Finarfin, War of Wrath: the snake bites a dragon

Post-Darkness Valinorean armor = ?? more Vanyarin and Telerin motifs since the Noldor who were interested in making armor all left. He is commanding from the rear with a war fan, not to be underestimated.

AKA ‘how many twin snakes with flower’ motif can I sneak onto one elf, my brain is fried studying for boards

If they’re going to make Viagra commercials featuring beautiful women speaking in sultry voices while the camera pans up their silky smooth legs, I demand birth control commercials with sexy men huskily filling me in on the side effects of the pill while slowly shrugging out of their suit jackets and removing their cufflinks before unbuttoning their shirts and advising me to ask my doctor about Yaz so I’ll never have to worry when I’m in the mood. 

Every notice how different the tone is between calling someone “man” and calling someone “woman”? “Man” is so casual and neutral but “woman” is condescending and rude. Like there’s such a huge difference in perceived tone between “I don’t know, man” and “I don’t know, woman.”