What I Think of the MLB Episodes - Season 1
  • Stormy Weather: sexual tension also blonde with a fucking parasol
  • The Bubbler: I questioned my love for this show bc of this episode also gay bros
  • Timebreaker: *gasp* LOOK AT THE DARLING GIRL SHE'LL PUNCH ME IN THE STOMACH also chat noir is 200% dead
  • Evillustrator: hot damn I live for Nathanael also Marinette's kinda ruDE
  • Animan: a high school aged kid wanted to race a fucking panther also more gay bros
  • Dark Cupid: why did Kim ask Chloe out instead of Max also why didn't we get to see Nathanael try and ask Mari on a date
  • Volpina: Lila more like lie-la also Marinette stop being so rude
  • Horrificator: my poor bean also Nathanael's panic is funny
  • Robocop: WHY ISNT SABRINA DOING ANYTHING ABOUT HER FATHER BEING FIRED also Marinette why are you always so RUDE
  • Copycat: some gay cats also somebody who could definitely be nath's bff
  • Antibug: Sabrina gets the worst Akuma design award and also two? Akumas? In? One? Episode?
  • Lady Wifi: LOTS OF ALYA also me if I was a villain
  • Reflekta: poor Juleka also the gayness is off the charts
  • Princess Fragrance: prince aLI WHY ARE YOU IN FRANCE GO MARRY PRINCESS JASMINE also what a nice lesbian I love rose
  • Simonsayz: I once more question my obsession also Gabriel you're a dick
  • The Mime: that's what it's called right anyway Mylene your dad is so tall also Marinette you put a pocket in a hat
  • Mr Pigeon: *long elongated sigh* no comment
  • Darkblade: nice swords also bad puns
  • Puppeteer: she's like five why would you do that Hawkmoth also CHAT THIS IS A KID's SHOW
  • Kung Food: Marinette your uncle is nice also I would like to try that soup
  • The Pharaoh: alix has a BROTHER also ancient Egypt is so cool
  • Guitar Villain: omg somebody more popular than Marinette so rare also DRAGONN
  • Pixelator: honestly same also wow I can relate so much he's so extra
  • Origins: OHHHHHHH THATS CUTE also wow Ivan your taste in music is like the opposite of Mylene's face

THE KING IS DEAD– and so a new war begins. twenty years have passed since robert’s rebellion. twenty years since the dragonn prince set aside his dornish lady to marry the wolf maid. elia martell and her children returned to dorne, the two targaryen babes now bastards in the eyes of lords and ladies. now they are ready to return to king’s landing to take back what was stolen from them. rhaegar’s heir, his youngest son, sits upon the iron throne, the threat of another dance of dragons already hanging over his reign like a great shadow. now is the time for the great houses to choose who they will support. to choose to support the dornish dragons or the northern dragon and pray that the realm is not burnt away in the process.



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  • Oghren: Well, here we are, elf. The homeland of your people.
  • Zevran: I am from Antiva, Oghren. I don't go into forests as a rule.
  • Oghren: Huh, I thought you elves were all from the woods. With the flowers and the wind and what-not.
  • Zevran: The Dalish perhaps. Most of us were born with a roof over our head.
  • Oghren: Then why the sod do we keep hearing about elves frolicking in the thicket and nug-spew like that?
  • Zevran: Could it be that Orzammar's archives aren't the most accurate authority on elves?
  • Oghren: Heh. Orzammar's archives are hardly an authority on Orzammar's archives.
  • Zevran: I'm just cheered by the thought that you might have picked up a book at some point.
  • Oghren: Heh. It had pictures. Dirty ones.
  • Zevran: Well, naturally.
Dragon Ball 30th Anniversary - Super History Book

Subject: Dragon Ball’s 30 years
Publisher: Shueisha
Published: 2016
Origin: Japan
Language: Japanese
ISBN: 978-4-08-792505-0
Pages: 252 (including cover)
Pages in color: All
Dimensions: 19 x 26.2 cm (3.5 x 10.2 in)
Cover type: Hard cover + Dust cover + Protective case
Reading direction: Japanese

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Hey, as usual, it’s been a while since the last review, sorry about that!
You know, I turned 30 a few weeks ago (and I couldn’t care less), but something else turned 30 not so long ago too, something that has been quite important to me since I was a kid, obviously I’m talking about Akira Toriyama’s “Dragon Ball”. Since I’ve started writing reviews and sharing scans on ArtbookIsland, I’ve realised that a LOT of people around the world have a lot of love for Dragon Ball, it’s incredible and what I like about that too, is that even young people (born in the 2000s) are fans too. That shows how Toriyama managed to create an almost timeless story to which a lot of people of different ages can relate.

From Son Goku’s careless and innocent childhood to his many savings of the world, his friendships, travels and quests, reading Dragon Ball makes us experience life with somewhat realistic and funny/emotional moments as well as incredibly action-packed fantastic battles against overwhelmingly strong opponents (wow, it has to be the most complicated english sentence I’ve ever written!). What I mean to say is that all this will probably stick with us until we die - if you are a true die-hard DB fan, you know what I mean!

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Pay You Debts - Red Dragon (Red_Dragonn) - Original Work [Archive of Our Own]
An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works
By Organization for Transformative Works

Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Original Work
Rating: General Audiences
Warnings: Graphic Depictions Of Violence, Major Character Death
Characters: Faelin | Lylitenes, King Torgirl of Delinmar
Additional Tags: Original work - Freeform, not so good, Blood and Gore, Mild Gore

It’s always unwise to bargain with a demon queen, but it’s just plain stupid to leave your end of the deal unfulfilled…

  • Carver: You're very different from other elves.
  • Fenris: Oh? You know them all?
  • Carver: No. I just... you look different. There's no denying that.
  • Fenris: It is what I am. And unlike the problems you claim to have, I really did have no choice.
  • Carver: Do we know anyone who isn't brooding every hour of the day?
  • Fenris: Like attracts like, it seems.


“Miss Targaryen.” He stood from behind his desk and began to walk in a slow circle around where the student was seated. “Is there anything you would like to tell me? Perhaps things you were lighting on fire?” he could smell tobacco smoke on her, and even if he coudln’t, she had been hauled in by the hall monitor for smoking.