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Rapha crash repair service

If you’ve been on an “old man’s ride” AKA an British sportive then you’ll no doubt have noticed how well Rapha, the manufacturers of performance cycle apparel have been doing over the last year or two.  The popular brand adorned by all too many of the sportive “peloton” does have me throwing up in my mouth from time to time but I still buy it because it’s very good and fits me perfectly. 

Aside from being good quality I recently rode five and half hours of the Dragon sportive in wales with some nasty road rash after a fairly pacey crash with their gear hanging off me. The stinging in my legs, arms and body was nothing compared to the thoughts I was having about the cost of replacing my kit which included:

  • Team rain jacket £190
  • Team country jersey £105
  • Arm Warmers £25
  • Giro helmet £79
  • Assos bibs shorts £125
  • Sidi shoes £230

I’ve only had the items by Rapha repaired to date but I know that Assos also provide crash repairs, they’re just not as forthcoming about their service.

Anyway after a quick phone call with a very well spoken chap at Rapha HQ to ask how it all works I was told that I just needed to wash all the kit (blood stains and sweat aren’t pleasant for the seamstress's to work on apparently),  stick it in a bag and wait for the results.  If they were unable to repair the items they would let me know and send them back to me.

The pics don’t really show the damage in all their glory but you get the idea.  The Jacket was, I thought, a write off and the jersey may have been ok but it looked like I’d been attacked by a pack of dogs (quip courtesy of @velo__city). Having sent the items off to Rapha I waited about 4 weeks. Also I didn’t purchase the jacket online but they still said they would take a look at it.

I am extremely happy with the quality of the repairs and that they did it for a princely sum of £0.  Say what you will about them, their marketing and the people who wear their stuff but this sort of service is worth a bit of name calling on a forum or elitist clubs. Well done Rapha.

Oh there are no photo’s of the repaired arm warmer because they just gave me a new one for free. (and returned the busted one!)

Heres a filthy pic of my leg in second skin just fer laffs. 

Anyway on to the good stuff…


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Of Wizards and Robots: More Worlds like Titansgrave

We’re just as eager for news about more Titansgrave as you might be, so in the meantime we’ve been in search of stories that share some of its flavor and feel! One of the coolest things about the world of Titansgrave is the way it combines tropes from both the science fiction and fantasy genres. Of course, this combination has been explored for decades—in books and movies and games alike. If you’re looking for more stories where magic and technology meet, here are a few fun examples.

Featured Image Credit: Green Ronin Publishing

Dragonrider!AU headcanons. I’m the one that thought of it, by the way.

  • Dipper’s dragon (I think I’ll call him Orion) is orange.
  • Mabel’s dragon (Hmm… Polaris? Cassiopeia? Some sort of star or constellation) is purple.
  • Stanley’s dragon is small, and knows how to pickpocket. The dragon (Name ideas?) is dark grey, and about the size of a crow.
  • Stanford’s dragon is big. Seriously big. He (Argentrr, or something along those lines) is light grey, with brown and charcoal streaks.
  • When Stanford was lost to the portal, his dragon blamed Stanley-at first. But after a while, he realized that Stanley was honestly trying to get him back. Then he became some sort of second dragon, and tries to teach Orion how to deal with someone that thinks that they are a freak.
  • Mabel’s dragon loves Waddles.
  • It is not uncommon to see a big pile of dragon sunbathing on the front lawn of the Shack.
  • Pacifica’s dragon is completely smitten with Orion. This leads to many awkward conversations and sometimes dragons being tied up.
  • Gideon’s dragon is the size of a cat, and loves Mabel just like his bonded human.
  • Wendy is the only member of the Corduroy Clan to have a dragon. Hers is maroon, and thinks of Orion and Mabel’s dragon as a sort of younger siblings.
  • Orion and his sister were the only ones of their clutch to survive.
  • Orion and Mabel’s dragon will one day be large and strong enough to be ridden, but for now they are too small. But they did slow Dipper and Mabel’s fall during Gideon Rises, and that gave Mabel just enough time to use her grappling hook.
  • Stanley and Stanford’s dragons both hate how their family members are fighting, so they shove them in a closet until Orion lets them out.

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Lately I’ve been devouring Anne McCaffrey’s Dragonriders of Pern books, five in the last sevenday. This is, as the picture says, Lessa of Pern, Weyrwoman of Benden and rider of Ramoth. She’s a badass spitfire tiny lady, whom I adore. If you like a little sci-fi in your fantasy (and a little chocolate in your peanut butter) I cannot recommend this classic series enough. And prepare yourself for more character sketches about for a while, kids.

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