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who taught you that dragons are reptiles?? they're not oh my gods, they're comparable to dinos/birds. reptile isn't right


I taught myself by studying biology and taxonomy.

The clade Sauropsida includes birds and all living reptiles.

Accurately mapping dragons onto this planet’s fossil record is an exercise in futility because as far as modern science and biology can tell dragons never have and can’t exist in this world. I’ve certainly never been here as a dragon. I lived in another world with different biology and different physics to allow for fire breathing, flight, and so on.

However, if one were to make the attempt, purely for entertainment, one might reason that a winged animal which may have either scales or feathers (among other countless variations of dragons) would likely fit somewhere in the transition between dinosaurs and birds, making them a separate class from either birds or modern reptiles, but related to and sharing a common ancestor with both.

Dragons are Sauropsidae. One might then name the class Draconia. Dragons.

Just for the sake of completing the exercise let’s call the “western dragon” genus Draco because the western body type is common of the lore of Western and Southern Europe, wherein draco, drakon, and dragon are native words.

We can then call the western fire dragon “Draco ignus” and the ice dragon “Draco glacis”.

Back up to Sauropsidae. There are two schools of taxonomy. One by characteristics, one by ancestors. By the latter, birds are reptiles.

I refer to myself as a reptile because most people don’t know what sauropsida means. And because it amuses me to do so.

So you just corrected my taxonomy of an animal which can’t be taxonomically classified, and you weren’t even right in any meaningful sense. Which I wouldn’t feel the need to point out if you had instead asked in a civil manner about my classification and respectfully presented the alternative that we may be more closely related to birds.

You’re not wrong, but you’re also no more right than I am. You are however an ass (Equus africanus asinus) .

P.S. What did you think was going to happen trying to tell a dragon she didn’t understand herself?


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Okay so I know we pretty much all agree that Krypto in the pod (anything else in the pod really) would’ve been better than what we got but hear me out:

What if instead of using a dog to test if the pod would work, Jor-El used another common animal on Krypton?

Like…a dragon.

Imagine Kara opening the pod and finding this little newborn dragon and for a long moment, Kara is stunned at having something that is solely unique to her home planet back with her. She never thought she would see these creatures again and didn’t get the chance to have her own before Krypton was destroyed. And she understands the sheer audacity of having a dragon here on Earth but Kara’s carrying her and has already named her Dhoia (elegance) and she’ll deal with whatever the consequences are.

And J'onn is just internally screaming because a DRAGON??? A real live FIRE-breathing dragon!? The DEO is not properly equipped to house a dragon. But one look at Kara’s face and he knows that’s going to have to change because Kara’s holding the small thing to her, speaking softly in her native tongue.

Alex remembering how a young Kara used to tell her that dragons were the only way they could fly on Krypton and Kara promising that Alex can experience that one day as well.

James, Maggie, and Winn just freaking out every time they see her because yeah, they’re used to aliens, but for some reason seeing a dragon just never gets old.

And Lena, terrified the first time she sees her but not admitting it, until Kara squeezes her trembling hand and then guides it over the wings, thrilled when Dhoia extends them and shivering when Kara leans in to whisper “she really likes you”.

Anyways the adventures of Kara Zor-El and her dragon.

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I don't think a lot of people get this. Iroh's problem was that he lost his son. So he helped Zuko, who had been banished by his father, get his life back. The right life. By doing this Iroh got a second chance at being a father.

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