drain hole

his soul was a QUASAR, a celestial destined to create galaxies. stardust formed cerulean eyes blessed by luminous astrals. constellations foretold a tragic ultimatum in lucian blood, a black hole draining all light and essence. heart heavy, the last scion stands tall. upholding his legacy, he becomes a beautiful nebula– for remnants of a supernova will grant eternal tranquility

Serenade of Water, by MajeedBadizadegan

For nine days in a row while on the Garden Island I woke up at 5:30AM so I could see stuff like this. Out there, by myself, at sunrise; it was amazing and sometimes exhausting. This is a spot similar to Thor’s Well. It’s like Thor’s long lost brother or something. I actually like this spot better than Thor’s. I like how the waves crash over the rocks here and the drain pattern is really appealing. The first time I was trying to find this place, I parked along a dirt road. I walked about 1/3 mile in the dark of the morning, only to realize I’d left my tripod in the car. I did my best Bear Grylls by sprinting back like British special forces over uneven terrain– but alas, I missed the best light of that morning because of my forgetfulness. It did give me a good excuse, and I returned here for this sunrise a few days later. Do you love landscape photography? So do I, so much that I teamed up with the Improve Photography network to create the first show dedicated to nature photography, please go check it out if you’re interested: Tripod: The Nature Photography Show on iTunes