Dragoon (竜騎士): also localized as Dragon Knight or Lancer, the dragoon is a recurring job in the Final Fantasy series. First appearing in Final Fantasy II, they have become one of the most iconic job classes in the series. They are powerful physical attackers who wield spears and lances, wearing special armor meant to invoke the imagery of dragons, such as helmets shaped like dragon heads, spikes, and wing/scale designs.


Colt 1847 Whitneyville-Walker pistol

You know it’s an old gun when the word ‘revolver’ wasn’t widely used.
Designed by Samuel Colt for/with Cpt. Samuel H. Walker, Texas Ranger c.1846 ; manufactured c.1847 by Eli Whitney Jr. at the Whitneyville armory for the U.S. Mounted Rifle Regiment Texas Rangers - serial number ‘C Company N°26′.
.44 caliber cap and ball six-shot cylinder, creeping loading lever.

This specific example of the original 1000 Colt Walker revolvers has been renovated in the 1920′s by the R.F. Sedgley Co., which is where it gets its blueing and rear sight from.
The Colt 1847 was originally issued in pairs to be worn in a saddle holster by cavalrymen, was designed to down horses and men alike, and was the most powerful handgun to see serialized production between 1847 and 1934.


Screw Dissidia, I just want to see a fight between these hot dragoon bitches.