dragons killed the dinosaurs

  • Aries: Geese - they’re really vicious animals. I swear.
  • Taurus: Blobfish - Mother Nature did not think this one through
  • Gemini: Komodo Dragon - hey look at that dinosaur. It will kill you
  • Cancer: Japanese Spider Crab - they’re like fifteen feet long. This shouldn’t exist
  • Leo: Salamanders - snakes or lizards? Both motherf*cker
  • Virgo: Honeybees - they’re fluffy but huge and LOOK AT THAT STINGER.
  • Libra: Cookie-cutter Shark - 2 inch long sharks
  • Scorpio: Skunks - really cute until they do a handstand and you spend the next 3 hours in a tub of tomato soup wondering where it all went wrong
  • Sagittarius: Sea cucumbers - they literally vomit up their organs
  • Capricorn: Goats - have you ever been attacked by one? You will, one day.
  • Aquarius: Humans
  • Pisces: Betta fish - animal representation of chaotic evil
You're Crunchy and Good With Ketchup

phanniemay: talent trade

for ovaltine’s dragons killed the dinosaurs

gonna catch up on all of these damn it

You’re Crunchy and Good With Ketchup

Sam had gotten used to going to the lake with Danny a few times a week. They’d finally just started spending every other weekend camping there, once they got their parents to agree (well, Danny’s and Tucker’s parents, Sam just lied to hers) and pointed out to Tucker that no one was stopping him taking his handhelds with. She didn’t mind, really. It was great to spend so much more time out in nature with her friends, even if it had come at a price she’d never expected- and one that only Danny had to pay.

This, though. This was a bit much.

“Danny,” she groaned. “Danny, put that down.”

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