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Writing prompt. A dragon and a mermaid that are girlfriends.

She first finds her floating, seagulls landed on her back, pecking occasionally at the scaly hide. One draws fresh blood and it sizzles when it rolls down her side and into the water. She is alive but barely, head lolled backwards, the sun beating down crueler than the seasalt in her many wounds. Whatever it was that inflicted them is long gone, thank the mother, but the downed sky-toucher is not faring much better for it.

For hours the mermaid pushes the massive serpent shorewards while the creature herself watches her with milky halfmoon eyes. She looks almost indifferent, as if to say “why bother? why go to all this trouble to save me?” After a while the maiden learns to stop looking at her face, to stop searching for answers or thanks or validation that won’t come.

She buoys the dragon through harsh waters and rocky shoals. She leads her to dry land and portions out fatty chunks of the sharks that scented them on the way. When the dragon doesn’t want to eat, she makes her. The dragon sleeps and when she doesn’t want to wake in the morning, again, despite being unable to make it more than a few feet, flopping on her belly in the scorching sand, she makes her.

On the fifth dusk since coming to the island, the dragon stands of her own volition. The sunset paints her scales pink and gold.

“In my culture,” says the maiden from the cove. “The life of every sky-toucher is sacred. The merfolk who swim in the air, and whose blood is as the earth’s blood, and whose eyes are as mother moon’s one great eye. Those who mother moon chose special to live with her in the sky.”

A wisp of pale smoke curls upward and dissipates. “We’re not so great.” Her voice is hoarse from days of silence.

“In my next life I will have wings.” she says matter-of-factly with a flippant toss of her tail. “If you live a long and virtuous life, you too can remain as beautiful as you are in the next happening.” Then, softly, almost as an afterthought. “We could be together, then.” She looks up, face heating behind the veil that covers her from crest to dorsum. “Why do you stare?”

The serpent breathes a streak of cherry-red flame. “I find you pitiful,” she lies. “And I just don’t have the patience to wait for you to live and die and become something you’re not when there’s no reason not to be what you are. What you are is fine.”

The mermaid is confused but… happy, which only confuses her further. How can she be happy when everything she thought she understood is on its head? How can dragonesses love mermaids and not themselves?

Night falls, and mother moon sways the tide, urging her retreat with it. And for once in her life she is disobedient, she is unvirtuous.

She is so warm.

Can we talk about how Dany says “Dracarys” in this scene for a second?

Throughout the entire series, every time she commands Drogon to scorch her enemies into ashes she is saying it with such scorn and something like anger in the heat of a moment or battle. In this scene, however, Danerys calmly and regally really, commands Drogon to burn the Tarly father and son duo for refusing to bend the knee. It is an execution. I think what differentiates Danerys executing someone and Cersei executing someone for similar crimes is that Danerys is respectful about the whole matter. Cersei acts from rage and aggression and insecurity while Dany acknowledges the crime and duly provides the punishment. She is not cruel; she is powerful and strong.

Tyrion and some of the others in her entourage may think that she is becoming too vitriolic like her father but she really has grown into a queen; a queen who has experienced horrible things happen throughout her life and has now come to realize her true power as the mother of dragons and true ruler of Westeros. I’m proud of her for behaving in such a way, for quietly yet firmly buttressing her strength in front of the remnants of the Lannister army.

This scene gave me chills and I wanted to take the knee. Amazing.