Why the dragons left

Okay, I feel like a lot of people seem to be missing the point about why the dragons left: Part of the reason they left is because the people hunting them were getting smarter. Grimmel alone isn’t the reason the dragons left, it’s ALL of the villains we’ve seen throughout the series (except maybe the Red Death, since I’m talking about human villains who have tried to harm or manipulate dragons in some way.)

This idea of “the world is not a safe place for dragons” has been building up ever since Alvin. As Hiccup says clearly in the movie, “our enemies are getting stronger”. Grimmel is just the worst of the worst.

It started with Alvin the treacherous, some scumbag who just wanted to get revenge on Berk for making him an outcast and used Whispering Deaths to get his way. Then Dagur, who was a bit like Grimmel because he wanted to hunt down Toothless like he was a trophy. In RTTE, Hiccup is finally of introduced to all these dragon hunter/trapper organizations. It starts off with Viggo, the leader of the dragon hunters, then his army is taken over by Krogan, who is connected to Drago, a man who is building an army of dragons and using his dragon trappers to do so.

Then there’s Grimmel. He’s a smart, cunning hunter who has almost managed to take out an entire race of intelligent and powerful dragons, and has managed to get a group of warlords on his side. He has a venom that can control dragons and even make them resistant to the alpha’s command, plus he has an endless supply of this venom because the dragons he’s controlling are the ones who make it.

I feel like a lot of people really don’t take Grimmel seriously. Just look at what this bastard has managed to achieve, he killed off an entire dragon species that no one on Berk has even managed to lay a scratch on (until Hiccup).

Honestly, if I was in Hiccup’s shoes, this guy would definitely make me question if the dragons were really safe living on Berk.

Grimmel and the rest of the franchise’s villains are only a part of the reason for the dragons leaving, the other part is the Hidden World. The Light Fury leads Toothless to this legendary world, and when he doesn’t come back for a little while Hiccup and Astrid go out to find him. Then they find it; this amazing and beautiful dragon sanctuary that continues on for miles with no end in sight, where millions of dragons can live without the fear of hunters. Then Hiccup sees Toothless, acting as the king of this world.

We see it clearly in Hiccup’s eyes, and I’m pretty sure he’s also thinking about it when they return to Berk: The Hidden World is not a place for humans. It was obvious seeing as how human crops would probably never flourish in that environment, but it was even more obvious when the dragons began attacking Hiccup and Astrid and going into a huge panic only because of two humans in their sanctuary. Think about it; if they reacted this badly to two humans inside the Hidden World, how would they react to an entire village?

But at the same time, Hiccup sees that this place is safer for dragons. With all the hunters in the world, he realizes he would never be able to create a truly safe place for dragons no matter how many times he moved Berk.

He makes a decision that is best for his people and the dragons. It was a painful decision to make, and it means letting go of Toothless. But it means that both the dragons and his people will be safe.

HTTYD3 isn’t about Toothless abandoning Hiccup for a love interest. It isn’t trying to tell the audience “romance is more than friendship”. It’s about making decisions that are best for everyone, even if it’s not the easiest choice.

It’s really heartbreaking and extremely hard to accept, but even as strong Hiccup and Toothless’s friendship is, it isn’t enough to change the minds of the people who want to kill dragons. But that doesn’t mean their friendship has to end completely. At the end, ten years later, Hiccup finally finds the Hidden World again. He finds Toothless again. It takes a moment for Toothless to recognize him, but once he does he tackles him from how excited he is to see his best friend again, and it’s obvious that no matter how long they’re apart their friendship will always be strong.

I… I really felt the message of this film. (This is about to get really personal oof)

I had a dog when I was is 4th or 5th grade named Charlie, and he was the most energetic dog I’d ever met and he was my best friend. But there was a problem; we had to keep him in a crate quite a bit because my grandma didn’t want him tearing up the house. It was a stupid reason, but there wasn’t anything I could do to convince her otherwise. I was only 11 and didn’t know the first thing about dog training and neither did my sister. We did everything we could to make that dog happy with the rules my grandma had put up, we let him out as much as we could and we took him out on walks to the park and through our neighborhood. But it wasn’t enough, we knew he wasn’t as happy as he could be. My grandma couldn’t keep up with his energy and was practically getting dragged around every time she took him for a walk, and me and my sister were too busy with school.

Then one of my aunt’s friends offered to take him. I was totally against the idea, but I soon realized that Charlie would be way happier with her. She had three other dogs and a huge amount of land, she would give Charlie the life we would never be possible of giving him. So we let her take him, I wasn’t there to say goodbye but my grandma showed me a video of him in his new home, and he looked so happy running around and playing with his new friends. It hurt to have to let him go but it made me happy to see him so full of joy.

I’m sorry I made this post so long with that story about my dog, but this film just reminded me so much of Charlie. I tried to make him happy in a world where he couldn’t be truly happy. It’s kind of the same with Hiccup and Toothless, he was trying to make Toothless safe in a hunter-filled world where he could never be truly safe.

Hiccstrid wolf childern AU part 1 WIP

-Astrid (an ordinary college girl) meets and falls in love with hiccup (the last half human-dragon on earth). They’re mated up and gave half human dragon babies (zephyr & nuffink). But suddenly, hiccup died when nuffink was born so Astrid have to raise her half human-dragon babies alone. At first, astrid was struggling raised her half-human babies, because it’s hard for them living and being dragons for free in city. But then astrid decided to move to country side (which she think her childern can be safe there). As zephyr and nuffink grown up, they have decided their own destiny to be human/dragon-

so what do u guys think? u guys can also change the stories if u guys want to… (p.s: i only follow the story based on the Wolf Childern movie) ;)

what makes me proud about all of it is the fact that Hiccup just understood that the humans would destroy the dragon‘s world in any kind of way. The second they fly into the hidden world, you can see his amazed face and the expressions (bless dreamworks for this) in his eyes. He sees the glow and the beauty, and that‘s one untold reason why he lets it go,

he knows that their progress and evolution would not be able to keep this kind of amazing life. he made a promise to protect this world yet never forgot it, he made sure his whole kind protected the border and waited for the right time. And that makes me happy because it‘s how we all should treat the earth

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[British Goblins by W.Sikes]

One of the best researched books of fairy lore. It contains much unique materials and has fascinating section on Welsh fairies, mystic wells, magic stones, basilisks, dwarfs, invisibility stones, water fairies, mountain fairies, elves, fairy music, exorcism, colour in fairy attire, laws of spirit world, ghost habits, spectral animals, goblin veils, serious significance of seemingly trivial customs, bells and ghosts, dragons and treasure hills, and much more.



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Let’s unpack this

How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World, broke me down. Some might say the pacing was a little fast but it knew when to shut up and I loved that. Most movies gotta spoon feed every fkn detail to you but this didn’t do that. That is what I was looking forward to the most was the quiet scenes. The moments between Toothless and the Light Fury were so quiet and beautiful, like its own little world.

The characters all had amazing personality and made me laugh plenty. It’s a surprisingly funny movie. Don’t even get me started on the visuals.

The part I loved the most was when I looked back on what this series has done for me. All of the memories I made with my dragons and the characters in the School of Dragons. All the games I played. All the hours I spent watching the shows. All the art I drew. All the feelings I’ve felt, it all came rushing back to me in the end. I was quite young when the first movie came out and all the blog posts in the world couldn’t explain the kind of things this series has done for me. Not to mention the real world applications about dragons.

I believe in dragons and always have. I was shocked when I found out the plot of the movie all those months ago, because that is always what I believed about dragons. They were once around, but left until the world was safe enough for them. Hiccup practically stole the words out of my mouth when he talked about the existence of dragons. I swore that they were reading my mind. That’s when I cried the most; the mention about the real dragons.