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Primeval 30 Challenge: Day 9 | Day 10

Favorite Friendship | Favorite Couple

>Technically my favorite friendship is the whole team overall, ‘cause literally all of 'em are a family, friendship ties them together more than anything else ever could. But Connor and Cutter’s father-son/mentor-and-apprentice friendship is one that stands out. Connor, Abby, and Becker, as well as Cutter and Stephen, Danny and Becker, Abby and Jenny, and Jess and Emily are my other favorite friendships among the team :'3
>>It’s a no-brainer for me, a Conby shipper from the start, to choose Connor/Abby as my favorite couple. (*whispers* Stephen/Connor is a close second) Connor and Abby are soulmates, perfect for each other even if neither is perfect, they fit together like puzzle pieces, and they’re really, really good for each other. They’re so completely in love, and they’re best friends as well, and they’d both do anything to protect the other.