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M!A Dragon!Formers - For one week, or as long as you see fit, your muse will find themselves in their scaly, alternate body, chuffing away and sneaking about gathering shinies... or whatever it is your muse's dragon-self does. have fun and try not to burn any peasant villages down.

New territory is always a little tough to get used to. But it’s not as though he could return to his old place. He didn’t want to, anyway. This was safer.

He could handle a new place, anyhow. This place looked like it had everything he needed. Plenty of food to hunt, places to burrow for a lair, it would work.

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That bear really scratched you up, potential mate. Here, let him gently clean your wounds. His saliva has antiseptic properties.

He’s going to move away from the licking, trying to cover his wounds, even if some of them might look infected. He’s fine. He isn’t weak, and a few scratches won’t bring him down. What do you think you’re doing?

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The dragon finds a spot large enough for it to land, and it folds its wings carefully before heading towards the scent. It isn’t expecting to see the other suddenly hit the ground, though.

/After a couple more attempts of flying, he settles for just walking towards the vaguely familiar scent, giving out a rather loud chirp./

Much later in the evening, he comes back to the nest with more injuries than he had before, one wing now with some tears in it, but the other hiding some eggs. He got injured, yes, but he obtained three dragon eggs. And he’s going to make a show of sitting on them. Alone. Not eating them at all.

His mate will be so jealous and hungry. He hopes.

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Dear, my boyfriend, thank you for making out with me recently, on purpose. That was cool. Those flowers that you totally sent me, were really pretty. Just like you said I am. Love, Bee.

/What is he reading here?/

/So his counterpart has another boyfriend? The Goldbug of this universe? Does Knock Out know about this? Is this some kind of ridiculous soap opera?/

/He tries to write back a letter, which is a bit difficult as a dragon./