dragons of nightmare

Remember when Yona dreamed of the four dragons as actual dragons? I headcanon that the dragons sometimes dream of themselves in dragon form, too.

Kija attaches a special significance to those dreams, and always tries to interpret their meaning. He used to go to Granny for dream interpretation but now relies on the knowledge Yun picked up from Ik-su.

Shinah is afraid of himself in dragon form, but without those dreams, it would be harder to understand why the villagers feared him. When he wakes up, he has to check to make sure he’s still human. 

For Jaeha, dragon dreams are also nightmares, but more like the kind of nightmare where you find yourself naked in a crowd (finding himself naked in a crowd, on the other hand, isn’t a nightmare at all to Jae-ha).

When Zeno dreams in dragon form, he can look down and watch all of Kouka Kingdom. He mastered lucid dreaming long ago, so he can choose when to have those dreams, and since it’s more comfortable, he usually does.


Marksandrec’s Super Dooper Popcorn Party #190

(Strix is the only one who sees the scary thing in the distance. Although Diath is suspicious.) (Dialogue from The Nightmare Before Christmas.)


Christmas: brought to you by my family’s slightly quirky tree. Striking a nice balance between traditional sparkles, nightmare before christmas and our household’s favourite apocalyptic poster boy.

I know there’s a couple of you out there who this may amuse so here you are ;)

Confession:  Did everyone forget about “The Nightmare” from DA:I Here Lies the Abyss? DA’s writers are skilled at their craft and excellent at subterfuge. Everywhere I look in The Fandom people are talking about “killing Solas” this and “not killing Solas or the Inquisitor and everyone would be happy” that. While I’d give everything I own to have a happy ending, it wouldn’t surprise me if DA4 has no mention of Solas and instead is all about “The Nightmare” and actually solving that whole “Blight” problem.


Yami Yugi’s role in Pyramid of Light sometimes reminds me of those fanfics where a character gets beaten up for a majority of it XD He does his usual awesome comebacks and helps save the day but in between he gets blinded by his own cards, has his life energy sucked out, gets stabbed through the back in the heart, gets mocked by Kaiba and Anubis, and gets blasted so hard he’s knocked unconscious for several minutes and can barely stand when he does get up.