dragons human versions


Err..wasn’t planning for him to be sorry for that.. But got carried away with the idea :3   (you’ve created an AU inside the AU) 

(a second part for this if you’ve missed it)

I think MAGIC should be involved in this one though..I doubt a Blue-Eyes can heal with his powers

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Hey! Have you guys finished CaH Dragon age themed cards? And if yes, where can we check em out? <3 thanks

We have and many others have done CaH Dragon Age-themed cards as well! Though hopefully we will be thinking of adding more cards soon with the release of Inquisition.

You can find all of the decks created at cardcastgame.com.

Our set is called Dragon Age Series and when using with Pretend You're Xyzzy the code is KMOTR

Some other Dragon Age decks on CardCast I would recommend are-

Enjoy your Cards Against Humanity experience, as much as CAH can be enjoyed…which is a whole lot!

*stands up on box with megaphone*
How could a black skinned dragon turn into a pale human? yeah, stop making all the human!dragons white, especially the dark coloured ones

me and adine the dragon as human versions

hope you like



I just wanted to know if Human!Varlen looked good in mud, okay…