Romanian (or limba română in the language itself) is a Latin-derived language related closely to languages such as Spanish, French, Italian, and Portuguese.

A neat overview from Unravelled about Romanian. Romanian is Slavic a bit like English is Romance: although the core aspects of each language are Romance or Germanic, respectively, they’ve both been heavily influenced by a language from a different Indo-European subfamily. 

Romanian is best known in internet culture for being the language of the Numa Numa song (Dragostea din tea), although that’s from 2004 so it probably qualifies as a vintage internet meme by now. (Do people still remember Numa Numa?) Anyway, you can (re)watch the video and see how much Romanian you can pick up – it’s probably not a lot, even if you speak another Romance language. 

And if you want an even more obscure Romance language, you could always go for Romansh, the least-known among the four official languages of Switzerland. 


“The “Numa Numa Dance”, was a webcam video created by me, Gary Brolsma, on November of 2004. It was submitted online to a website called Newgrounds.com on December 2004.  This website was unique at the time, because Newgrounds mainly offered Flash based movies and animations, so I had to convert the video into Flash format for viewing, as YouTube didn’t exist yet.  Moving forward just two years later to September of 2006, the original Numa Numa Dance video has hit over 15 million views on Newgrounds.com alone, not to mention the other countless number of websites that it is now hosted on since then." 

- http://www.newnuma.com/

November of 2004


Guys. This video is 10yrs old this year. 


The Gangnam Style of 2004.

9 years later and I still know all the Romanian lyrics.