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A little Hatter doodle to go with the Alice one :’D

It was a fun to try and draw a completely different personality with the *same* face ^^ A bit of a challenge, especially trying to remember how I got his skin color when I drew Connor, but really fun!

(I might actually go through with drawing all of alp’s roles.. at least some of them… hm. And maybe the other main character (s) ….)


Primeval 30 Challenge: Day 9 | Day 10

Favorite Friendship | Favorite Couple

>Technically my favorite friendship is the whole team overall, ‘cause literally all of 'em are a family, friendship ties them together more than anything else ever could. But Connor and Cutter’s father-son/mentor-and-apprentice friendship is one that stands out. Connor, Abby, and Becker, as well as Cutter and Stephen, Danny and Becker, Abby and Jenny, and Jess and Emily are my other favorite friendships among the team :'3
>>It’s a no-brainer for me, a Conby shipper from the start, to choose Connor/Abby as my favorite couple. (*whispers* Stephen/Connor is a close second) Connor and Abby are soulmates, perfect for each other even if neither is perfect, they fit together like puzzle pieces, and they’re really, really good for each other. They’re so completely in love, and they’re best friends as well, and they’d both do anything to protect the other.

Connor Temple Fan Challenge: Day 7 : Favorite Line of Dialogue


Matt: “Without power we can’t get back through the anomaly”

Connor: “Really? Oh, ‘cause here I was thinkin’ we could all just stick our arms out the portholes an’ paddle our way back to the 21st Century.”

(And of course I just had to do an animation for it ^____^)

Connor is sassy and brilliant. That is all. ;'3

To be honest, if I /had/ to pick one favorite of Connor Temple’s outfits, this would be that one. Though I love them all and picked two instead of one in the post on my main blog…. this is really my fave… ^^’ For reasons previously explained. So I decided to doodle him! :3


Just some doodlin’ with gimp of alp’s pretty face….


and also waistcoat over red jumper because reasons.

and this came out much better than I thought it would! :’D Photo just used as reference (up on screen beside gimp, but not tracing or other means used for short handing it :P )

Also, some light shading. Clicky on the artz to see it closer! :L

Connor Temple Challenge : Day 5 : Best BAMF moment(s)

I chose to only animate this one, even though 1) it doesn’t reallys how how BAMFY that moment, and Connor, really are, and 2) My favorite BAMF moments are probably Connor saving Abby in S2E4, Connor turning himself into bait to save Danny from the terror birds, and in the final episode of S5, where he has to climb on top of the machine to unhook something to stop it. But this is the only one I had time to animate, so it’ll have to do ^_^’


I love that when he’s a BAMF, it’s always to save or protect someone else, for no other reason. :‘L (Connor fighting the centipede with a metal stool, for example, is to help save Stephen! And in the future in S3, when he distracts the future predator to give Abby a chance to run and find her brother, even at risk to his own life…. *cuddles him*)

An Alice doodle! I’m working on a Hatter one right now *hee*

The most annoying thing is I can never remember exactly how I drew the ones yesterday in this style, so every time I draws omething in this style, it turns out differently. Not a bad thing, and not really a difference anyone else would notice but… *shrug*

But I love how this turned out, definitely :3