Here’s a sneak peek at the faux fur tail clutch pouches I’ll have for sale at Califur 2014!

They’re big enough for a phone, hotel key, cash, Purel, or new just pens and art supplies. They have a generous wrist strap so they can be worn with a costume, and between a 6-7” zippered opening.
The wrist strap can even be used to tie them to your belt buckles for an emergency mini tail!

These will be for sale at the con in the artists alley, and any unsold clutches will be for sale on my etsy afterward. Thanks for looking!

Tail Clutches © Dragonsquared

Some pictures from Wondercon 2014!

The kitty has been upgraded from a partial to a full body costume! This was my first attempt at digitigrade shapes with leg padding, and I’m pretty happy with how it turned out. 

Kitty costume made by me, the head was built up on a Keeatah resin base.

The Belcher’s were adorable, Tina and Beefsquach! I think I would make an excellent additional character in Mario Cart, too!