My goal was to get Val’anyr before Legion released, because I knew I wouldn’t want to do Ulduar when there was tons of new stuff to do. I started at the beginning of June, so I thought I’d have plenty of time, but I got unlucky and had several weeks where I only got one or two fragments. I thought I was going to get it last week, but I ended at 29! But I finally did it! Twelve weeks and a week to spare.

I’m still working on Dragonwrath on my druid though. I might get it this week if I get really lucky. But luck seems to not ever be my thing with legendaries.


Look what I got todaaaay.

Don’t be rude and talk about how many tiers ago it was. I was actually working on it when Firelands first came out, but left my guild to find a guild doing heroic modes. I fell off that and was in the same stage (stage 3, final) until back in early Pandaria.

Remember when I briefly race changed Rake to a draenei? Yeah…lost ALL progress towards the staff. I was half way done with stage 3. A GM said nothing could be done about it.

An old achievement, but one I’m glad I’ve finally finished. A time commitment, as most legendaries, for sure.

Oh, and something no one tells you…DON’T be in a raid group when you talk to the final dragon for the quest. You will not get credit and you’ll have to make Kalecgos do his speech again. Everyone will be annoyed and rude–or at least people were on my server. They’re jerks though.

Done after two years even though I started it the first week

Big thanks to my SeeD/HoV peeps for getting me started but also SoL for making those last few runs happen.

(Also sorry to everyone in Stormwind for doing the quest twice, I am a dork who didn’t realise that you couldn’t be in a raid group to loot the quest item)