It’s such a shame that there’s no whip-like weapons in WoW. Amethyst’s transmog aside, that would be a pretty cool weapon type. I’m not super-versed in other MMOs, but I know Ragnarok Online had them :P Daggers covered in tentacles are close enough, right? …right??

Anyway, Amethyst is a Rogue. Probably Combat. Also you may have noticed by now that they’re all Horde. I wanted to keep them same-faction, and went with races that seemed to suit them.

[SET: Steven / Garnet / Amethyst / Pearl / Rose Quartz / Connie ]

Amethyst [Leather]
Leather Armor
Item Set Link

Head: Off
Shoulders: [Taut Dragonhide Shoulderpads]
Chest: [Primal Batskin Jerkin]
Belt: [Prideful Gladiator’s Waistband of Accuracy]
Legs: [Skulldugger’s Leggings]
Gloves: [Windslayer Wraps]
Shoes: [Tailthrasher Boots]
Weapon: [Shadowspeaker’s Shard]
Cloak: [Ghostwalker Cloak]
Shirt: [Wound Dressing]

millieanouk asked:

"I might have killed him." (deatheaterredeemed)

He was quiet behind the mask at her words he turned to look at the man that had interrupted the meeting of people. He moved with the quiet and assured grace of one confident. The body on the ground was still. It did not move at his approach and Severus knelt by him. Dragonhide gloves hid pale hands as he knelt to touch what he assumed was a barely living if at alive at all body. At was relieved to find that it had been more of a knock out.

“No..” he declared to her mask coming from his face and fading into the shadow of the spell that kept them. “It is as the Dark Lord desired, a lone werewolf, stunned and not killed. Though this one seems to have sustained more damage.” Severus did not seem to care about the condition of the man on the ground before him. “It is something to be said for the foolish, he should not have attempted to sneak up on two people clearly armed and aware.” still Severus conjured a stretcher under the unconscious fool. “The dark lord said he wished to find out how a werewolf ticks.” he sounded disinterested in the inner working of said creature.

“I personally believe it to be a waste of time, but the Dark Lord shall have what the Dark Lord wants.”