dragonite ex

Pokemon Card of the Day #377: Dragonite ex (Dragon)

Dragonite ex looked all big and powerful, and had quite a few things going for it, but it was too unreliable to be counted on. It certainly could be a pain with luck and against the many Fighting-type decks out there, no question there, but discards and coin flips got in the way of that potential. It was okay, but kind of disappointing for what it looked like at first glance.

150 HP was outstanding, even for a Stage 2 Pokemon-ex, though a Colorless Weakness did leave it open to Rayquaza ex and, to a lesser extent, Crystal Shard. It had two Resistances though, to the rare Grass and the very common Fighting. Nidoqueen, Medicham ex, and Team Magma’s Groudon would not be very happy about this, though Groudon was normally paired with the dangerous Team Magma’s Zangoose. The Retreat Cost was pretty average at 2, but when using Dragonite ex, you didn’t want to discard any more Energy than was absolutely necessary. Use Switch alongside this.

Dragonite ex had a very good Poke-Power, Call for Power. As often as your like during your turn, you could move an Energy card attached to 1 of your Pokemon to Dragonite ex. This had the potential to fuel Dragonite ex’s Dragon Wave for a while under perfect conditions, but those conditions were rare in practice. You were likely to run out of the right kind of Energy at a bad point since you were relying on two types that couldn’t cycle from the discard pile like Fire could. That was the big thing that set Rayquaza ex apart from Dragonite ex: having that constant stream of reliable Energy.

Dragonite ex’s best attack was probably Dragon Wave. It did an absurd 70 damage for just 1 Water and 1 Lightning Energy. Pairing this with Swampert could be nice for the extra Water Energy attachment, and Dragonite ex could indeed work nicely early-game if things set up really well, but it had problems actually getting all the right cards in actual play. Unlike Rayquaza ex, which needed one Lightning Energy before relying on a stream of Fire to work, Dragonite ex had to discard one of each type. I’m sure this attack would have made Dragonite ex a top tier choice if Holon’s Castform was available, but Dragonite ex rotated out before it could take advantage of that sort of card.

If discarding Energy wasn’t for you, you could try for coin flips with Dragon Tail. For 4 Colorless Energy, it did an absurd 120 damage, but of course there was a catch. If the coin flip was tails, the attack did nothing. 120 was incredible, but nothing? Not on a Pokemon-ex.

Dragonite ex could deal good damage, but more often than not it just fell flat. If looking for a good dragon, try out Rayquaza ex or Dark Dragonite, since those do far more than Dragonite ex in the long run. I know it’s tempting, but steer clear of Dragonite ex. It’ll cause more losses than you’d think from the raw stats.