face against the glass, seeing the place abandoned. “And since this is a border town, we need to be as careful as possible, I’m still registered under my birth Father’s name, so if I get caught I’m screwed. Stand back.”

Summoning one of Prompto’s guns, you slammed the butt of the pistol against the window, creating a small enough hole to reach our hand in to unlock the window, before sliding it up as you crawled in.

“Dude, your girlfriend’s so much cooler than you.” Noctis chuckled, to Prompto, as you opened the Fire escape door.

“I know.” Prompto cooed, as they all entered the dark building flashlights coming on.

“What is this place?” Gladiolus asked, as you by passed a couple of desks.

“It was a car factory, but they closed it down, when they shut down the town. We’re going to head down to the basement and use the underground tunnels to escape. MTs, at least the defective ones around here dont fair well in water, makes them slow, and rusty. We can get to the base that has your Dad’s car that way.” You explain leading them through the dark hallways of the building by your flashlights.

“Any idea of how long that will take?” Noctis asked.

“No idea,” You replied, “The base they took the Regelia to is about 2 hours south from where I left. I traveled at night in the back of a truck to get here, and then hightailed it across the border.”

“Would this place have any blueprints?” Prompto asked.

You puckered your lips, “Maybe…They’d be in the basement if anything.” You reply opening a staircase, stating you were all on the 3rd floor, as your group managed getting to the basement door, finding it locked.

“We could break it down.” You replied, kneeling before the lock.

“What if there’s an alarm on the other side?” Noctis asked, no one really wanted to fight MTs in a basement of a old car factory.

Prompto placed a hand on your shoulder, “Why don’t you just pick the lock, sweetie.”

You flushed, “Because I didn’t want them to know that I can do that.” You muttered, as you removed a bobby pin from your hair.

“Have to state, a lot of your unsavory skills have come in a pinch today.” Ignis replied.

“Thanks?” You question, hearing the click of the door.

“Is everyone in Niflheim trained in this kind of stuff?” Noctis asked, as you all descended the stairs into the basement of the factory.

“I’m the only one, I know of.” You shrugged, glancing around, before pointing to a draining hole cover. “We get in there and we’re as good as gone.”

Everyone jumped as they heard what could only be MT footsteps echoing on the floor above you, and they appeared to be going toward the stairs.  

“Looks like we’re going in blind.” Noctis replied, as Gladiolus removed the cover easily, before being lowered in by the shield. Quickly followed by Ignis, than Prompto, who had called out to you to hurry up, as you ran over shutting the door, and busting the lock before rushing back over to Gladiolus, who lowered you down with the others.

“What did you do?” Prompto asked, as you all begun to looked around trying to get your bearings Gladiolus jumped down after you.

“Broke the lock.” You shrugged nonchalantly.

Gladiolus chuckled as he rubbed your head, “We should have had you tag along from the get go, you’re full of surprises. Where you been hiding this one Prompto?”

“Dude can you not.” Prompto groaned, taking your hand.

“What can I say, I hate Niflheim.” You laughed.


“Big sis!” Iris called, as she stepped around the MT, breaking it’s arm, before slamming into its back, while you rushed forward, slamming a fist into the husk of an android chest .

“Got ya!” You called, as Iris leapt off the magic soldier, you grabbed her hand, spinning her around, to kick at the other soldier attempting to attack you from behind, snapping its neck, as you tossed the younger sibling in the air, before delivering a well placed kick into its chest, as Iris landed beside you.

“Awesome!” Iris and you cheered , as you both double fived each other.

“You two want to save something for the rest of us?” Gladiolus chuckled.

“Ladies first, baby.” You wink to Gladiolus, only to gasp, as you quickly grabbed Iris, before throwing her to Gladiolus, shrieking as a bullet from a downed MT struck you through the chest.

“Y/N!” Gladiolus and Iris called, rushing over to you, as Prompto shot through the creature.

“Babe are you okay?”

You grunt, as you tried setting up to see where the bullet hit you only to collapse back to the ground, “Fuck, Gladdy which side?”

“Your right.”

“Bitch!” You barked, “Shoulder, Rib? My entire arm is numb on that half.”

“Upper shoulder.” Gladiolus stated, as he pulled out a potion, only for you to wave it away.

“Big sis, I’m sorry” Iris cried, as you reached up with your left hand, pushing her hair from her face.

“I’m fine, Iris, I promise.” You smiled, only for your right hand to seize up, as you grunted heavily. “I hate when that happens. Gladiolus, can you get Ignis, I’m going to need one of his daggers.”

As the others crowded around you, you hissed as you allowed Gladiolus to help you up to a sitting position, realizing that the bullet didn’t go through your shoulder as you removed your jacket. Wrapping your arms around Gladiolus’ shoulders, crawling into his lap to use a base while Ignis stood behind you. Reaching out to Iris, as you held the younger siblings hands tightly.

“I do apologize if I cause more discomfort.”

“You’re sweet to worry, Ignis, but it’s fine.” You replied, as you stared into Iris’ eyes. “Iris, don’t worry, I told you I’m fine.” Only to flinch as you felt Ignis remove the bullet, “That never stops hurting.”

“Babe, you’re not bleeding.” Gladiolus replied.

“That’s good, it means it didn’t hit a nerve, and we don’t have to waste a potion.” You replied, as you released Iris’s hands, reaching for Ignis dagger. “You mind lighting it?”


“I need to fry the wires and close the holes before I get dirt or water in it.” You respond.


You gave a soft huff, “I didn’t really want this known, but my shoulder is made of MT parts.” You explained.

“MT parts?” Prompto inquired, as you took the flaming dagger from Ignis.

A grunt of pain escaped as you burned the flesh close with the tip of the knife before repeating to the area Ignis had dug the bullet out, “That never gets easier, thanks.” you call to Ignis, your attention turning back to Gladiolus as he turned you to face him.

“Y/N, explain.”

“I…what’s the best way to explain this, when I was a little kid, I was abducted by Niflheim, as a kid with limited family, I was the perfect candidate to be used as a MT with a human base. We were suppose to be used as spies within the kingdom, but unfortunately for them it didn’t work, many of us were killed, the few of us that did escape, are stuck with these messed up parts.” You explained, as you rolled your shoulder, only to gasp as you felt Iris jump into your lap.

“Big sis! Are you sure that you’re okay?”

“I promise you, I’m fine, lucky it hit my shoulder and nothing else.” Only to gasp, as you ended up being stuck in an Amicitia bear hug. “Gladdy, Iris.”

“How much of your body is MT?” Noctis asked, as you peeked around the siblings.

“Only my shoulder. It shouldn’t cause any troubles since I closed it.” You replied, “I shouldn’t have kept it a secret, but people don’t really react to me stating that I have MT in me all too well. People can be harsh about it.”

“Y/n we would never think that, right Gladdy?” Iris cried looking up toward your boyfriend, as he turned you to him.

“Never.” He called, as he pressed his lips against yours.


“An airship? Really!” Prompto groaned, as the large aircraft landed before your group.

“Does it appear larger than normal?” Noctis called.

“Should we regroup and try to…Oh and they’re going head on.” You muttered, watching as the others rushed onto the field. Giving a sigh as you summoned a lance, following after them. Only to stop as you stared at the make and model of the MT. “Ignis!”


“These aren’t normal MT, they’re an order model remade with higher specs, so they’re going to be tougher to break through.” You call, as you vaulted over Gladiolus to strike an MT down.  Only for everyone to gasp looking up to see a Hurricane above.  

“This is the last thing we need.” Gladiolus groaned, as the large creature swept down, knocking quite a few of the MT out the way. Yet more still came from the airship.

“Everyone regroup!” Ignis called, as everyone quickly circled around each other.

“What’s the plan Specs?” Noctis asked, as the MT’s begun picking themselves off the ground.

“We’re out numbered, and that Hurricane is not taking likely to us being so close to it’s nest.” You stated, glancing around.

“Y/N is right, should we focus on only one enemy, we’re bound to leave ourselves open to the other. We need a diversion to escape the Hurricane’s area.” Ignis stated.

You guys glanced toward one of the MT’s that had gotten knocked over, its helmet missing, a you saw the serial number. “I can get us out of this.”

“How?”Prompto muttered.

“We’ll have 20 minutes to gain distances but that’s if this works.” You stated stepping away from the group as all the MT’s eyes went to you. “Commander override, hostile airborne, protect. Over ride 1-2-2-4-Alpha. Hostiles are retreating south, southwest ”

The red eyes of the creatures, staring at you before all saluting, as they all turned about face and ran off in the opposite direction your group was headed.

“Let’s go.” You call, your eyes locking with Ignis before you glanced away, too ashamed to look at any of them.

To keep everyone safe for the night, you all found a motel to crash in, you had opted to stay within the room to shower, while the others went to find something to eat in town. Only to be brought from your thoughts as you heard the door open, yet not the familiar noise of everyone.

“Ignis, I…”

“You don’t need to explain to me what happened.”

You sighed heavily, “I do, I was, how to put this, learnt, brainwashed, forcibly educated to become a commander for the MTs as my parents did. Top of my class, two years early. On my first mission, I…I froze, I called off the attack, self destructed my units. I became a disgrace, I didn’t know what to do, so I changed my last name and moved to the outskirts of Insomnia, I slowly attempted to forget my old life, but I guess…that was too much to wish for.”

You waited for Ignis to say something, yet instead found the man, moving to sit beside you on the bed, placing a hand over your own.

“Your past does not define who you are, my love, I love who I’ve met, and know.”

You moved closer to the man, resting your head against his shoulder, as his arm wrapped around you.