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Headlights on a Dark Road

Ehehe, okay fun fact there - nahemaraxe MADE ME DO IT.  (I’m going to get that on a t-shirt.)  She wanted as much physical trauma as possible, and really pushed me out of my comfort zone to write Headlights.  I flailed and whined and finally buckled down and wrote, and what do you know - it’s one of my better stories.  

Which just goes to show that you should always listen to your betas.  ;o)

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1,973. Working on something very random. I feel like it’s almost done.

ooooo!!! Random can be super interesting!! and WOW LOOK AT THAT NUMBER GO YOU!!

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672 words of something new as a birthday present for @cheynegel.

Excellent! Bday fic! (I have three of those that are WAY overdue!!), great job!

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756 and with a bit of editing that’s the chapter done! finally!

Woohoo! Well done! Enjoy the feeling of completion!! 

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I would have such trouble with this, the only time I can drink black coffee is when I have a migraine. Thanks for the post, informative (I want to visit Italy in the near future, good cultural thing to know!)

black coffee is usually the most common thing to drink for an italian! ~ after the latte in the morning, usually the typical italian will have a black coffe during the morning, one after lunch, sometimes one in the afternoon and after dinner (depending on the drinker’s habit) uvu. but it really changes from person to person. many people can’t stand black coffee (including me until a couple of years ago deheheh)

and aaaa you’re welcome! if you want to know anything else, just ask. I’ll be happy to help ~

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878. Interrupted by research. A dumb little drabble, but it got me going when I felt uninspired.

Research is critical! And NOT A DUMB LITTLE DRABBLE, none of our writers are allowed to put “dumb” in front of their work. Silly? Sure. Fun? Excellent. Random? Bring it on. Don’t call it dumb!! 

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1341 finished a chapter of hish

SWEET!! Way to channel in a way that won’t have several of your followers going lynch mob ;) 

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861! But I am very out of practice and very tired so I am satisfied with that :)

And that’s the best part. Just like working out. Can’t jump right back to the same level. And you got a lot of progress done!

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627 in 40 minutes. :)

Awesome! Right on pace!!


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831! Not quite there, but these days I’m just happy to be writing :)

I know the feeling. And reaching 1k isn’t always the goal - it’s the actual writing! If you’re happy, it’s good! Go you!!


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1,601. Working on a little thing with an OFC.

WOW, well done! Oooooo, yay for the ladies!


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1549. Much better!

I’ll say! Kicking butt and taking names there!