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dragonsanddreamscapes asked:

*Sits by imaginary fire with imaginary hot coco* I love your drawings darling! And it's so sweet of you to take requests!

Aw, shucks, thank you! XD  I like taking requests–it makes people happy, which is a good thing, and gives me a chance to draw things I wouldn’t usually think of drawing, which is also really good!  It’s really tiring, though…I’m gonna have to close up shop here pretty soon, so much support from everybody and ahhhh… @o@  This was a good idea, I like this.

Opening Credits: Silver Inches by Enya
Waking Up: Mortal Kombat theme (omg XD)
First Day At School: Miracle by Cascade
Falling In Love: Love is the Groove by Cher
Fight Song: Point of Know Return by Kansas
Breaking Up: Poker Face by Lady Gaga
Life’s OK: Learn to Crawl by Black Lab
Getting Back Together: A Future for the Krogan from Mass Effect 3
Wedding:  Nemo by Nightwish
Birth of Child: Rock and Roll by Led Zeppelin
Final Battle: Me Against the World by Simple Plan
Death Scene: Fallen Embers by Enya
Funeral Song: Live to Rise by Soundgarden (so apparently you’re going to turn into a zombie. XD)
End Credits: Turn the Page by Bob Seger & the Silver Bullet Band

You got some awesome songs. X)