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Hello Fellow Fairy Tail Fans!! I AM GOING TO JAPAN TO WATCH FAIRY TAIL’S DRAGONS CRY! I will make sure to constantly update whats going on in japan with that news! ill take many pictures and post them in Tumblr. i will be in japan for a few days starting on April 20th and on my last day, i will watch the premier of the movie so ill be sure to post to you guys on updates! ill be looking forward to your feedback on things you wish to see!<3 MICHYPEACHY OUT!

Jeorge Appreciation

As a character who has gained a lot of visibility due to his inclusion in Fire Emblem Heroes, there is a lot more to Jeorge than what meets the eye. Allegedly known as the “best sniper on the continent”, Jeorge is neither your typical snobby nobleman nor defined by his loyalty to his country. Realistic and level-headed, Jeorge sees things for what they are and acts accordingly.

Jeorge was born into the House Menidy, one of the five powerful noble families of Archanea ruling under the royal family. The Menidy family is known for their trickery and cunning ways, which Jeorge has always despised. Because of this, Jeorge has longed for a free lifestyle and no longer associates himself with his house. One particularly rebellious act, for example, is how his family wished he be wed to Midia for the purpose of gaining more power, but Jeorge ended the relationship. Despite Jeorge disliking the nature of his house, he admits that at heart he is at least partially the same, and he is willing to rely on calculating methods (i.e. viewing people as chess pieces) to protect the men who serve him and defend his country, especially Princess Nyna.

In FE1/11, Jeorge was captured by Dolhr soldiers while defending the Archanea castle. After escaping and waiting in a nearby village, he waits to join up with the Archanean League because he heard Marth allied with Princess Nyna. After the war ends, he helps rebuild Archanea and is promoted to archer-captain.

In FE3/12, Jeorge first appears as an enemy at Olbern Castle in Grust, ignoring General Lang’s orders to defend it and instead telling his men only to attack if Marth’s army engages in battle with them. After the castle is breached, Jeorge is sent to guard the northwestern fort near Cashere Bridge to prevent Marth’s army from leaving the country. However, he betrays the empire and joins the Altean army in order to restore Archanea to its former glory. After the second war ends, Jeorge establishes the Archanean free knights who protect the citizens from bandits and consists of Astram, Midia, Gordin, and Castor.

Although Jeorge does not show much of a personality due to limited dialogue in FE1/3/11, Jeorge’s support conversations in New Mystery of the Emblem portray him as a person who, while serious and collected around his superiors, is easily amused and not afraid to tease or joke around with close friends. In his support conversations with Astram, Jeorge teases him for talking about Midia’s beauty. In his support conversations with Gordin, Jeorge admits he’d been watching Gordin practice archery initially with the intent to have a good laugh. Furthermore, in his support conversations with female Kris, she mentions she’s heard frivolous rumors about him and doesn’t believe him when he implies he likes her romantically. However, Jeorge is shown to care deeply for those he chooses to care about and is a good friend for Astram to lean on and mentor to Gordin.

ID #91129

Name: Charlotte:

Age: 19

Country: UK

Hi, Im Charlotte. Im a second year university student studying Geography.
I love music ( bands like Imagine dragons, Muse etc) but like loads of different genres. I am also teaching myself guitar and piano (currently really badly).
I also enjoy travelling and drawing, watching tv.
At the moment I would only be texting/emailing etc as I can’t afford mail costs.
I’d like to get to know people from different countries and develop a friendship.

Preferences: I’d like to talk to someone who wants to talk about the little things as well as the big.
preferably someone near my age, 16+ who is open minded and doesn’t mind only talking online.

Jon Snow Titles

Jaehaerys Targaryen third of his name, Prince of the Great Houses Targaryen and Stark, The Secret of Ice and Fire, True-Born and Rightful Heir to the Iron Throne, The White Wolf, The Hidden Dragon, Uniter of the North, King of the Free Folk, Last Lord Commander of the Night’s Watch, Avenger of the Red Wedding, The Resurrected, Protector of the Realm of Man, King of Winter, The Prince Who Was Promised, Shield of His People, King of The North, King of the Andals, the Rhoynar, and the First Men, Lord of the Seven Kingdoms, and King of all Westeros
(I like to think that Rhaegar & Lyanna were married in secret, that Jon Snow was legitimized at birth and that his real name is Jaehaerys. I’d like these to be his titles.)

List of Fire Emblem Games By Total Playable Units

The ranking you never knew you wanted… or did you? (aka Idunn goofs off at work sometimes. I’d like to reorganize this later to make it clearer.) The games are sorted from lowest to highest based on how many playable characters are available in the game for the main story, and does not account for games with multiple routes where some units may be unobtainable.

15. Gaiden, surprising no one–32 units.
14. The Sacred Stones–34 units.
13. Shadows of Valentia–34 units; 39 with DLC
12. The Blazing Blade–44 units.
11. Mystery of the Emblem–46 units in Book 1, 45 units in Book 2.
10. Path of Radiance–46 units.
9. Awakening–49 units.
8/7. Thracia 776–52 units. 
8/7. Shadow Dragon and the Blade of Light–52 units.
6. The Binding Blade–54 units.
5. Shadow Dragon–59 units.
4. Genealogy of the Holy War–63 units.
3. New Mystery of the Emblem–77 units.
2. Fates (all routes)–68 normal recruitable characters; 86 with DLC, Amiibo, and capturable characters. This ties it with the longtime champion…
1. Radiant Dawn–86 units.

ID #65787

Name: Cameo
Age: 18
Country: United States

Hi! I’m Cameo and I absolutely LOVE learning new languages. I’ve taught myself bits and pieces of ASL, Italian, German, and Russian, but I know the most Spanish (Mexico). You don’t have to be fluent in English to talk with me! I’d actually prefer it if we were both learning.

I’m not terribly social with my irl friends so I can’t promise I’ll always respond right away, but I am actually interested in talking to you.

I’m starting college in September and I’m currently working. I love tattoos, video games, dungeons and dragons, makeup, Steven universe, and Homestuck (I know). I’m gay and use they/them as pronouns, or if your language doesn’t have neutral pronouns, masculine.

Preferences: Ages 15-25 • Learning English • fluent in German, Icelandic, Russian, Japanese, or Spanish (Mexico)