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My innate dwarf appreciation gravitates to anything and everything nug-related.

Hence, the nuggalope rules them all.

Apologies for the scribbly reply. I want to draw ~all the things~ as replies to many asks I’ve received, but time really doesn’t permit lovingly-rendered ones 😟

  • *While doing the "In Exile" quest*
  • Inquisitor: Sure, Sigrid. You and your spirit can join the Inquisition.
  • *Screaming in the distance*
  • Sigrid: What the hell was that?
  • Inquisitor: Oh, that was just our Commander Cullen.
poems for the signs

The fire and blood of a dragon runs through your veins,
and it takes only but a spark to light your fuse
Your soul is an inferno, that wanders through the night, 
wailing like a lonesome wolf.
You are a force to be reckoned with,
with your tempting, but destructive beauty.
You have the ability to scorch even Earth itself,
with just one single glance.
You, my dear, are built out of gold,
one of the most rarest and beautiful things to find in life.
Never lose your flame, for you will lose nothing but yourself.”

You have flowers blooming through your soul,
even in the most darkest and hidden parts of you.
You illuminate a brightness, brighter than the sun,
with your silent radiance.
People are memorized by the power behind your voice,
as the honeyed taste of spilling love falls from your lips.
You are nature itself, grounded and tough,
but pleasuring and lush, like the trees around you.
You are the healer, kissing people’s wounds,
with your undying love.
For you are hard-headed, but not hard-hearted.”

You are the unusual, the chameleon soul,
changing your colors, due to your inner indecisiveness,
that is as wide as the ocean.
Your eyes are like stained glass windows,
holding many colors that represent the wide range of emotions that you hold.
You are the soft skin your lover craves to caress,
the skin that smells of lilac and sunflowers.
Your deception is playful and freeing,
for you are a sharp-tongued lover.
Darling, you are a safe haven, a home,
and anyone who dares to entangle their soul with yours,
will be changed forever.”

You are the nurturer at heart, 
the one that keeps lovers safe in soft silks.
Your soul is bathed in moonlight,
while your tears ripple in the crystal oceans of your collar bones.
The blue-dark belongs solely to you,
and your soft hands part the dark,
letting the light shine through for everyone to be entranced by you.
With beauty as dangerous as a knife,
and love like a double-edged blade,
You are the moon, the keeper of night.”

You are the vibrant goddess of the day, 
with skin as gold as the sun, 
bringing hope to the sunrise. 
Unconditional love brews inside of your photosynthetic heart,
with the ability to keep people alive with a burning desire.
You are sharp-tongued and made of broken glass and honesty,
which is to be admired throughout your life.
There are heartbeats in your eyes that shine so brightly,
you are to be mistaken for the sun itself. 
You are so much more than all of your sins and mistakes,
and all of the tears that stain your radiant eyes,
will soon turn to gems.”

You, my love, are a flower born in the heart of a drought.
Your skin is made of lace and silk, for you are fragile thing,
to be handled with love and care. 
But deep in that pure soul of yours,
lays ardent thoughts and dangerous beauty.
The scars across your heart shall fade like a distant storm,
for you are a soul seeker, a searcher, most importantly, a human.
You are a gentle nymph, singing lovers into a trance,
for you are as lovely and ethical,
as  a faery song.”

For you are a bed of roses, 
with your crimson petal lips and china doll cheeks.
Sometimes you are as bright as the day,
Sometimes you are as dark and mysterious as the night,
you keep people on their toes, waiting for your next move.
You are beauty, in the way that humans so rarely are,
warm and starry eyed,
for you truly are the child of Venus.
You love with the strength of a storm,
but with the kindness of a child.
Darling. you are the oxygen that everyone needs.”

Silver raindrops drip from your lips like stars in the sky,
with hips like a hurricane and a soul to match. 
You are the body electric, the midnight dancer,
with passion that is to not be confused with arrogance. 
You are a supernova, the explosive rebirth,
with a smile that crafts magic.
So many layers and colors you hide, 
contained in your electric heart.
You seep poison into the veins of those who hurt your loved ones,
for your undying passion and love knows no bounds.”

You laugh and smile in sunbeams,
for you are ready to burn through the darkness of the night.
Your everlasting light is buried in the softness of love,
but the untamed dark lingers through your soul.
You, yourself, are a religion, a dreamer,
but as dark and deep as the midnight ocean.
You are so in touch with the earth all around you,
for you have stars in your eyes and moon dust in your hair.
You are a warrior, a light, a fire.”


You, my love, are the definition of inner strength. 
Beyond the hunger of your golden dreams,
a softness remains.
Your soul is a work of art, so bold and unique,
everyone wants a part of you.
tease, touch and dark,
love is something special, and you treat it like gold.
There are sparkles in your doe eyes,
and your touch entrances people,
with the undying mystery and ferocity in every stroke of your love.”

You are made of nocturnal oracles and burning stars,
the brightest stars from all the heavens.
Your brilliant mind is as wide and colorful as the aurora borealis,
and oh, what I’d do to get lost in it for eternity.
Your heart bleeds in water colors, 
for you are the ocean itself,
keeper of the lively tides.
The bruises that paint across you skin are like galaxies,
for you are fully made of star dust.”

You are the galaxy in the skin of a human, the owner of the sky.
Your bruised mouth speaks an intoxicating type of love,
for you are a sweetheart, a seductress.
Your starving soul is desperate to wrap around another,
for you find beauty in the broken. 
Your mystical and rose colored aurora draws admirers in,
for you, yourself are the unknown.
Darling, you leave a trail of stars wherever you go,
for you a wanderess of the night.” 


“So you surely realize by now that…dragon blood courses through my veins. Dragons have not often lived in harmony with humans…or is it vice versa? Yet here I feel as if I can truly be myself without fear or shame. That’s because of you. You have the rare gift of seeing others, or at least me, as if there are no divisions between us. I appreciate this more than you can know. And so, I offer you all my dances in deep gratitude.”

fecipher twitter, 15-11-2016: “Wild Archery, Kiragi” 

[Card Reveal] Kiragi, the Hoshidan prince who has become a kinshi knight. Taking to the battlefield’s skies this time, he fights with his prized bow. While his natural talents certainly let him splendidly fire upon airborne foes, he seeks the whereabouts of the dragon veins, the keys to victory, to support the battles of the royal family! (Illust. Kokon Konfuzi)

anonymous asked:

Camilla for ask meme

First Impression: She’s definitely the queen and their mom. It explains why that blonde girl has purple highlights and purple eyes!

Impression now: Well she’s pretty much their mom emotionally lol

Favorite Moment: Putting her axe to Hinoka’s throat and smugly telling her how she’s Corrin’s sister and how Hinoka should count herself lucky that Corrin was there and was kind enough to spare her was pretty badass. The absolute smugness was practically oozing off of her in that scene holy moly

Idea for a story: B I R T H R I G H T  A U

Unpopular opinion: I don’t mind her design or character at all. I can’t get mad about her outfit being there for fanservice when characters like Odin exist. I also can’t get mad about her character being there for fanservice when the creators literally said they made Leo and Takumi’s characters to be romantically appealing to women. So, eye for an eye imo.

Favorite Relationship: I find her relationship with Elise to be very interesting because Camilla seems to be the one who admires Elise as equally as Elise admires her. She also seems to treat her the most like an adult because she doesn’t try to lecture her or tell her what to do. I guess it’s revealing of how Camilla was raised around Elise’s age. I’m also so so curious about her relationship to Xander as the younger sister. Their supports didn’t really delve into their relationship specifically and I really wanna know how Camilla is as a younger sister.

Favorite Headcanon: Also cheap because it’s my own headcanon but I really am partial to the idea that she loves scented candles and will light them in her room all the time. It’s so soothing and she must love the different scents she can choose from~

curocome  asked:

Hey, I want to make a gemsona but I have NO idea how to. Like idk how to do the research on what kind of gem it is and stuff.. I know which gem I want to use its the Dragon Vein Agate and I have the body and colour but idk what kind of gem it would be and weapon it will have. Can you please help me?

I’m assuming by gem you mean the gemstone’s cut itself? If that’s the case, then here’s a bunch of resources on various cabochon and gem cuts.

It also helps to look up things like the gem you’re looking at and adding “cut,” “gem,” or “cabochon” to search with the gem’s name to find example of common cuts for that gem.

Weaponwise, I’m not sure what kind of role or personality you’re going for for Dragon Vein Agate. So I can only suggest weapons based on the Quartzes we’ve seen on the show. Such as helmets, whips, shields, etc.

I’m sorry if this wasn’t much help, I’m not quite sure what you needed specifically or what you’re going for your gemsona.

- Mod Sapphire ❤