‘Comish - …And Intruders Shall Perish’

Epic Scene Commission for Cjros over on FurAffinity of Aneiren, the sea serpent Leviathan, embroiled in battle with Vailynn, the Worgen!  Who is encroaching on whose territory…?

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@hedgiwithapen​ I am the anongon. mwahaha!

Here we have Barry and Cisco from the cw Flash tv show, but as dragons, because dragons.

-Cisco’s dragon form is like is normal height. Barry is twice that.

-With practice they can move thair ears how they want to hear specifically or disguise emotions.

-They can fly, with practice. It just takes a while to get used to having six limbs.

-if/when cisco learns sonic blasts, as a dragon with sonic roars, the area on his neck behind his ears glows blue, just cause

-firestorm-dragon glows fiery from within. he’s not  on here but i just thought i should mention it.


Untitled by Aaron Anfinson
Via Flickr:
Lunar New Year, Hong Kong Instagram / Website


So I recently opened up a small dragon gijinka adopt shop on Flight Rising~!
I named it Jamba Adopts ~Derg Chibi Gijinka Designs~ for one of my favorite dragons of mine and it’s basically what the title describes-
I’m offering adoptables with original gijinka designs based off a dragon of yours! Just comment on that thread there if anyone is interested~

The above babies belong to me, savvypants, Zaayn, cookiepandah, kaidonovsky, and trickilicky respectively.

Eragon Needs to Learn How to Lie Once In a While

Hello and welcome back to the Eragon Liveblog Project! So sorry for the delay, guys! Guess who’s an auntie now? Yep, it’s this dude right here! I’m super excited for my brother and his wife, and who knows, maybe when she’s older, my new niece can read this series and laugh about it with me!

So to recap last chapter: Eragon is hunting deer, there’s an explosion, and when the smoke clears there’s a suspicious blue stone lying in the clearing. Instead of leaving it alone like he probably should have, Eragon takes it with him and makes camp before going to sleep. But hey, in his place, I probably would have done the same thing. I’m a crow, and I love shiny things. I can guarantee you, if you want to catch me, put some pretty jewelry and something along the lines of sushi under a box and you’ll have me in your trap faster than you can say my relatively short name.

On to chapter 2!

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