Yoongi said

everyone who biased him is weird because he himself thinks hes ugly.
Well news for you Agust D you’re freaking handsome you’re smile can heal anything, your rap skills are fantastic, your eyes light up the dark and your skill to write those lyrics is amazing! Don’t drah yourself down like that, even for fun. You’re one of the most handsome people ever, I really wanna meet you someday and talk about music or stuff and I hope you will someday notice how precious you are, especially without all that makeup and behind the scenes.

“I fall in love with people’s passion, the way their eyes light up when they talk about the thing they love, and the way they fill with Light.”

Drahs pulled the blinds of his office shut with a disgruntled grumble. “Anything but this holiday.”

“I know. The place looks obnoxious.” Selise agreed easily.

Shaudia made some nervous movement next to the doctor. “I don’t know…it’s kind of nice. Especially if you have someone to spend it with.”

Selise took that as her cue to excuse herself before she made the other medic more uncomfortable. Perhaps Drahs would gripe enough for the both of them. He sure had enough reason to do so.

That realization filled her with guilt. 

Seemingly overnight, the city had become filled with all things holiday; gossip about plans, vendors peddling gifts, and pink…dear Light the amount of pink. Yes, she had someone to spend the holiday with, but none of these other things mattered to her. They even slightly annoyed her. Granted it may have been due to her hatred of trying to find the perfect gift for someone, or perhaps it was that trying to make plans, especially anything classified as a ‘date’, always made her teeter on the edge of panic.

By the time she made it halfway across the city, she still couldn’t shake the topic. She supposed the little things were nice gestures, but the doctor had never felt a strong connection with someone because they gave her a really nice gift. What really resonated with her was when you could see a topic transform a person. There was a certain passion that illuminated people when they spoke about things which truly mattered to them. She see that in many people, but she definitely saw it in Nick.

It was abundantly clear to her now that his passion was the people he cared about. When he talked about the family he lost, Rose or his daughters, he became a completely different person. The first time it happened it had shocked her. Though she did her best to hide it, she hadn’t expected his sharp sarcasm to be able to coexist with the amount of compassion he showed, nor would she have guessed that he’d pick her, of all people, to open up to.

While Selise knew she’d never replace his family, she did want to try and bring back some of the happiness she saw when he talked about them. Given Nick’s temperament after that boy had stabbed her, Selise was worried she would become a source of paranoia for him instead. The topic of fixing that had a habit of floating through her thoughts at work, but she never reached any answers. Whenever she tried to ask subtle questions about what would make him happy here, he gave simple answers. It was always along the lines of just having time together was enough, but there had to be something more than that. Didn’t there?

Selise didn’t really know, but what she did know was that the clock tower was starting to chime eight bells. If she could make it through the Mage District before the noise ceased, then she’d continue her record of being home on time.


Topic in Science for today is about Constellations...
  • Reporter: Now, we will learn about the constellation Draco (pronounced as DRAH-ko)
  • Friend: It's DRAYco
  • Me: *sniggers* Ikr, *in tom felton voice* It's Draco Malfoy
  • Reporter: Now, the next is of a woman named Cassiopeia
  • Friend: You mean, Hermione right?
  • Both of us: *high fives each other*
The Dragon War

In the Merethic Era, when Ysgramor first set foot on Tamriel, his people brought with them a faith that worshipped animal gods. Certain scholars believe these primitive people actually worshipped the divines as we know them, just in the form of these totem animals. They deified the hawk, wolf, snake, moth, owl, whale, bear, fox, and the dragon. Every now and then you can stumble across the broken stone totems in the farther reaches of Skyrim.

Foremost among all animals was the dragon. In the ancient Nordic tongue it was drah-gkon. Occasionally the term dov-rha is used, but the language or derivation of that is not known. Using either name was forbidden to all except the dragon priests. Grand temples were built to honor the dragons and appease them. Many of them survive today as ancient ruins haunted by draugr and undead dragon priests.

Dragons, being dragons, embraced their role as god-kings over men. After all, were they not fashioned in Akatosh’s own image? Were they not superior in every way to the hordes of small, soft creatures that worshipped them? For dragons, power equals truth. They had the power, so therefore it must be truth. Dragons granted small amounts of power to the dragon priests in exchange for absolute obedience. In turn, the dragon priests ruled men as equals to the kings. Dragons, of course, could not be bothered with actually ruling.

In Atmora, where Ysgramor and his people came from, the dragon priests demanded tribute and set down laws and codes of living that kept peace between dragons and men. In Tamriel, they were not nearly as benevolent. It’s unclear if this was due to an ambitious dragon priest, or a particular dragon, or a series of weak kings. Whatever the cause, the dragon priests began to rule with an iron fist, making virtual slaves of the rest of the population.

When the populace rebelled, the dragon priests retaliated. When the dragon priests could not collect the tribute or control the masses, the dragons’ response was swift and brutal. So it was the Dragon War began.

At first, men died by the thousands. The ancient texts reveal that a few dragons took the side of men. Why they did this is not known. The priests of the Nine Divines claim it was Akatosh himself that intervened. From these dragons men learned magics to use against dragons. The tide began to turn and dragons began to die too.

The war was long and bloody. The dragon priests were overthrown and dragons were slaughtered in large numbers. The surviving dragons scattered, choosing to live in remote places away from men. The dragon cult itself adapted and survived. They built the dragon mounds, entombing the remains of dragons that fell in the war. They believed that one day the dragons would rise again and reward the faithful.

From the book “The Dragon War“ by Torhal Bjorik

Der Kommissar
— Falco

Two, three, four
Eins, zwei drei
Na, es is nix dabei
Na, wenn ich euch erzähl’ die G'schicht’
Nichts desto trotz,
Ich bin es schon gewohnt
Im TV-Funk da läuft es nicht. -
Jah, sie war jung,
Das Herz so rein und weiß
Und jede Nacht hat ihren Preis,
Sie sagt: “Sugar Sweet,
Jah’ got me rapp'in to the heat!”
Ich verstehe, sie ist heiß,
Sie sagt:“Baby, look,
I miss my funky friends,”
Sie meint Jack und Joe und Jill.
Mein Funkverständnis,
Ja, das reicht zur Not,
Ich überreiss’, was sie jetzt will. -
Ich überleg’ bei mir,
Ihr’ Nas'n spricht dafür,
Währenddessen ich noch rauch’,
Die Special Places sind ihr wohlbekannt,
Ich mein’, sie führt ja U-Bahn auch.
Dort singen’s:
“Drah’ Di net um, oh oh oh
Schau, schau, der Kommissar geht um! oh oh oh
Er wird Dich anschau'n
Und du weißt warum.
Die Lebenslust bringt Di um.”
Alles klar, Herr Kommissar?

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Karel Kryl - Morituri te salutant

Cesta je prach a štěrk 
a udusaná hlína 
a šedé šmouhy 
kreslí do vlasů 
a z hvězdných drah 
má šperk 
co kamením se spíná 
a pírka touhy 
z křídel Pegasů 

Cesta je bič 
Je zlá 
jak pouliční dáma 
Má v ruce štítky 
v pase staniol 
a z očí chtíč jí plá 
když háže do neznáma 
dvě křehké snítky 
rudých gladiol 

Seržante písek je bílý 
jak paže Daniely 
Počkejte chvíli! 

Mé oči uviděly 
tu strašně dávnou 
vteřinu zapomnění 
Seržante! Mávnou 
a budem zasvěceni 
Morituri te salutant 
Morituri te salutant 

Tou cestou dál 
jsem šel 
kde na zemi se zmítá 
a písek víří 
křídlo holubí 
a marš mi hrál 
zvuk děl 
co uklidnění skýtá 
a zvedá chmýří 
které zahubí 

Cesta je tér a prach 
a udusaná hlína 
mosazná včelka 
od vlkodlaka 
rezavý kvér 
- můj brach 
a sto let stará špína 
a děsně velká 
bílá oblaka 

písek je bílý 
jak paže Daniely 
Počkejte chvíli! 
Mé oči uviděly 
tu strašně dávnou 
vteřinu zapomnění 
Seržante! Mávnou 
a budem zasvěceni 
Morituri te salutant 
Morituri te salutant

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The signs as artistic struggles
  • Aries: Constantly looking for rolls of tape to fix your broken sketchbook binding
  • Taurus: Misplacing the pencil you had a sentimental attachment to
  • Gemini: Smudging everywhere
  • Cancer: How do i do linEART
  • Leo: Oh geez this person does really good art okay oh man just breathe easy in and out in and out oh gosh
  • Virgo: am I already out of fucking lead jesus h. christ
  • Scorpio: Someone reblog this please don't I at least deserve a note
  • Sagittarius: Art block, you have overstayed your welcome
  • Capricorn: Okay am I
  • really making artistic progress??? or?? i dunno am I just too used to my style by now that I can't recognize any progress I'm making or
  • Aquarius: fuckin open you piece of shit photoshop
  • Pisces: Yeah i'm a droor- er, DRAH-er- um i draw stuff