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Trope: Red+Blue Relationship

i color code all my OCs by personality so it was really easy to pick out my red/blue combos actually. though i seem to be more fond of secondary colors.

but i am definitely guilty of red/blue relationships.

even platonically:

i felt an urgent need to draw them so here. cheya and sun are unfortunately not red/blue, they’re actually orange/purple

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httyd 2 is on tv so I'm thinking about Eret and hicretstrid and also Hitchups! Would Hitchups be any different if you knew about Eret before writing it? How would he feature, if at all?

Okay, this is cute XD  Sadly, the ask came at a bad time so I haven’t had a chance to answer it.

So, this somewhat ties into Valka’s presence in Hitchups, which is mostly in the background. She’s there, but she’s not there. Not for the events Hiccup’s experiencing.

Eret’s in the same area…ish.

Let’s say that Hiccup runs into Eret on his return to Berk, in chapter 30/Deserved when they’re at the port in Northumbria weaving through a medley of seamen. Hiccup’s barely registered a broad, dark young man barking in French at some merchants…. His attention’s more on the annoyed blonde before him.

And, yes, Eret did pause in his haggling to cast an amused eye on the scene of a Bog Burglar shouting at some poor sod. The idiot even tried to ‘shush’ her. Eret had shaken his head and returned to his business before witnessing anything else.

Hours later, as he leaves a tavern, he swears he sees the same pair sitting at the bar. The idiot must have done something right.

The next day Eret sets out–-only marginally successful in the pitstop to sell off excess dragon hides before heading back north. But hey, traveling a bit further south has become more and more necessary as humans migrated out of increasingly dangerous territory; almost too dangerous for Drago, who’s been snatching up dragons with equal demand. They’re just picking up speed when he swears he sees the most peculiar thing: a dragon in the distant horizon. It looks like it’s…like it’s playing with a meal of some sort. Swooping up and down, dropping and catching, the creature small and flailing… But then it’s gone in the next rise and fall of his ship, the faint screaming he swore he discerned on the wind absorbed into cresting waves. Oh well. Too late and too far off course if it was a dragon…

And, much like with Valka, Eret deals with Astrid & co. more head on before he deals with Hiccup. In fact, we could argue Eret’s a bit of an antagonist until Hiccup next visits Berk…

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I like the lalitha with the dark hair :)

southernfairyisle replied to your photoset: HOW 👏DOES…

i have a preference for the one on the right, i think it looks a bit softer. if that’s more what you’re going for i’d go for that one, but if not the other one as tehy both look great anyways

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They both look great, but I personally like the one on the left

including asking some ppl irl that’s 5 for the light hair, 6 for the dark hair,

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I would let the one on the left curb-stomp me, and the one on the right nurse me back to life

and then this answer.

still not entirely sure but im leaning towards light hair bc people are saying the dark hair makes her look softer and she’s supposed to be a Force Of Nature

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Trope: Absent Dad is Actually Incredibly Plot Relevant and Probably an Alien/God/Foreign Species

eeeeeh, I’m not fond of that trope? I’m more of “That kid has an absent dad so they adopt a newer, cooler dad to take care of them” kind of guy

but if i have to write it i will write it for jamie bennett

i mean i did write a fic where jamie’s dad was satan once


ive been wanting this ever since i got a  new pair of glasses

Arago groaned. “Ewan, just. Just get the same pair of glasses you always do.”

Ewan, still sporting a huge pair of round framed glasses, snorted. “This might be a revelation for you, Arago, but they don’t usually continue to produce the same exact model for four years. And even if they do, it’s generally not easy to find it again.”

Evening had just fallen, and the two of them were getting glasses after Ewan’s last spare had broken. It was bad enough a situation that Ewan was ushered out of MET early, and they had headed straight to the store. With his prescription, he was more blind than a bat, who at least had echolocation. He’d been silent during the entire ride, having being delegated to the shotgun seat, and seemed to be rigid as Arago guided him around various Obstacles such as the street lamp, a running dog and various other human beings.

But Arago didn’t expect him to lapse into his… Other self while shopping for glasses.

Ewan turned to him. “What do you think?”

“I’m leaving.”

Arago finally left the store when Ewan tried a pair of cat-eye, leopard print glasses.

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((Your baby!Hiccup speaks headcanon reminds me of a fic I read for a different fandom where a character didn't speak at all until he could form full sentences. So he's completely mute until suddenly he just "Can I have some?" (grapes) and his dad just drops everything he's holding and kind of panics while his mom is just like "say please."))

It’s actually a thing! Some kids just sit back and collect a bunch of words and only try them out when they feel they are ready. I can see Hiccup being one such kid.

Haha, I can picture Hiccup being held in Stoick’s arms while Stoick’s in the kill ring, talking to Gobber about repairs, and Hiccup points at the Terror cage and says ‘Can I hugs that?’

And Stoick just about drops him.

Quick OC doodle

Her name is Ranti, I named her after my cousin and accidentally makes it meaningful by finding out it’s another name for leunca or Black Nightshade, which is a toxic plant that can be a cure for cancer if treated right.

Which fits her role and personality in my story.

She’s a cold hearted princess who catches a rogue only to ‘take pity on him’ and decides to be his parole officer to 'prove he can change’. While in reality, she set a trap for him so she can catch him and boost her political standing and popularity with the mass by cutting a deal with the rogue.

Ranti doesn’t like her too soft older brother, whom everyone adores.

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Oh man you are totes a god of creativity. Nobody expects you to request blood sacrifices, but that's a thing. You don't give away things like creative talent tho because wow no that's not how it works okay. But you WILL open their eyes to the beauty around them and the talent they already have, through quests of course. Those mysterious tunes people hear in the woods are you jamming out and they say it's good fortune to hear it, especially if you're lucky enough to hear you mess up and yell.