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Imagine if person A of your OTP could read minds and knew all the dirty thoughts person B was having

Okay so this is basically the result of Wash and South getting Eta and Iota in that one au.

The way it works is this: Eta and Iota are constantly projecting to one another, and so quite often will project their hosts thoughts as well, and these can then be transmitted to the other host. So: Wash can send something to Eta, who sends it to Iota, who sends it to South, all in the space of a few seconds. (If you’ve read any of the Pern books, think of it like how Dragonriders communicate using their dragons. If you haven’t read any of the Pern books, use your imagination.)

On missions, this is useful because it allows Wash and South (and thus their teams) to relay information to each other even if they’re on radio silence. It also makes Wash and South an incredible team because they’re so perfectly in sync with one another (with some practice).

Unfortunately, it takes awhile for Eta and Iota to get the hang of not transmitting stuff. It takes awhile for Wash and South to learn how to keep certain of their thoughts away from their ai. It takes awhile for Eta and Iota to learn how to filter the things they do get and transmit. And before all that happens, South and Wash are stuck with each other’s thoughts constantly being broadcast to each other. And South finds out that Wash has this massive crush on her. And that no matter how hard he tries, he can’t stop fantasizing about her.

And not all of his fantasies are sexual. Some of them are weirdly romantic and sweet. But it’s awkward because she’s never thought of Wash like that, only now she’s starting to, and she doesn’t want him to know because she doesn’t want to get his hopes up.

But she’s starting to enjoy his fantasies. She’s starting to look forward to them. 

Also, Wash has a filthy, filthy mind. She wouldn’t have expected it from him, him being such a boy scout and all, but wow. Wow. You think about your mother with that mind, Wash?



Hey guys, I’ve recently had a couple thefts of my work. It sucks that the actions of a few should affect everyone’s enjoyment of my work, but I see no other way to protect myself and my art. 
I hope you can forgive the lowered resolution of my work. I hope that you continue to support me as you have, and I hope that these measures do not affect your ability to enjoy my art!

Once again, juuust under the wire, but here it is! I’m going to be posting a drawing of a boss every Wednesday, until I get through all of them!

BUT! I want you guys to participate as well!

Let’s all draw these bosses together!

You don’t have to run by my schedule, but the idea is we all draw our own unique take on each boss in Dark Souls 2!

To participate, all you have to do is start posting your drawings of the bosses, and tag them #darksouls2bossrush

For reference, here’s a list of ALL THE BOSSES!

everyone’s always like “dragons in the past/ robots in the future” but consider this

dragons in the future

selective breeding and novelty science of winged lizards goes a little too far and then when they escape they continue evolving

futuristic megacities trying to safeguard themselves against dragons which might come along hoping to find a snack

huge flocks of dragons flying south for the winter

dragonlings rooting through rubbish bins behind restaurants and being shooed away

EDIT: I am fully aware of the Dragonriders of Pern series, that’s not the kind of thing I’m going for here. No you are not original for adding that to my post. Yes someone else has already said it. Thousands have already said it please stop.

Pern/Teen Wolf AU w Scott & his dragon Amorelith for my friend @tsukinofaerie !


RENEGADES OF PERN (1988) by Michael Whelan for the book by Anne McCaffrey. Finished painting plus preliminary concepts.

Acrylic on Watercolor Board - 20" X 30"

Michael was in a frenzied state trying to finish up his jobs before the impending birth of his son, when he had a dream about this cover. The trees came to him exactly as you see here and he worked the rest of the cover design around them. Luckily Anne McCaffrey liked them too and she bought the original.

Tried to go to bed, but I just couldn’t get Pern stuff out of my head…. I’ve been very unhappy with the anatomy of my “signature style” Pern dragons lately and I really want to focus on giving them some more believable, and more ALIEN physical characteristics. The forelimbs on the dragons I’ve drawn in the past are just… too human and it has always irked me. I mean… I guess it looks nice? But why would a creature that was born of alien life have people hands? Bleck…

And the wings… oh so much the wings… again, looking too much like hands. And why the heck would there need to be claws on the wingtips? It makes no sense… on the hooky-thumby thing, yeah, but tips? Pleh.

I want to try and shift the eyes up and onto the top of the head more, too, since I recall that trait actually being described in the books (though I wouldn’t be able to tell you which one at this point, shame on me).

I could go on and on… maybe I will have time to do more detailed paintings of my ideas. I have these interesting concepts for the harnesses that the dragonriders use, but I just can’t get them down on “paper” yet. I’ll have to incubate them a bit more in my brain I guess.

I hope you all don’t mind my messy late-night scribblings.