dragons in hats


leaders with magikarp hat

probably actual canon

Andraste was burned at a pyre. Hessarian, her enemy, ended her suffering with his sword. But before that the flames pretty much did their job – she wasn’t really spared any suffering. Poor Andraste. :(

HOWEVER. I have a tin foil hat theory that Andraste was actually possessed by something (something happened to her and her sister in their youth around the same time Dumat was slain), and my theory is that when Hessarian slew her at the pyre it actually transferred in to him. This is why, when his blade touched her heart, he heard the voice of the Maker and continued her work.

OOC fun fact: Andraste is also the name of an Icenic war goddess.

so in my second playthrough of DA:I I sided with the templars and right when you start look who’s there with the group

This is before the Inquisitor or anyone has ever met, seen, or heard Cole. No one has any idea that he exists.

…Do you think he’s been following the Inquisition around?


Ha-ha, I didn’t forget that I wanted to do more @incorrectrotbtdquotes​ , I’m just getting consumed by Overwatch fandom. 

I wanted to do this quote so badly since the first time I saw it, but only now I got a feel of how I wanted it to be. I’m pretty satisfied with the result. Rapunzel may be a precious beloved-by-everyone flower, but I firmly belief she has a scary badass side of her.)