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DragonRaid Adventure Learning System - Home

In DragonRaid, the participants role-play Christian characters in the land of EdenAgain, where they are known as LightRaiders. LightRaiders are members of the TwiceBorn who, together, courageously follow the call of the OverLord of Many Names and go into the Dragon Lands to combat and defeat evil. (The OverLord, of course, is Jesus Christ; since the Bible gives a variety of names to Jesus to show us His very many virtues, the title “OverLord of Many Names” is a fitting one.)

GUYS, OJ just linked me to this amazing amazing thing that I love already. It’s a christian-themed D&D alternative, where DMs are encouraged to include deus ex machina as deliberate events to bolster the players’ faith in god, and you cast spells by memorizing bible verses, and every proper noun is written in camelcase for no good reason, and oh my god it’s adorable and i already have a deep and abiding affection for this wonderful thing

  • DragonRaid
  • Michael Woodhead
  • MichaelMusic

Written & Composed by Michael Woodhead
Copyright © 1985, 2011

[Abridged Version]

Let’s go on a Dragonraid, Dragonraid
Taking back from the devil
Everything that God has made
Let’s go on a Dragonraid, Dragonraid
From the claws of Satan
With the price that Jesus paid

On the cross, He bought us freedom
From the world of sin
And He gives abundant life
When you let Him within

Let’s go on a Dragonraid, Dragonraid
Taking back from the devil
Everything that God has made
Let’s go on a Dragonraid, Dragonraid
From the claws of Satan
With the price that Jesus paid

The dragon that old serpent
Called the Devil and Satan
Will try to rob you blind
But, with the Sword of the Spirit
And the Shield of Faith
You tell him to get behind

I never posted my last follow forever and so, to mark this truly unbelievable milestone (seriously… how I have so many wonderful people following this blog is beyond me), here we go!

Firstly, just a special shout out to my real life bezzie thisisntwaterstones, a truly lovely human being who, as it happens, basically introduced me to Tumbr! I wouldn’t be the person I am today without her.


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I definitely have accidentally missed people off, so if you’re not on here then I’m sorry! You’re all awesome, and thank you so much for putting up with my antics! :)