Dragons on land headcannons!!

Mirror: These motherfuckers run like cheetahs, using their wings and tails for balance and sharp turns when racing down prey, and have flexible backs to allow longer strides, eating distances like fucking pros.

Guardians: Their size don’t allow for much finesse, but that doesn’t mean by any chance they can’t be graceful. They move like a large draft horse would, powerful but with a hidden grace to it.

Faes: Among themselves, they move like small birds or insects would, with short bursts of movement followed by even shorter pauses, fins and wings and tails twitching and flicking about.

Tundra: They walk like cattle, easy-going, but have soft steps, walking in near silence. Sometimes they prance and frolic when they find reason enough to. Or maybe just because.

Ridgeback: These giants walk like bears, marching about with heavy and loose steps and an imposing… well, swagger. Don’t be fooled though, they can pick up quite a speed with they feel like it and pummel through whatever - and whoever - is in the way.

Pearlcatcher: Can you believe those snob fuckers sometimes walk like rabbits? Especially when they are holding their pearls on one of their paws. Their back legs are almost twice the size of their front legs, and their backs are quite flexible, so to move in any other way is quite hard. If times call for a run, they hold their pearls on their mouths and dash away.

Snapper: They walk with slow and steady steps, like an elephant would. Their large frames, heavy weight and short legs don’t allow for galloping speed, but a trot with their size can be pretty devastating. They can stand on their hind legs for a few short seconds, but hardly ever do so, since exposing their bellies are almost never a good idea.

Spiral: Flying is honestly the best way for them to move about, but when they don’t, they slither. Their legs are too far apart to allow for actual walking, or running for that matter. They do use their wings and legs as occasional boosts for maneuvering and speed.

Skydancer: Graceful sonsabitches, on air and land. They walk on slow, soft and calculated steps, but ever so graceful, like a deer. Or a crane. Whichever.

Wildclaw: Look at that giant chicken prancing about! No, but honestly, they walk like one, even bobbing their heads every so often. Not when they break on a run, though. Their heads lock at a steady height when they do, their tails and wings used for balance.

Coatl: Ever seen a salamander running? Then you’ve seen a Coatl running. All awkward and adorable. They have quite short legs, but their bodies aren’t long enough to allow a proper slither, but short enough to almost force them to waddle on their bellies. Flying is a better alternative, though.

Imperial: For all their regal looks, they walk like ferrets. Yeah, ferrets. Their bodies are too long for their legs, but their backs are flexible enough they don’t need to drag on their bellies. Instead, they nearly hop about when on land. Sometimes they use the longer limbs of their wings for a boost in speed, as a vampire bat would. Flying is, again, preferable to walking.