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  • Fursonas (or at least, not without a whole lot of trial and error)
  • Animals or pets (or at least, not without them looking very generic)
  • Hyper-detailed environments (or at least, not without reference)
  • Dragons/other larger or more complicated fantasy creatures


  • Original Characters
  • Pre-existing Characters
  • You/your friends
  • Robots
  • Insects


  • I’m open to drawing NSFW content
  • I use references when painting backgrounds and drawing rooms (if that’s going to be a problem, let me know).
  • I use free asset textures I have manipulated for added realism on cloth, wood and metal (if that’s going to be a problem, let me know).

Yes Harry Potter fandom, please tell me more about how this movie about witches and wizards in 1926 has to be historically accurate and that’s why there are only a handful of people of color with dialogue (and none of them are in the core heroic cast).

Look, I’ve looked at demographic records for NYC and there’s no mention of witches/wizards in any of the percentages.

Why is it that y'all can suspend disbelief enough to enjoy a film about magic in Manhattan on a super huge scale but people of color in the same fantasy film would be like… really freaking impossible to you?

Apparently, people of color can’t exist in the 1920s in Manhattan because that’s unrealistic but wizards, dragons and other magical creatures make all the sense in the world right?


If she ever does, it probably won’t be much of a choice! Dragons will only continue to progress into a Stage Three Wyrm if 1. they are incredibly, ridiculously bound to their obsession, or 2. they are continuously exposed to a very large amount of arcane radiation, generally more than their bodies are capable of venting (the glow around their eyes + source of their fire is basically a way to burn off excess energy). 

Dragons that make their homes in more magically significant areas may go through this if they live long enough; dragons that intentionally hunt other magical creatures, or are frequently in arcane combat, are practically guaranteed to mutate further (if they survive their lifestyle).  Linnae has a fairly high chance of it eventually happening because she travels with Augustine, who is naturally drawn to strong sources of magic to hunt.

She’d probs look a lot weirder than this if it happened, honestly–I should design it properly. This is a lil phoned in. Basically all bets are off when a dragon hits end stage, and they can get REALLY weird. Linnae’s pretty stable and starts off looking like a fairly classically styled dragon, so she might look a little more ‘normal’, but not by much.

Cold weather can be surprisingly fatal to Glutton Knights, since, y’know, their flesh is fused to their metal armor. Augustine was terribly unprepared for this and only survives their first winter because Linnae is a huge walking furnace. \

Survival cuddles……..

I finally got to see Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them today, and let me tell you, it was indeed fantastic. I’m not kidding when I say that I nearly began to cry when Hedwig’s Theme began to play; it was like finally being home after 5 years of being stuck in some weird limbo. Everything was absolutely astounding. Newt is a cinnamon roll, and he is much too pure for this world. He just wanted to love and protect his creatures. And he had absolutely no people skills. His constant smile was so precious. Not to mention that I (despite being a Slytherin myself) absolutely loved how he just personified Hufflepuffs and give them the amazing reputation they deserve. He was a down-to-earth and happy, but he also knew how to tame a crazy dragon and a thousand other creatures the entire wizarding world considered dangerous. Not to mentioned that Kowalski was hilarious, and the Goldstein sisters were both sassy and fantastic witches. Not to mention that we had 1920s NYC as our setting. The outfits, the speakeasies, and more were a Gatsby lover’s delight, not to mention the little mentions of our favorite aspects of Harry Potter including Dumbledore and Hogwarts.
However, I must say that my absolute favorite part was the conflict of the movie. The use of the Obscurus was so freaking interesting, and it really hit home. Obscurus are created when young children are forced to abstain from using their magic to protect themselves from those who hate it. Kids are forced to become these dark creatures of mass destruction simply because nobody around them sees their gifts as something to love. They are oppressed and hidden away because they aren’t see as worthy. If that’s not something worth mentioning, than I don’t know what is. Everyday kids and teens alike are forced to conform to society’s views, and being different is seen as weird or strange. Kids fall away from the world out of fear, and depression seeks them out. And eventually, they are sought out and destroyed before they can harm too many. Nobody attempts to save them. Not until people like Newt and Tina look past their darkness and see the people underneath. This personification of this being into an almost Dementor like being (who symbolized depression) just made this fight so much more real. The fact that this movie made one of their greatest conflicts something like this just really says something about the conflicts of today. It is no longer primarily Man vs Man conflicts; its Man vs Society and Man vs Self above anything else. This movie is something I can get on board with and drive this Hogwarts Express myself.
I would watch this movie a thousand times over, and I can’t wait for the next four. They’re doing these prequels right.

Plus: Newt Scamander is too precious not to like.

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Part One: A Glimpse Ahead

If you’re a fan of works like The Song of Ice and Fire, Dragonriders of Pern, Alanna: The First Adventure, The Black Stallion, How to Train Your Dragon, Julie of the Wolves, and The Pit Dragons, you may already know what they all have in common: creature companions. Some of them are simple, real-world creatures such as birds, wolves, and horses, but others hail from the annals of mythology with dragons, dire-creatures, and in the case of The Chronicles of Narnia, gryphons, unicorns, phoenixes, and even salamanders living deep in the molten lava beneath Underland. In one of my very early–long abandoned–works, a lion side-kick made up an integral emotional support animal and battle companion to one of the characters. The idea of an animal or creature tagging along to provide those super cute moments of connection we savor as humans with our own animals is tempting to put one in our own works. But, just as important as rounding out our secondary and tertiary characters is making sure our creature companions are just as much characters as all the rest.

In this series, I hope to outline the key features of creature companions and their function within literature, aiming toward helping writers ensure they write more than just props. Despite the banner’s impression, this series is entitled “creature” instead of “animal” with the intent to highlight not just the real-world animals we carry in our backpacks and find in photographs, but also the entities that turn up from legend. For the purposes of the series, creature companion will cover characters whose physiology is not humanoid (dryads, naiads, minotaur, etc. are not included); they may be capable of speech (spoken, telepathic, written, or otherwise). It’s a broad definition for a broad topic. My reasoning behind the humanoid delineation is that they are likely to be well-handled by the same creation and development techniques as standard human characters. Non-humanoid characters take a little bit of extra attention in development, particularly with travel, care, and emoting. We’ll cover all those things plus how to make sure they’re holding their own in the narrative.

Next up: Form!

@dakoyone and I were talking about turning that dress into a Grey Warden gown and a regal pup to go with, and I had to draw it :D

A Faerie Meeting

Here’s a little story about an occasion I encountered the fair folk. This was an indeterminate number of centuries ago, between my incarnations on the physical plane.

I was taking a walk through the woods at night, and happened upon a small campfire. A group of fae. Sidhe and elves, and I think in fact a hobgoblin or two were laughing in a circle round their fire, passing bottles of some grain alcohol (I’ve never been sure the difference between ale, beer and so on) among them.

The laughter stopped when they noticed me watching. One of them spoke up and invited me to join them. Naturally I nodded, assuming a more convenient humanoid form (things work differently in the astral plane remember) and I was offered a free log.

They offered a bit of smoked meat of some creature I don’t now recall, and I accepted. Don’t do this by the way, unless you’re also a dragon, or a demon, or some other such creature… Or you want to spend the rest of your life bound to the fae in some fashion or another.

They passed their drink, and I shared in that as well. You also shouldn’t do this. I recall we began with two. The ale, and some cider. We talked, we laughed. I mostly listened.

Someone opened a bottle, saying something about sharing their best because they had guests. Faerie wine is unimaginably pleasant. I don’t know how long this went on, but eventually I woke up alone, in daylight, next to a spent campfire. With a hangover such that I stayed right there until noon.

I’m sure they had great fun getting the dragon absolutely smashed. Some time later I wound up throwing a party for a bunch of fae. Apparently I said something about repaying their hospitality. They never would have left me alone if I said no.

There are several morals to this story:

1) Faerie wine will get you extremely drunk
2) Do as I say, not as I do.
3) Faeries are serious about repayment.


Spike: “It’s actually amazing that other dragons, ponies, and different species of creatures alike come to me for guidance- It’s quite flattering; considering that I’m still new to the field of Occult~”

“Apparently I’m pretty good at tapping into my Intuition!~ I’m glad that I can help give others the closure and knowledge they need to move forward~”

F A N T A S Y . Z O D I A C
sagittarius; the dragon // 22 nov - 23 dec

“Dragons are mythical creatures, typically depicted as gigantic and powerful serpents or other reptiles with magical or spiritual qualities. Dragons are sometimes said to breathe and spit fire or poison as well as many other elements.

“Independence is Sagittarius’ principle, they crave adventure and excitement and welcome change with open arms. Sagittarius have a vibrant, expansive personality that is free like a bird.”

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Newt Scamander x Reader

“You adopted a what now?”

“Uhm… it’s a… well you see… I found a dragon?”

“Is that a statement or a question?”


“Come on Newt, work with me here!”

Working with Newt Scamander was an adventure to say the least. You thought that you had seen everything, but apparently you were wrong.

While you had taken a few days off with Newt to go see your new nephew, Newt had apparently found a dragon somewhere in Germany.

Doing what he had done with all his other creatures he had immediately made more space and captured the dragon.

He wanted to study it, but you didn’t think that it was going to work out like that. The dragon seemed too restless.

“Newt, you know that we can’t keep it here!” you protested. “It’s a very dangerous creature, and there isn’t enough space here.”

He looked down at his feet.

“I know, but it’s just so neat. I thought I would keep it for awhile while I study it, then we can release it back into the native Romanian woods it belongs too!”

This was a bad idea.

“Newt, I don’t think we have that long. The dragon already seems to be stressing out, and the other creatures seemed frightened. You know that we need to get it out of here as soon as possible.”

He sighed and nodded sadly. You’re heart broke for him, but you knew that i would be the best for everyone involved.

“You’re right. We’ll take him to Romania.”
“Do you think this is a good spot?” you asked Newt as the two of you walked through the forest together.

He looked around for a second before nodding and setting down his case.

“Yes, I believe so. The clan of dragons isn’t far from here and there is enough room for him to fly off,” he told you.

“Well then, let’s get a move on,” you told him.

You both took out your wands and cast a silencing spell.

“Alright, here goes nothing.”

Newt opened his case and the dragon flew out in a rush, wind blowing from all sides of you. It let out a huge roar and then settled on the forest floor, looking at you and Newt.

It bowed its head in a way of saying ‘thank you.’

You and Newt nodded, saying a silent goodbye.

The dragon flew off, going to find its own kind.

“I’m sure he’ll be just fine Newt. Just fine.”

“Yes. I’m sure you’re right.”

Tundras and Scents?

“In the same manner, tundra dragons remember individuals who wronged them by smell alone. “You smell like an enemy,” can result in feuds between clans that span centuries, the exact reason for their squabbling long-forgotten.”

These little dudes have fantastic olfactory systems, right? Wonderful noses, wonderful memories related to the smells. So it got me thinking, what if they can produce said smells? Tons of animals communicate through pheromones, ants, bees, humans, primates, dogs, a lot. 

So if tundras are using their memory of smells to pass down who wronged who, perhaps they can ‘recreate’ the scent that they wish to communicate through pheromones, other scent stuff, maybe some magic. There’s plenty of options, especially for creating the scents of other dragons and creatures. 

Let’s say another dragon (a guardian, for illustration purposes) viciously attacks a tundra, the tundra survives and returns to the family and is all like ‘hey guys, smell this? KILL,” while releasing the scent of the aggressor. Hell, maybe it’s subconscious. Perhaps when a tundra’s freeze/flight/fight response ends and their body starts to calm down in a safe location (likely with other tundras/family), they release the scent of whatever it was that pushed them into the response, another with another scent ‘tag’ that creates a negative connotation to other tundras. The worse the fear and stress the poor thing goes through, the stronger the ‘signal’ becomes. 

So the tundra survives, happily taken care of by its other tundra brethren. The tundra grows old, and tells stories to the children, and the children’s children hear stories, phrases, and warnings. The tundra mimics the scent of their aggressor from so long ago, particularly if it was a brutal attack. It becomes a well known story in the clan as time passes. No one is really sure who started it anymore, but everyone has heard it. Little baby tundras grow up with this in the back of their mind, not really aware.

Years and generations later, an old guardian visits a little tundra clan, looking for some shelter in the ice storm. And the moment that guardian comes within miles of the camp, every single tundra’s alarm goes off, perfectly coordinated, and they know that their new guest has done them some horrible wrong.

The guardian, having long forgotten about the battle with a tundra so long ago, doesn’t really get why their hosts are acting so strange until they’re completely alone and cornered by a mob of tundras snapping their very long canines. 

Bestiary - Spirit of Valor

“They say a spirit dwells in a small lake south of the highway. The girls of the village bring it daises and ask for love. But rarely does it listen… For ‘tis a spirit of valor, not love, and it favors blood lotus flowers.”

Valor spirits exist to seek out the perfect expression of combat in the pursuit of valor. Some mages tell stories of encountering valor spirits in the Fade during their Harrowings. These mages speak of being challenged to combat. If deemed worthy, a valor spirit would support a mage in their final test of the Harrowing, battle with a demon.

Tony stark is literally a fuckng Phoenix. You can’t convince me otherwise because there is nothing else that he could be.

When I look at his life all I see is him living messing up being crushed by his mistake rising above it and being reborn again.

I don’t see Tony Stark as a dragon or any other mythological creature. To me he is a phoenix and there is nothing that can fucking change that

I mean look at his storyline. Afghanistan, The second and third Ironman movies, Ultron, those are all times when he has burned when he’s died and then risen from the ashes to be reborn again that is his entire life.
That’s what I see.


heres some of my most recent dragon requests! (All from people on Instagram)

I’ll be taking requests (please message me, don’t send as an ask) or if you’d like to suggest something/ask me something I’ll be responding to asks!!! If your gonna request something, please keep in mind that I’m better at drawing humans and dragons. I can attempt other animals/landscapes/creatures, but I can’t promise it will look good and I might tell you I can’t do what your asking.

OH, ONE MORE THING!!!! I’d really like to draw more humans! If you have human oc’s/characters you’d like me to draw, PLEASE ASK ME!!!!

Otherkin are a fringe group of human society who, for one reason or another, believe themselves to be the reincarnation of mythic creatures, typically elves, though others include dragons, demons, vampires, ogres, deities, and so on. Related groups include therianthropes, who believe themselves reincarnations of animal souls, and otakin/otakukin, people who think they are reincarnations of fictitious characters from Japanese anime, manga, and video games.

anonymous asked:

Pearl dragon here with a white-opalescent color and a pearl in my tail fin thing? I dont know a good name for it... i had smooth horns that were a little twisted at the end, and big wings. Western style dragon with four legs. I feel like a kinder dragon that liked to help other creatures. I could also use some help? I don't believe in past lives but my soul and at times body really feels like a dragon... I could be therian or otherhearted? Do you have any ideas?

otherkin don’t always believe in past lives!! remember, ‘kin is just an umbrella term which encompasses a lot of different experiences. if you feel like your soul is that of a dragon, you can call yourself otherkin! i’m not entirely sure i remember specifically, but i’m fairly sure the term “therian” would apply to you as well?

and for what it’s worth you sound magnificent!!