draiman hawke

“Where are your tears, Draiman?! He was your best friend and he just died!!

“You know I loved him!”

This is just an illustration on one of the most emotional scenes from TWD RP I am doing with @aura-assassin. I had to kill off one of my characters and this was the end result…Ivan (so smol) yelling at Draiman for not “caring”. He is also pissed off that Draiman refuses to discipline his daughter, Harlow; because he feels that Harlow is responsible for the character’s death. (She really wasn’t.)

R.I.P: Giovanni Long
Cause of Death: Eaten alive by a horde of Walkers.

Draiman followed the long dark hallway, keeping his hand on the wall in case there was a door way or another hallway connected. His fingers came across a light switch. He flicked it but nothing happened—powers out. “Dammit…” He choked. “H-Harlow, where are you??”

He could hear her crying interrupted by the occasional humming she did in an attempt to calm herself down but he couldn’t pinpoint her location due to the echo. After a moment of stumbling in the dark he came into an open area, dimly lit by emergency lights that were on their last legs. There in a far corner Draiman saw a spot of red, it was Harlow. “Leave me alone…” She sobbed pitifully; but he ignored her making his way closer.

“You didn’t do anything wrong, Harlow…”

“I k… I killed…” She couldn’t even manage to say it. “I-Ivan h-hates me…” It was at that moment Draiman saw the hunting knife in her hands.

“Baby, I need you to give me the knife.” He demanded calmly while stepping closer.

“I’m so sick of this dad… I don’t want to do this anymore… I just want to turn it all off…”

Draiman tried to speak but the words got caught in his throat. He couldn’t even find the words as a shaky sigh escaped from him. “…Are you crying?” She asked. Draiman calmly took the knife from his daughter and tossed it aside. “Do you hate me too?” She asked. Sitting himself on the floor he held out a hand, “Harlow, I-I could never hate you…” Without any hesitation Harlow climbed into his lap and he held her close, finally letting the tears flow.

There had been so much piling up that he couldn’t be strong any longer. Everything that he had been carrying on his shoulders spilled out in tears. “I’m s-so sorry daddy!” Harlow sobbed. “I-It’s not your fault! N-no matter what anyone says…I-I’m so g-glad you’re here with m-me! I-I d-don’t know w-what I would have done…i-if…if…I lost you too.”

((I tried so hard to save this piece. I redid it…saved the mdp, merged the layers before saving the png. I don’t know what to do anymore to get the pixels off. I’m done with it–so whatever. I want to move onto something else. still proud of it regardless. Anyway, this part really broke me. So I had to draw it out. And to be perfectly honest I am a little nervous sharing my writing with you too…so please be nice. >///<;; ))

RIP–Giovanni Long

I’m pretty proud of this piece…
I got the idea from another pic…so I am not taking full credit for it. I can’t find the picture right now…but it was of the Hetalia Trio. ^^;; As soon as I find it I shall site it properly. (I am sorry…I needed a reference…it seems I can’t draw without one anymore…*cries*)

Anyway, this is (in order, left to right): Ivan, Draiman, and Tough Cookie (otherwise known as Iris.)
In my alternate universe I created…Draiman is in a band called the Draconian Age. (Haha! See what I did there?) These are his band mates. Ivan is the Drummer, and Iris does a bit of everything–guitar, piano, violin…she is pretty talented. Well. They all are. Draiman is the vocalist and guitarist. (Iris takes over when needed.) Aaaand their other band member isn’t in this picture…lol.

Oh! Ivan and Iris are brother and sister. :D
They are precious. I love them.

((Fun fact: Ivan and Iris weren’t supposed to be so important…I actually created them in the SIMS so Draiman could have band mates…but I fell in love with their character designs…I gave them personalities…and BOOM. They are important now. These three are inseparable.))

Stupid phone…keeps putting pics on the side…anyway, quick sketch I am gonna clean up a little later. Ivan is making funny faces behind Draiman while he is sleeping. They are on tour…poor Draiman is exhausted. Lol.


Here is the picture I used for reference!!

Fun fact…Before I even knew the names of the band members of FFDP…I had named my drummer Ivan Meyer…the lead singer of FFDP for those who don’t know…is Ivan Moody…and I was ACTUALLY thinking about naming my character Ivan Moody before I decided on Ivan Meyer. Haha. (Kinda wish I kept Ivan Moody. It’s an awesome name! ;) )

Draiman and Harlow WIP

I’m very pleased with this piece so far!! :D Especially since I just started using a new software… ^^
Jacob is helping me out with Draiman’s armor because I suck with armor. >//<;

I will definitely touch this up a bit more and color it!! I just love how they turned out!! Not to toot my own horn or anything, but I think I captured their feelings perfectly. Draiman is raging, and ready to kick some ass. While Harlow looks exhausted, sad, and afraid. She just wants to go home. lol.


Very proud of this. JUST LOOK AT DRAIMAN’S FACE!! ;w; And I haven’t drawn enough baby Harlow. Look how precious she is! In her little princess dress.

Anyway, this was originally supposed to be just a doodle. Buuut it turned into something better! And I am SO GLAD it was in my sketch book. x_x;

I wish I could get my tablet to work…because I want to color this.

This picture takes place in a new Roleplay I’m doing with Matt and Jacob. (Yes, another one.) It’s pretty much like the Walking Dead. But with our own twists. Yeah. I’m gonna have Draiman have this picture of him and Harlow in his Wallet. :) It’s too sweet. <3

A Meme I am currently working on. My hand hurts, so I am stopping for now.
I decided to add in my old characters, and my newest character! ^^ Here they are in order…

1) Freya
2) Jayden Demogorgon (Sister of Freya, and Seth)
3) Seth Demogorgon (Brother of Jayden and Freya)
4) Draiman Hawke
5) Raphael Hawke (Draiman’s Brother)
6) Harlow Hawke (Draiman’s Daughter)
7) Ivan Meyer
8) Iris Meyer (aka- Tough Cookie; Ivan’s Sister)
9) Giovanni Long (Ivan’s Boyfriend)
10) Michonne

Everything is messy because my hand is killing me…ugh.
Anyway…Just so you know:
-Freya is a half demon.
-Jayden and Seth are full blooded demons. They both aren’t too fond of Freya…but Jayden is a lot nicer to her than Seth is. Her and Seth don’t exactly see eye to eye…

That’s all I can’t think to tell you right now.
Hope you like.