No joke, this video is the entire reason I got Dragu into Transformers. I was laughing about it, way back in 2007, and she was like “I don’t understand.” And I was like, “Wuuuuttt??!! Clearly we need to watch all of the G1 cartoon so it’ll make sense.” Six years later, we finally finished.

Congrats, Dragu-chan. It’s been a long and strange journey, but if memories of eating ice cream topped with booze while watching homoerotic Saturday morning cartoons aren’t worth cherishing, I can’t imagine what is!

Day 28 of Inktober – Supers roleplay: Claire.

Dragu’s character. I don’t usually draw her, because I’m lazy and wings make everything hard, but she successfully asked a boy out on a date last session, and it was pretty super cute, so I can suck it up just this once…


I was joking how Dragu will eventually split her time between henching for Bridgette and sidekicking for me once Bridgette becomes a super villain and I become a super hero…and this gradually turned into an actual(?) story idea.

So in my long-standing tradition of taking random conversations and turning friends into dysfunctional comic characters, here’s Dragu and Bridgette and me (as a dude, ‘cuz why not) starring in a heartwarming comedy action psychological thriller super hero comic…or something!

For Koumori’s drawing prompt last Sunday, we were randomly assigned another Koumori member and a “character class."  I got Dragu + Healer.

As a weirdo pacifist with an intense and abiding WWI obsession, I clearly had to go with the medic uniform.  Her over-sized syringe is for whenever she ends up in a goofy fighting game, and there’s a corgi mercy dog, because corgis.

I’m still trying out this minimal coloring style, so critique/feedback is welcome!

  • Dragu:Damn, Dom is going to be really hot at 30.
  • Me:XDXDXD. If he makes it?
  • Dragu:He'd damn well better. Depriving the Dome of that hotness would just be a tragedy.
  • Me:XD;;;. I don't know what to say. You're objectifying my baby and it's both awesome and kind of uncomfortable. I should never be an actual parent @.@.