So I’m doing Halloween cards this year! (Yes, I know it is early :P)  If you want one, just shoot me a note or email with your address and I’ll send you one!  Right now I have 25 I can mail out, so they are first come first served (unless some lovely donators help me out to buy more cards and stamps).
These are free, small prints of my original art, each with a personal letter (and possibly a sketch) on the inside.

If you want to help out with the cost of printing/stamps, I am accepting donations to my paypal: dragonmelde(at)gmail(dot)com 
<3 (Donators get an extra special sketch in the card!) <3

Art © Amy “Dragonmelde” Hus
Do not alter, use, distribute, or reproduce without my permission.

I’ve started doing Telegram stickers! These are my trial runs with making them, but they work wonderfully.
(the beer/drawing sticker is OLD ART and not indicative of my art today)

You can grab these here: https://telegram.me/addstickers/Melde

If you want your own, I am open for commissions!
-A pack of 5 stickers is $25, and gets you 2 busts/chibis and 3 headshots.
-Or you can get them a la carte for $5 for a headshot and $6 for a bust or chibi.
-Small edits, like adding the word “NO” to the bottom left sticker, are free additions on up to two stickers if you buy a pack (meaning you technically get 2 additional stickers in your pack)
-Email me at dragonmelde[at]gmail.com if you are interested!

Melde and artwork © Amy “Dragonmelde” Hus

For more information or other commission options, check out my website!

Sweet little leafeon sitting in some flowers

Original and prints for sale HERE: http://dragonmelde.storenvy.com/

Art © Amy “Dragonmelde” Hus

Character © Nintendo


I am OPEN for commissions! Check them out here: 



micron pens, copic markers, prismacolor pencils, gel pens